Niosha Dance Academy

Classes & Performances in San Francisco Bay Area

The Niosha Dance Academy, founded by Niosha Nafei in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991, preserves, produces, and performs traditional and contemporary dances from the Iranian/Persian cultural world. The Niosha Dance Academy provides classes for individuals interested in learning these dances, and provides performances for the Iranian American community, and represents that community in dance performances in the wider American community, and in international venues. Through its classes and performances, the Niosha Dance Academy provides information and education about Iranian culture, tradition, and history, to the Iranian American community and serves as a cultural representation of that community >>>


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Viva Iranian culture

by divaneh on

It's beautiful even when you mix it with Irish. Talented beautiful dancers, lovely music, wonderful choreography. Well done.


This is for people with a sense of humor.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Iranian culture and pride

by comments on

Iranian culture and pride has been preserved mainly because of small number of us Iranians who left Iran.  This should come to our thoughts whenever we felt sorry about leaving Iran. 

Frankly, I am so glad that I left and don't have to live in Iran any more. All left in Iran are underground activity.  Seriously.  It has to be called an underground and illegal activity when you are officially/legally not allowed to dance or spend time with your family in a small family gathering. 

I know they do "this" and "that" in Iran, but it's illegal, which makes it an underground activity encouraging the presence and involvement of opportunists, rapists and briberies.  Poor children who think that's the normal way to live.  Be illegal and against your own government all your life.