Pizza vs. Kalleh Pacheh vs Abgoosht

Iranians are in love with pizza. But not all of them.




by bambi on

pizza, kaleh pacheh, abgoosh.... yum!


Exquisite foods.

by comments on

We lived in non-Iranian region for 5-6 years, and after that I tried Kaleh Pacheh once, but I didn't find Kaleh Pache special any more.  Since my childhood I was in love with Kaleh Pacheh especially when we woke up early in the morning and had Kalesh Pacheh in a large family group.

Now I love exquisite foods, and my favourites are Pistachio crusted Tuna with a coconut curry veloute and Barbecued Far East spiced duck breast:) 

I don't want to hear the names of any traditional foods any more:)  Please be considerate:) Good day guys and gals....



by yolanda on

Kaleh Pacheh sounds cool! It has no carbohydrates and it will fill you up.......and you won't gain much weight!

If I visit Iran, I am willing to get up at 3:00 am to catch the Kaleh Pacheh! Before I eat , I will take a photo with the Kaleh Pacheh to record the history!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

با اینکه این همه کارشناسان، کاردانان، حکما و علمایِ این علم گویند که آردِ ایرانی بد هضم است و آردِ خارجی‌ بد تر..سر چشمه هزار جور درد و مرض،باز این مقلدینِ ساکن در وادیِ نادانی‌،روی به این طعام آرند...گر چنین است؛پیوندتان با مرگِ تدریجی‌ فرخنده بادا .