Maz Jobrani in "David"

Plays role of Muslim father in America

“David” tells the story of Daud, a religious Muslim boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Through inadvertent circumstances he develops a friendship with an orthodox Jewish boy who mistakes Daud for being Jewish. “David” is a coming of age story at heart about Identity and the many ways it can bring us together as well as break us apart >>>

"David" trailer from Joel Fendelman on Vimeo.



for some reason i cant get

by alx1711 on

for some reason i cant get MJ serious playing a drama movie. I keep anticipating for a funny joke or somthing :)


I liked it

by iamfine on

Just curious, is he an Iranian Muslim or an Arab?


Seems like a very interesting and promising movie

by Bavafa on

I will be looking forward to watching it.