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As an Iranian

by عموجان on

Shahnameh is better than any Quran, Torah or Bible. It has all the materials to help any soul to find his way in this crazy world. And the best part, it is  in Farsi and it doesn't give you empty promises.

Darius Kadivar

If Iranians are Jomhurykah Then Why Celebrate The Shahnameh?

by Darius Kadivar on

Please Enlighten Me ...


Ebrahim Golestan: "The Shah's Coronation Made Me Wanna Vomit" (BBC)


Why Not Just Burn the God Damn Book if it's such a source of Hatred like everything else which is subject of your Republic's Wrath ?


SOURCES OF FURY:Nader Naderpour on origins of IRI's "Death Slogans" towards US and Israel


At least that would be coherent with your Revolutionary Aspirations No ?


REVOLUTION DEMYSTIFIED: Truth and Lies Surrounding the French Revolution