Trapped in Time

Award-winning animation by Naghmeh Farzaneh

A goat wandering around a pasture encounters a hunter and flees. The chase goes on until the goat comes across with an eternal hiding place, somewhere among all the other painted symbols, on an ancient pot... Special Award of the Festival- 7th International 100 Film Festival - 2011 - Tehran. 3rd Best Animated Film - 7th Tehran International Animation Festival - 2011 - Tehran.

Trapped in Time from naghmeh farzaneh on Vimeo.


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Ari Siletz

This animation is brilliant!

by Ari Siletz on

... there's the novelty of animating ancient pottery figures--though it has precedences. But more to the point, the visual impact, narrative, music, messages and overall aesthetics.

Azin Izadifar

Very Creative

by Azin Izadifar on

Simple, creative, funny and well done.