Abbas Milani

Interviewed by Charlie Rose


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Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

I wonder who was central in publishing this novel:

King of the Benighted


What did you help publish SOS?


Mr. Milani is not a 1979 exile but a 1979 revolutionary


The New York Times referred to Mr. Milani as 1979 exile from Iran. This is incorrect. Mr. Milani came to Iran in 1975 to help Khomeini overthrow the Pahlavi Monarchy. He then stayed for the next 7 years and rolled up his sleeve to help the Islamic luminaries establish the Islamic Regime. Mr. Milani is no exile, but a corroborator with the Islamic Regime.


Who was the leader of the 1979 revolution? Khomeini


Mr. Milani, who was the leader of your 1979 revolution? none, other than Mr. Khomeini whom you supported 100% and who has instituted all of your desires/wishes in Iran -- a communist Islamic country modeled after your hero, Mao and Mr. Khomeini. Who hijacked the reovlution? Did Mr. Khomeini hijack your revolution or did you and your leader, Mr. Khomeini hijack Iran?

This is what my teacher calls: verbal diarrhea -- he is shoollleeh shool because he is full of lies and a hypocrite. Mr. Milani supported the overthrow of the democratic secular Monarchy in Iran. Why doesn't this mullahzadeh who is now living in his luxurious million dollar pad at Stanford preface every statement he makes with: I was a supporter of Khomeini, I disseminated blood libel about the King of Iran and I helped Khomeini overthrow the Shah to establish this Islamic Communist government in Iran. I was paid by ...

Fess up Mr. Milani. Your hands are blood stained. 


What kind of sickness can

by Shemirani on

What kind of sickness can you name this..

Someone who hates a king and participate in a bloody theocratic revolution to overthrow him and after that he spends his all life writing about this same King and his governement ....sick obssession or smart way to earn money with a nice title of Historian professor ?!

This guy have only one fear and one aim.....making sure monarchy never come back in iran ! We are Fed up of this old revolutionaries point of view REwriting our History ! and repeating sames S.. in medias

I wonder if he wrote book about left leaders or Staline or Leline or Polpot or even el Che...Ya hata khomeyni many book he would sell...Probbably not much !!

Ni un chercheur ni un Historien, juste un opportuniste à la recherche de notoriété et de fric !



Milani is enemy of a free iran


This man, Mr. Milani,  supported the overthrow of a democratic secular government of Pahlavi Monarchy. He was one of the core greenies supporting Khomeini and the installment of this radical islamic regime! WTF!

Now here is Mr. Milani, pontificating about our King. enough lies from this tainted blood stained mullahzadeh who was shipped out of iran at the age of 16 on British Airways to America to begin his training as a radical maoist revolutionary.

 He is hurting our fight for freedom. he is an arm of Islamic Regime who funded his post at Stanford University. 


Whose studio reside in the Bloomberg headquarters?

by Kashk on

a friend was doing his internship for his show, the rightest to the right and in disguise ...


Mulla Kosh

by Doctor mohandes on

Who does not suck as an interviewer?? Whom do you admire ? Someone who can get to the core of the matter and makes their subject spit their guts out?? Sam donaldson? Ammanpour???

At least charlie is distinguished and sophisticated enough and recognized to be able to converse with them and ask them stuff in areasno one else would even dare to venture into, He is more like a moderator, a skilled one at that and that means so much and is a plusin tumultous situations he engages himself into,


این رو حتما حتما حتما ببینید،



didani: You are spot on. It

by vildemose on

didani: You are spot on. It never ceases to amaze me why people don't still get it??


Charlie Rose

by mullah-kosh on

Let's put it in the simplest terms possible. He truly sucks as a journalist, and serious interviewer. He is a great fire side chit chat host. So I say this, put a fireplace in that set, and start serving chayee ba ghand every time you have an iranian guest. Oh, and have them sit on a Persian carpet with "poshtee" against the walls. Shirinee khameyee is not a bad addition either, and then the pretense can go out of the window, and you can keep throwing your little softball questions.


Reading the tea leaves through the news (aka: conspiracy)

by didani on

Whose side is Obama/EU on, IRI or the Iranian Opposition?

Iran in the news today:

World powers tell Iran ‘door open’ for talks (//

Iran Oil Export to EU up (//

Iran Ranks 5th in Exporting Crude Oil to Europe (//  

Charlie Rose discusses brutalities of Shah’s regime with this guy and at the same time when interviewed the Larijani brother, no reference to mass executions, women’s rights, freedom of expression. Only concern is Iran nuclear capability. Reading the tea leaves indeed!




by ComraidsConcubine on

 Is this worth watching? You see, I can't stand Charlie Rose, and have just about read that book without reading it, if you see what I mean.