Ahmadinejad: Beehejab Journalist

Spanish journalist interviews Ahmadinejad in Tehran without headscarf


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by yolanda on

give credit where it's due: gravity. :)

LOL! Thank you! HG!

Darius Kadivar

The Western Press should Stop being instruments of petty tyrants

by Darius Kadivar on

All these so called "exclusive" interviews are nothing more than a formidable propaganda platform for these petty third world dictators who couldn't ask for a better opportunity to come across as "respected" and "smart" in the eyes of their own public opinion.

The trouble is that they are neither "smart" nor "respectful" but at best manipulative specifically if the journalist interviewing them is looking for a scoop or as in the case of Larry King or Charlie Rose are not even familiar with the person they are interviewing or the country and political context and challenges present. 

Whether it's Chavez, Gaddafi or Ahmadinejad these interviews help their cause than "information".

The Real Fools are the Western Press and governments in allowing such gibberish to take place hence shooting themselves in their own foot and crippling their own foreign policy.

Instead of interviewing the leaders or diplomats of these regimes they should go and investigate for themselves and try to have exclusive insights from people inside the country.

Now THAT would be a Real Journalistic challenge and SCOOP not these ridiculous spectacles aimed at merely distracting attention both inside and outside on the real nature of these evil regimes which couldn't give a damn about whether the lady in question asks tough questions or not or whether she is wearing a veil or not.

Oriana Fallaci's interviews were never aired or published inside Iran be it under the Shah or Khomeiny.

And yet those interviews were original and added something to our general knowledge on these people. 

What feedback does such an interview bring to the viewers in the West other than some kind of voyeurism ?

Gaddafi and his son perfectly used the so called "exclusive" interviews during the crisis to their own advantage.

Contrary to what the Journalists like Amanpour and others hoped to achieve in showing him as a delusional "Queen of England" , both Gaddafi and his son actually Outwitted all these so called "experts" by perfectly staging the interviews : choosing the locations, deciding where the Camera should be set, and controlling the entire psychological context to their advantage.

Ultimately The Real Un professional Fools were the Journalists Not these petty dictators who perfectly know their job as "tyrants".


My humble Opinion,


Mash Ghasem

HG, what could we expect from shameless apologists of IR

by Mash Ghasem on

in here. Keep in mind this virtual space is probably on of the last place they have left in the world to post their apologia for the ruling murdering thugs. The only credit these thugs deserve is how they've made everyone else before them; Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Pol Pot, Shah, Franco,..look like boy scouts!

hamsade ghadimi

pathetic jaleh0

by hamsade ghadimi on

as it turns out, the reporter was wearing hejab for most of the interview and then her scarf slid from her head at the end of the interview (the part that is shown in this video).  and as i understand jaleho wants to give ahmadinejad credit for that!?

that's pathetic.  give credit where it's due: gravity. :)


She is beautiful

by Ghalandar on

No doubt about it but I doubt that Ahmadinejad is shocked by her beauty as Iranian girls very very beautiful too.


Look at the comments here

by alaaf on

Look at the comments here lol. "giggling", horny". I think you people are just projecting. Ahmadi didn't seemed to be phased by it or bothred one little bit.  



by yolanda on

AN giggled all the way......she must have given him the "butterflies" in the stomach....Azam Farahi may become jealous!


Horny Monkey!

by Pahlevan on

Ahmadinejad looks like a meymooneh hashari in this interview, smiling like a retard when he looks at the interviewer! No wonder Islamists want to cover up women from head to toe ... these barbaric creatures can't control themselves in the sight of "bad hejab" women!


Hidden agenda

by Rastgoo on

It may that AN's agenda is to get rid of the Islamic facade of the regime and instead have a Hugo Chavez style dictatorship in Iran with the revolutionary guards on his side.  I personally prefer that to the valayateh faghih since it would be much much easier to overthrow a regular dictatorship as compared to the murderous religious hypocrites that are in charge today.


Jewish Vs Zionist

by Ghalandar on

For example what President talks about here is about those who proudly say: I LOVE ISRAEL and GOD BLESS ISRAEL...Sick
further they declare their wish for a so called "attack" by midget State to great Islamic Republic of Iran.

Every body hates Zionists someday...president's name+g...Two in a body of one-If you get my drift, wink wink.


باز هم بياد يوسف رشيدي قهرمان


یوسف رشــــیدی

محکوم  به اعــــدام است

d یک حرف با ید اعدام شو د  تنهــا بــراي 

یوسف رشیدی دانشجوی پلی تکنیک بود که درروز دیدار احمدی نژاد از پلی تکنیک یک صفحه کاغذ را بالا برد که رویش نوشته بود "رئیس جمهور فاشیست پلی تکنیک جای تو نیست".  

 یوسف رشیدی

محکوم به اعدام است 
هموطن کمکش کن

عكسي كه ماندگار مي شود؛


لطفا این ایمیل را برای همه بفرستید

با معروف شدنش،

 شانس زنده ماندش در زندان افزایش خواهد یافت.

عكسي كه ماندگار مي شود؛



by asadabad on

this piece of sh!t doesn't even observe his own laws regarding modesty. 


گفتی احمدی نژاد


یادم افتاد دستمال توالت احتیاج دارم 

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

I bet Mahmoud Gooreel is getting a woodrow by looking at this

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on



Not to worry shifteh jan.

by vildemose on

Not to worry shifteh jan. ..


Shifteh Ansari

Dear Vildemose

by Shifteh Ansari on

I'm sorry if it appeared that I was criticizing you. I was not. I hold you in very high esteem. Peace.


Shifteh:I never said it

by vildemose on

Shifteh:I never said it mattered: It's the title of the blog:

"Beehejab Journalist

Spanish journalist interviews Ahmadinejad in Tehran without headscarf"

I never expected to hear the truth from Ahmadinejad. His lies are too numerous to count.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on


And one correction to my earlier statement about "no Iranian journalists outside Iran having been allowed to interview Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." He did allow Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich sit there and claim to be an Iranian-American journalist while he went on with his free-format monologue for an hour without being asked any questions.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

She starts with a sort of a full hejab. In the last 8 minutes of her interview, the scarf completely falls off her head. What we see here is from the end of the interview. You can see how the scarf slips off her head in the complete clip, the link to which you provided yourself.


The most important thing is not whether this woman has a scarf or not. It is the fact that no matter how smart and famous western interviewers are, they are not equipped with sufficient research and information to nail this lying bastard when he lies through his teeth. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has never agreed to be interviewed by an Iranian journalist outside Iran for the same reason. He knows he won't have a leg to stand on if someone who knows what is going on in Iran asks him questions.

Let him be a hero to non-Iranians. As for Iranians, everyone knows that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a fraud and a liar.


Jaleho: I do understand that

by Bavafa on

And as such I was curious to know your opinion in that regard (ie. the gradual pace of the de-Islamization of Jomhori Eslami)



Shifteh jan at this point

by vildemose on

Shifteh jan at this point Tapesh (for posting it)and Jaleho care about the hejab or beehejabi:

Bravo Mahmood, good visible start!

by Jaleho on


Dear Shifteh Ansari:

by Bavafa on

"Who cares what she is wearing? Here's Mahmoud lying through his teeth again"

Although I have also jumped on the same bandwagon to joke about this, you are absolutely correct about this.

So many of us (including myself) often times spend so much time about trivial things and as a result miss the big elephant in the room

Thank you for you wise and vigilant observation.



Is it possible to photoshop

by vildemose on

Is it possible to photoshop a video???

Shifteh Ansari

احمدی نژاد: هرگز مخالفان را سرکوب نکرده‌ایم

Shifteh Ansari

Who cares what she is wearing? Here's Mahmoud lying through his teeth again.

بی بی سی: محمود احمدی نژاد، رئیس جمهوری ایران در مصاحبه با تلویزیون دولتی اسپانیا گفت که حکومت ایران هرگز مخالفان سیاسی را سرکوب نکرده است و او خود هفته ای چهار ساعت در خیابان ها با مردم گفت و گو می کند.

به گزارش خبرگزاری فرانسه، آقای احمدی نژاد روز سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند (۱۵ مارس) در پاسخ به سئوال خبرنگار تلویزیون اسپانیا در مورد "سرکوب معترضان" در ایران گفت: "هرگز، هرگز. ما هیچ وقت این کار را نکرده ایم. در سی سال گذشته سی انتخابات آزاد داشته ایم".

Read the rest here: //www.bbc.co.uk/persian/iran/2011/03/110315_l...


The same interview but one

by vildemose on

The same interview but one with the scarf on the TV station and one without sans scarf on Youtube.

What is going on here???





Bavafa, you understand that I am not

by Jaleho on

handing a formula to Iranian people saying,"here, act according to this formula!"

Rather, I provide my own theory of Iranian upheavals. That is in my opinion, anti-colonial fights for national rights have been and continues to be the root of Iranian political movements, and Islam has been a unifying force pretty much for all of these upheavals starting with Constitutional Revolution, later including oil nationalization, and the Islamic revolution. I see, the present anti-colonial fight of Iranian nation in the form of their struggle for nuclear rights. Unfortunately external designs always leads to a degree of internal oppression, and until the external meddling is not completely removed a certain degree of interanl oppression will remain. Since Islam has always been intermingled in Iranian anti-colonial movements, it will not evaporate as you wish it while the external yoke exists.

 I have made my points clear in my previous blogs, so I don't want to repeat. If you want you can look at:


under the part US-Iran past relations, second and third paragraph, I have tried to make my opinion clear there.


She is wearing a scarf in

by vildemose on

She is wearing a scarf in this video from the TV sation:



scroll down.


Soosan khanoom, I don't give a hoot

by Jaleho on

about what they're talking about, this is meant for the Spanish TV and naturally the spanish translation stands out. The little that I hear seems to be the same old stuff-Ahmadinejad breaking the taboo of openly criticizing Israel in front of European public, which thankfully isn't even a taboo anymore-and the Spanish lady talking the same western news stuff -events after Iran's election. 

 The only new thing, which is a good new thing- is that the lady is not wearing a hejab in front of the president of "Islamic Republic of Iran" and the president acts as if this is perfectly the normal event happening all the time :-)


Is this the same interview?

by vildemose on

Is this the same interview? She has a scarf on:

Ahmadineyad culpa de las revueltas árabes a EE.UU. y Europa "por apoyar a dictadores"

Scroll down.

Soosan Khanoom

Jaleho Jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

Can you really hear his remarks? ....... that annoying Spanish translator is too loud and can not let me hear Ahmadinejad too well ....... no clue . 

and you are cheering for him like you understand it entirely .....I do not know ..... may be you know Spanish ?    then I apologize otherwise there is not much any one can get from this interview to get her or him too excited

I also have hard time getting your points ........... may be i accidently drank decaf  this morning .......... but could you please be more clear in your explanation ........ Are you for removing the Islam part from IRI or not? ........