Ali Shah Larijani

صحبتهای این مردک لاریجانی را می‌شنیدیم و بلافاصله این احساس به ما دست داد
که این تلخک بد جوری دلش می‌خواهد شاه باشد و
جوری رفتار می‌کند که انگاری دیگران رعایا هستند و ایشان ملک مملکت!
03/03/2011 - 12:38


Please God Bring back the Shah, our pride can't take it anymore.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This IRI is so humilating,

Miss the good old days when iran was progressing and getting wealthier.


Javid Shah!



by statira on

Een Larijani cheghade onogho gandedamaghe. Antar fekr mikoneh az damaghe phil oftade.


So beautiful

by comments on

It's so inspiring to see respectful and lovely Persian speaking Iranians/Tejikian are so giving and voluntarily practise and spend tremendous value of their precious time with Adobe Photoshop and GIMP just to contribute.

This was so beautiful and so damn good.


Very funny!

by opinionpost on

Thank you!


The Shah's Parrott

by Demo on

Seen nothing yet!! Like his other bothers this taking head is nothing more that a dummy in the hands of his Ventriloquist! Even though he is supposed act as the so called representative o people of Qom, he never say a word on their behalf. His daily job is rather to read from the someone else's written stuff like a “Parrott Singing on the King’s Throne!”