Ambulance slams into crowd

Speeding ambulance was practicing readiness for Norooz travelers


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What goes around, comes around

by afyoun on

Just click twice on the clip; read the actual title on youtube and find out  who those people are and why they are there ...


Le comble du comble...

by Shemirani on

 to be injured by an ambulance !  

the driver should be in jail and no more driving licence for the rest of his life ! what a psychopath :(



The IRI Ambulance saw this as a Public demonstration.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

More than 5 people hanging out together is forbidden in IRI.

All emergency vehicles are ordered to run people over who do not respect the law.  What can I say, if those people did not request a permit to protest then they deserve to face their puishment... even if their request would be denied had they requested it.



Is This Driver has a Insuarance!

by afshinazad on

The reason some people say don't worry about it, because in our country car Insurance is license to kill and Insurance will pay the money for his or her family, one of my friends he was getting his car Insurance last year when I was in Iran and the Insurance guy told my friend, ( bebeen Farid halah har kasy rah khasty zeer begeer ) farid go head and kill anyone you want or run over anyone you like! this is what driving in Iran is. 


جان مردم در ایران در امان نیست


آمبولانسی که برای نجات جان میاید و جان میگیرد



hamsade ghadimi

as the title of the video

by hamsade ghadimi on

as the title of the video describes, this was a drill to show readiness by emergency vehicles.  that's why there were people alongside the road to observe a speeding ambulance.  i don't know the purpose of observing a speeding ambulance, but that's another story.  there were no oncoming traffic, so the driver could have driven on the center of the road and had no excuse mowing down the observers.  i think that telling the injured "don't worry, nothing happened" (while it's obviously a serious thing) is more of a culture thing.

i wonder how long it took them to get another ambulance to transport the injured.  if the same driver would arrive, they would have to carry him to the hospital as well.


They are saying nothing has

by Delavar1 on

They are saying nothing has happened so the guy doesn't get agitated. This is quite natural to say thisto prevent the guy from moving excessively in case of damage and fracture to his vertebral column . Any wrong movement can make the victim to damage spinal cord and become paralized. It is better to wait for paramedics to arrive and stabilize the c-spine with  a collor until th patient get to the hospital to rule out fracture

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Very unfortunate accident

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is  to no sinister plots just a very unfortunate accident. I am sorry for the people who got so injured. Wish them a quick recovery.

Mehrdad Jan: America and Iran have very different values. In Iran we and our kids jump over fire! In USA they worry who gets sued. This year I had to go far to find a place to light the fires for my kids to jump! Too many rules and too many suits! They will not pick up an injured person because they may get blamed. In Iran we just don't do that. We do not sue people as a way to earn our living.


Very sad indeed

by Bavafa on

This indeed is a very sad event and my heart goes to the injured ones and their family I am also reminded by another sad story when I was a kid... There was an auto accident about 30 kilometers outside of our home town that my dad help bringing some of the injured ones to the hospital. Later on, we learned that after the accident, an ambulance sent to help but themselves got into an accident on the way and badly injured, then there was a second ambulance sent and they also got into another accident and never reached the scene of either accident. I never forget the amount of blood in the back seat, but thinking about it, my dad probably would go to jail if it was in U.S. for transporting an injured person in an unauthorized car :)Mehrdad



by KingReza on

It's painful.


Mucho culture vs. performance

by comments on

Immeasurable culture definitly plays a role in such an accident.  What the heck did people do in the middle of the street?  I don't think there is a correlation between productivity/performance vs. evaluation in Iran.  I mean that the driver is not going to be fired similar to the way he got hired.  He seriously needs a Psychiatry evaluation. 


Adults need

by Raoul1955 on

Some training on awareness and being careful about moving vehicles.  These folks were standing right in the middle of the street.  They should use this video as a 'learning' [and not a teaching] moment for adults and why they should stand as far away from moving vehicles as they can.



by alx1711 on

So the aim of this was to help injured using the abmulance and to rescue them !!!

I think driver might have got it wrong. He's probably fired by now, washing Ambulances.



Very sad

by Onlyiran on

Nonetheless an accident.  My thoughts are with the injured ones.  Hope they all recover.  


Job Security

by Vattan on

Well, the driver just trying to have more jobs. Maybe this is one of the ways that Government insuring to create more jobs. I just find it real funny that Ambulance causing this chaos.


It is Iran. No respect for

by Khebedin on

It is Iran. No respect for safety, no respect for training. Then everyone says : Noting has happened. How stupid could it get?.  This is what people need to object to and demonstrate against, not mad political issues. Lack of leadership is obvious in Iran.


Sad and Strange

by IranFirst on

It is strange . Why are several people in the crowd saying, "its no big deal, don'r worry about it,....", this is obviously very serious and they must have had few broken bones and wounds. Is this the government guys or the mucho culture?!


khak to sare oon ranande

by azadi5 on

I think this is becoming a norm in Iran where vehicles used for emergency purposes, like police cars and ambulances, run over people.



by yolanda on

That is so sad..........they need to call another ambulance because of this speeding ambulance!