Azar Majedi

Views on women and International Women's Day

Since 1978 Azar Majedi has devoted her life to fighting against the dictatorial regimes in Iran, first the monarchy and then Islamic Republic, fighting for freedom and equality, fighting for women’s rights. She was active in all the demonstrations to oppose the restrictions the Islamic Republic was imposing on women. She organised an 8 March celebration in 1979.She wrote and translated articles and pamphlets in defence of women’s rights >>>


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Thanks to JJ for posting this video,

by abc123 on

"The basis of socialism is the human being. Socialism is the movement to restore human being's conscious will." Manssor Hekmat


I heard about Mansour Hekmat about 30 years ago, when all so called leftist were involved with their own problems and Islamic attacks at the same time. The left overs of those felt a new hope in their hearts with Hekmat's efforts to bring them all under one flag and then mass murderes began. Many lost their lives. I didn't know his name for the system that we were raised in (slef sesorship due to Islamic dictatorship system) until recently (it's a shame). Since then, I started listening to his tapes and reading his articles none stop.  I'm positive that I will find the answer here. After Hekmat's death due to cancer Azar Majedi is continuing his way (my understanding). Yes Shirzan is a traditional expression in our culture, some like to use it, let them do. so what? Let's concentrate on ideas and how to go forward. What's next? How to gain power to defeat Islamic regime, and not to replace it with an absolute conservative regime and struggle for another 30 years. I look forward to hear more and more from Ms. Majedi and see how she and other friends will lead the movement.

Mash Ghasem

ای بت بت قندی ، مثل اینکه جیره روزانه ات را زیاد کردن؟

Mash Ghasem

ای بت بت قندی ، مثل اینکه  جیره روزانه ات را زیاد کردن؟

خود گویی  و  خود خندی ، عجب  سرباز گمنام امام  هنرمندی.
برای سلطنت طلبان خوش رقصی میکنی و دستمال به دست میگیری ، از آیات زن
-ستیز  قرآن دفاع میکنی , تا به جنبش برابری طلبانه و آزادی طلبانه  ایران که
میرسه، وقاحت و پلشتی و بی شرمی.

قصیده زیر برای رهبر کثافتت است  ، ولی خوب تو " سرباز گمنام  امام " هم واجد شرایط میباشی   

ارباب خودم بت بت قند ی
وقت رفتنته ، چرا نمیخندی؟ ( رفتن به زباله دان تاریخ)
ارباب خودم اخمهاتو وا  کن
لباس زندانو  بگیر و پا کن
ارباب خودم بد دیکتاتور تو  ( در مورد تو میشه : " گمنام سرباز امام تو ")         
بساطو جمع کن و به پایان سلام کن. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- امروز هشتم مار س روز جهانی زنان ، برو تو بحر خیابانهای ایران ،که ببینی آخر کارت به کجا میکشه.


One Energizing machine

by Monda on

I have listened to Khanom Majedi a few times on youtube, and felt inspired by her every time. Our motherland needs more like her to organize, negotiate and educate from the bottom of their hearts. 


Shirzan of Persia? :::))

by SamSamIIII on


baba give me a break. Shirzan of Proletaria more like it . & as for Shirzan of Persia ,  , this dear lady would not only be offended by that term or its "historical baggage" as she calls it but she would also preach to you to not classify people per states or races but as a stateless-declassified nomadic citizens of her world. God speed to her good cause & i,m proud of her and cheering for her but lets not hellucinate another face on the moon ;:)). Glad she wasn't called shirzan of Arya hiiiiih.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Oh Concubine, I know!

by Mehrban on

About being raided I mean.  :)



by ComraidsConcubine on

:)  !!!

btw that's not a misspelling, I had been raided at the time. ;) 




by Mehrban on

Is that really you?!  I am happy to see you :-).  

بت شکن

ای ددم وای دروغ چرا تا قبر آآا آآا آآا

بت شکن

انگاری همین دیروز بود. فکر کنم آقا درست می‌‌فرمایند، همون جنگ ممسنی بود. (خب = خنده بلند)


Truley a shir zan ...

by didani on

Many point of views are shared on this web site, however none are more liberating than hers. I want to live in Iran she is envisioning.



Right from the begining of revolutionary Socialist movement....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Women have played a key role in it's leadership and participation. This is very important given the victorian mindset of the time, where even in most western countries, women did not have equal rights with men, quite similar to contemporary islamist Iran. Rosa Luxemburg,  is a shining example of such women.


Below a short video of Hekmat in Kurdistan. //

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

abc 123, you're 100% correct , FREEDOM AND EQUALITY, that's what it's all about, anything else is a waste of time, thank you for your timely reminder.


" Bot Shkan", you still owe me an apology.


To Mash Ghasem Re: Bot Shekan

by abc123 on

You can't convince airhead basiji's or Islamic rapists to understand the truth! What is important is how people of Iran who suffered years of Saltanati regims and Islamic animalists judge whatever is said. History will decide the role of Azar Majedi and the late husband Mansour Hekmat's ideas. It's impossible to convince Hitler kinds! may be possible, but is it worth trying and wasting energy? People are not blind and Islam is finished. Let's just hand in hand go for unity and power of people for Freedom and Equality! Leave the animals behind & let them deal with their confusion & struggles to survive! 

Mash Ghasem

پسرک: مزخرف  از

Mash Ghasem

پسرک: مزخرف  از "ب" بسم الله اته  تا "تای" تمامتت ، حرف دهنتو  بفهم

پسرک بعد از ۳۲ سال تو هنوز در فهم ستم اسلام به زنان ایرانی موندی، حالا مبارزه مسلحانه مردم کردستان را سخر  میکنی. خیلی وقیحی.

Maryam Hojjat

BahramG, Thanks

by Maryam Hojjat on

for your comment.

بت شکن

چرا مزخرف میگی‌ قاسم، گفتم ممسنی بود!

بت شکن

 نه آقا به سر مبارکتون جنگ کازرون بود. (لول)






by Raoul1955 on

I was not, but saw 'Raoul' on the right side of my panel, and clicked on your posting.

Thank you for the new expression.  :-)  Shir zan.  I will try to remember it.  And now, I will read the posted material.  :-)


Raoul: Shir zan means

by vildemose on

Raoul: Shir zan means 'Lioness' in Persian. In case you are following this thread.

Mash Ghasem

Bot Shkan , when you were holding Koran and "contextualize" it

by Mash Ghasem on

she was holding a gun with her husband and comrades in Kurdestan. When was the last time you took up arms to free your people?

بت شکن

چرا این خانم شیر زنه؟

بت شکن

چند نمونه از جانبازیهای ایشون رو ممکنه مثال بزنید.

Bahram G

Shir Zan, she is

by Bahram G on

Maryam Hojjat, you are right. She is Shir Zan e Irani. Anyone who stands for complete emancipation of women is Shir Zan in my book. And any time someone speaks up and stands for what is right, he or she is slandered as this or that. It matters little, for as long as that person stands up for universal human rights and freedom for all people. Women have been oppressed by just about all societies of the world and Muslim countries have had the shameful record of treating women, even to this day, as chatterl.

So, people like her and you--from the little I have read your posts--strike me as the kind of women we badly need to champion women rights. Is she Communist, leftist? Who cares. People have to be free to espouse any idealogy as long as it does not advocate violating others' legitimate rights and promote their positions and views in the marketplace of free ideas.

Maryam Hojjat

Please let me know

by Maryam Hojjat on


This link is response to the Azar speech which accusing her as a radical comonist/markist.   Is this really true? 

Maryam Hojjat

Bravo! Azar, You are a Shir Zan e Irani

by Maryam Hojjat on

What every Iranian should think or feel these days is what you passionately talked about. 


Thank you very much JJ

by ahosseini on

Thank you very much JJ

I must give you grade A

For showing this video

That is all I have to say

In line with A Majedi

Our comrade lady

I have few words to say

Please see them when ready


Mash Ghasem

Kashk jan , rafigh Azar

by Mash Ghasem on

might consider herself a revolutionary socialist, an internationalist. The painting behind her is a portray of her late husband Hekmat, himself a  communist activist and leader. Thanks for the post jj.


Women get it! Azar khanoom damet garm!

by Kashk on

You are right on, unfortunately most of bloggers here are either mousavi/karoubi fans or Shahis. You are a ture Iran Parast. It is nice to know you, not sure why I never heard of you before?! Have BBC or VOA interviewed her? doubt it ...  

خیر پیش


Women have proven to be a force to be reckon with

by Bavafa on

My hat off to her and many like her who have been braving against dictatorial ship in Iran and seeking equality for all. They have been extremely brave and intelligent.



She is amazing. Azar for

by vildemose on

She is amazing. Azar for President.