Countdown: Iran-Israel War

Regional arms race

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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Nice ending

by deev on

"we can not afford another war because it does not accomplish our goals"


Very long count down!


2011023, 2011022, 2011021,......


Mash Ghasem : lets hope the latter would be the case

by Bavafa on

Although I agree the first scenario is certainly a possibility, specially the way both regimes have been behaving but for the sake of humanity, lets hope the second scenario would be the outcome of the changes. That would be good for all both Iranians, Israelis and Arabs.




by pedro on

How much money energy and resources as well as human lives spend to figure out whose dominance is spread farther.

I hope that someday the aliens just come down and tell us: You were given the most beautiful planet in the whole universe, to enjoy eat, drink, work, dance, love, and.......... But, what did you do instead, began destroy it by making explosives, war machines and began killing each other for invisible lines you called borders. Frankly, you are all bunch of idiots. you don't deserve this planet. we are going to eliminate the human race and start a genetically improved race.

Humans suck.


Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisons


Aren't you tired of hearing thirty odd years of this xx?

by didani on

The usual bellicose remarks by both Israel and IRI just to unify their basis. Mainly smokes and mirrors. Both thrive on eachother's "acts" of warmongering "remarks".

Mash Ghasem

Another tired, rehashed, obtuse piece of Psy-Op

by Mash Ghasem on

and it still gets posted  here on I.C. It bugles the mind.

With the current pace of social, political change in N.Africa and Middle East hopefully in a few short years we'll have neither of these two very sorry states to deal with. Or we'll have them at drastically changed forms and capacities.

Nah Ghom khobeh nah Kashon , laanaat beh har dota'shon!


Former Russian Chief of

by alaaf on

Former Russian Chief of Staff: "There's an Israeli lobby operating within the Russian government and the Russian community" And some morons still believe the English rule the world behind the scenes, when the almighty Russia can't even make decisions for it's own national interests.