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Iranian protest song based Pink Floyd Classic

هی جلاد گم کن گورتو -- by Dr. Arya, March 5, 2011


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by Doctor mohandes on

It will Be 80 years actually.

See dude. We are already 40 years behind in civility,Social norms and regulations, modernization, So if this Devilish scenario of yours actually comes true, that is an additional 40 years.

Get your numbers right Allaafff. Kheili alaffia!


loved it

by rtayebi1 on

loved it as much as original


Nice Work

by Ensan on

Damatoon Garm,

Nice work folks. This is fantastic.


We don't need no IRI (or any of its mutation forms) ...

by didani on

Akhoonds, leave our Iran alone!


the problem in Iran

by statira on

is that half the population are on the government payroll as Khanevadeyeh shohada, jonbazan, basiji and pasdara. They dont wanna lose the privilage and poole moft. The moment their pension stopped, they're gonna get the worst enemy of IRI.


Just For The Record

by ruhany on

This video might be from Dr. Arya, But the song is originally arranged by MKO (Mojahedin-e Khalg) artists based on Pink Floyd song and broadcasted first in 2010 from their tv station Simay-e Azadi:



Very Powerful......

by pedro on

You almost want to get up, go out and grab one of those arab basiji's and rip his heart out with bare hands.

We do however need one of our own.

By the way, Why is it that we are not as orgonized as say Egiptians in our slogens? Everyone plays a diffrent tune and even that is not unified, sporatic and lasts a few seconds?

lets focus our attention on making lasting powerful slogens that people can use unified all the times not having alahoakbar, and mohamad's grand childrens name it. 

Stop Execution and torture of Iranians in Islamic regime Prisions



by alaaf on

Let's get rid of this jalad and replace it with a pro-American/Israeli jalad (you know like the ones in Egypt and Tunisia). And plunge the country into civilwar and bloodshed in the process and send it back another 40 years.

Be careful what you wish for. That's all I have to say on this one. 

Bahram G

Excellent song

by Bahram G on

Trouble is that JALADS don't go away on their own. They must be driven away. And the Iranian people have paid dearly with blood for over 30 years and are not eager to expose their denseless selves to the bloody weapons of the damned Mullahs and their goons. May this tragedy end soon and the honorable people of our nation free themselves from these Mullah wolves.

Bahram G


As i say...

by alx1711 on

People should burn them ALL.

Like they did in old times... Burn all tazies (arabs).


if you wonder where the phrase "Pedar Sokhte" comes from, i just said it.



by ahosseini on

That is absolutely superb.I think pink Floyd will be very grateful.



نامت ای بسیجی ننگ کشور ماست


Anahid Hojjati

Good one Ghormeh Sabzi

by Anahid Hojjati on

Thanks for sharing.


Good Job!

by pedramx on

I usually dislike musicians who are rehashing other people's music, but I have to admit that I like this one!


Awesome lyrics, awesome music and very relevant footage

by Bavafa on

Loved it



A revolution is happening here on Iranian.com

by Kashk on

What is going on? this is the third amazing post tonight. First Azar Majedi, then Forough's bio and now this. Great programming!

Jahanshah Javid

Green Pink Floyd

by Jahanshah Javid on

Nicely done, the musical adaptation and video.

Now can we have an all-Iranian original protest song with a rousing beat like this? We sure will. It's just bound to happen.

Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Excellent adaptation and video montage.

We shall overcome!




GS jan!

by Monda on

Khasteh nabaashi!