Khamenei visits Persian Gulf gas field

South Pars gas field and a petrochemical complex


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by oktaby on

This akhbaar-toon reminds me of a joke about Kharkhali who had gone to visit a refinery and asked why omma's money was wasted on so many towers,  twisted metal tubes and long pipes. They should just take short staright pipes from point A to B and save khalgh olaah lots of money. An engineer explained that the intent was to cool down and reduce pressure to prevent explosion and fire risks associated with volatile gases. Amused, Kharkhali said Jal-al-khalegh this explains why god made our intestine so long & twisted. Otherwise, every fart would either blow us up or shoot us straight up towards the moon. Salavaat.



Asadabad aziz

by afshinazad on

when Billions of our money is going to personal account of Akhoonds to China Bank and Billions of dollars are going to Turkey and England and EU and south America and Hamas and Hezbollah, we have no money left to invest and since when china is expert in oil and gas? Don’t you think we have been producing oil and gas from last 90 year and from last 50 year we have had experts who know more than chiness and Turks? You are mistaken investment with selling national interest to others, once you have contract for next 50 year, you cannot breach the contract and if you do so you will lose it in international court and you will be end up paying them one way or another.At this moment Khamenie and Rafsanjani and IRGC and their Mafia Group are in control of all our oil and gas and roads and dams and everything that you could imagine and for this Regime is nothing important but how much commission will be getting out of all these contracts. China has a contract to build the largest dam with 2 billion dollar and they are part owner for next 35 year with 30% share in that project and can you imagine only last month Mojtaba son of khamenie transferred 3.5 Billion to china for his personal account and don't you think there is a problem with that.these are my limited information and I bet if you just dig in more for information, I bet it will make you wonder really how is this possible that so many foreigners are taking everything we have for next to nothing and I think as a Iranian it will make you quite angry.


hamsade ghadimi

islamic republic is world's

by hamsade ghadimi on

islamic republic is world's foremost expert on hot air.  no other country even comes close.


It's interesting

by MRX1 on

China does not have the experty in Oil and Gas exploration (unlike IRI that has experty in every thing) and they still rely on foregin corporatins to help them with this stuff but allegedly their tehconlogy is good enough for omatestan.

Soviet Reactor ,chinese gas exploration with  revoutionery guard running the show and you are begining to see a picture comming together:Biggest  Looting of the century! (Any wonder 50% of population lives below poverty.)

what ever happend to Nationaliziation of oild & gas and one hundred years of struggle for it?  what ever happend to ideas of Mossadegh? (You know same fellow that you guys talk about all the time)

Folks we are being shafted majorly! 


"looks impressive"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

comments the "american" on this blog!

 I say, wait till you see the details of the swiss and london bank accounts of khamenei and ahmadinezhad and their extended family, where the procedes of this venture will no doubt end up, to be really impressed!

 "Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Hundreds of Billions of Dollars new Income will not go to people

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

This is just more money for the Pasdaran and their budget to destabilize the middle east and push the USA out of the region, so much for Sanctions having any negative effect on the Regime.  This is a huge Success for the Regime and sadly not for the people.


He's making the best of his last days ...

by Marathon-Man on

You must be absolutly insane to believe that the IRI is capable of delivering anything like this for the country. They are just good at talking rubish and fooling their own nahive followers.

This is a simple calculation, if we are doing so well how come we (IRAN) are the at the bottom of every league in the world apart from:  Corrupion, Political prisoners, Execution, Rape, Torture, Bribery, Stupidity and so forth... )

Iranian people have been through a lot and can handle this regime too    


Islamic Japan

by choghok on

Heard a speech from Ali Geda (from a 15 year old interview) that he wanted IRI to be able to shut down its oil and gas fields in the future and be able to hold its economy anyway. Now it seems like the economy is more and more dependant on oil.


I am impressed. Iran is

by Khebedin on

I am impressed. Iran is doing well despite all the sanctions. Well done Iran.

G. Rahmanian

After Regime Change!

by G. Rahmanian on

After regime change, I have a great solution for these contracts to be annulled without any political or economic inconveniences. Until then, I think we'll have to stand by and watch while revenues from Iran's natural resources are being misappropriated.


Ching Ching, Ching Ching- Jackpot

by عموجان on

You can actually see what he is thinking,

(I am going to be richer than Bill Gate, and these are all mine)


who gave these nasty

by shushtari on

sob's the right to iran's wealth???!!

what qualifies a filthy, illiterate akhoond or gives him the right to oversee and plunder our homeland??!!


oh yes, the british and the french..... 




when one looks at the photos of the 70s compared to these, you see how far our country has been taken back by these murdering thieves....

I can't wait when these monkeys will be begging for the lives.....ALL THE STOLEN MONEY IN THE WORLD CAN'T SAVE THEM THEN....

hell is comin ye dast 


Goooo Iran

by Sialashgar on

Iran Iran Is our man she can't do it no one can...

Shah Hossein

Joe L.

looks impressive

by Joe L. on

it seems like some users in this site spend a lot of time figuring out if they can find something wrong with something positive!!! WEIRD! but hey regardless how good things can be, iran is ranked low in



by yolanda on

Well, it sounds like Iran needs a lot of Petroleum engineers!



by yolanda on

Here is an article excerpt:

At the end of 2006, Petrochina, the top energy firm of China, signed an agreement worth $16 billion with Iran for the purchase of Iranian liquefied natural gas (LNG).[56] This followed two major agreements concerning Iranian LNG: in early 2004, a Chinese state-run company had signed a 25-year contract to import 110 million metric tons of LNG from Iran;[57] later, a $100-billion contract had been signed between Sinopec and Iran[58] that added 250 million metric tons of LNG to the already agreed amount of gas. It is important to mention here that both countries had already reached a preliminary accord of $70–100 billion in which it was decided that China would purchase Iranian oil and gas and develop Iran’s Yadavaran oilfield, which is situated near the Iraqi border.[59] In June 2009, Iran and China signed a $ 5 billion gas deal with the promise that China will develop Iran’s South Pars Gas Field.[61]

Along with these major deals, China has been showing a keen interest in developing other Iranian oilfields in recent years.[61] China’s state-run oil companies have guaranteed their contributions in the exploration and drilling of Iran’s oilfields. As according to a report in the Chinese South Post Morning Daily, released in July 2009, Iran has called on China for the construction of seven new oil refineries and series of economic projects worth $42.8 billion.[62] In November 2009 Sinopec signed a tentative deal to $ 6.5 billion in financing for oil refinery projects.[63] Iran is also considering the option of storing strategic oil in China, and building refineries around Asia.[64] There is a strong likelihood that energy contracts between the two countries will increase in the future. China has assumed an important role in the overall development of Iran’s hydrocarbon resources and the Iranian government clearly favors it as an oil importer; as the Iranian oil minister said, “Japan is our No. 1 energy importer due to historical reasons. . . but we would like to give preference to exports to China.”[65]




by asadabad on

Yes, china is a major investor in the project but this partnership is necessary in order for the transaction to proceed.  Iran does not have the expertise or technology to extract and process the oil itself, so foreigners are needed to do the job.  Of course, foreigners don't work for free--they need to be compensated somehow--hence the large stake the chinese will receive in return.

If foreign partnerships are so bad, what is your solution?  What is your alternative?  Leave the oil and gas in the ground?  Who benefits?  At least this way Iran is making some money from its natural resources.    


South Pars field of china

by afshinazad on

This field no longer belong to Iranian! 37 year contract with china with 60% for china for next 37 year. This is what Islamic regime is braging about, where is our national interest, what happend to national oil and gas, I guess only we would say we have a gas and oil but it is not belong to our country and nation, White master is replaced by yellow master. shame on us shame on us because we are usless people and we let these clerics destroy our country and this M*****F  Khamenie is enjoying how much dollar wil be in his bank account and our people don't have a work and money or any hope for the future. 



The Shattered Regime's Honor

by Tavana on

Even visiting of Iranian space station in Mars will not put the shattered honor's pieces, as this old man described them himself on the Friday prayer after the two years ago people' uprising, together. His continuing nightmare still persists.

PS: How much does Khamenie know about an oil/gas field, about an oil refinery, and about their environmental issues & in what part of their developments did he participate that now he has to go & tour the area? Does not  he know that it the people' treasure & not his money spent for the work? Why is not he going to Bushehr instead examining the nuclear reactors' safety there @ the time the Japenese' nuclear holoucost is in progress?  


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