Obama: I am with you

Nowruz Message, 1390 (2011)

whitehouse.gov: President Obama sends an important message to those celebrating the holiday of Nowruz. At a time of great regional change and renewal, the President this year speaks directly to the Iranian people, in particular the Iranian youth. “...you – the young people of Iran – carry within you both the ancient greatness of Persian civilization, and the power to forge a country that is responsive to your aspirations. Your talent, your hopes, and your choices will shape the future of Iran, and help light the world. And though times may seem dark, I want you to know that I am with you,” he says.


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David ET

A message of hope and respect

by David ET on

Thank you Mr. President.


VPK jan, Sossan needs our help

by Siavash300 on

Let's first start from her statement here:

" kids will die..... just to have your shah-bacheh back on throne".


I listen to Obama speech again and again, please correct me if I am mistaking. He never said anything that shah or shah-bacheh back on throne. Instead, I heard he talks about Nasrin Sotodeh, Jafar Panahi, and other prisoners of conscious who were unjustly being kept in prisons. God knows what these Islamic monsters are doing to them at this time. Now, Sossan interpretation of this simple speech is different. Can you see how the problem originated?

Another point in this write up caught my attention is the derogatory expression of "Javeed shah". Again this person doesn't realize shah is symbol of unity, integrity and strength of our nation. It has always been that way. Making fun of shah is making fun of our rich history which is intimitated with monarchy or Padeshahi. Someone should explain for this person that we have over 5000 years history of monarchy. The crown on our flag didn't come out of blue or it didn't come over night like flag of MKO or Islamic gang's flag. It has over 5000 years history of monarchy behind the crown on our flag. Someone needs to point out for Sossan about Hollywood movies. Look how Hollywood glorify Roman Empire in their movies. They fails to show that Roman Empire had been defeated by our king Shahpoor III and the Queen Valerian from Roman Empire was brought to Persia by our king. The same king that university of Jondi shahpoor went after him.   We need to educate this person that our king Shah Abbas the Great wisely kick Brits and then portugues out of Persian Gulf. We need to teach this person how our king Nader shah with his military wisdom conquered India. These are our rich history that we must be proud of. Making fun of shah is making fun of our rich history. Only enemies of Iran do that. I assume this person is Iranian. Respect to shah is respect to the wish of our ancestors and their wishes. Our ancestors created monarchy and introduced it to the history of mankind. Sossan should be proud of that. We need to educate this person about our rich culture. Norooz is the most prominent aspect of our beautiful culture. Khomanie tried very hard to eliminate Norooz by sending missels to Baghdad just few minutes before the year change in order to pursue Saddam sending back missels for retaliation. In this way he was trying to divert Iranian attentions from Tahveel Saal. He was thinking by diverting Iranian attention they will forget about Norooz, especially the moment that year changed. Stinky mullahs who are offspring of lizard eater arabs tried very hard to destroy our beautiful Persian culture and substitude it with lizard eater arab holidays such as Ashura, etc. They were not successful.

 Sossan needs to know  75% to 80% of our people couldn't even read or write back in 60's and majority were settled in rural areas. In this social structure talking about democracy in form of western style is none sense. When singers such as Gogoosh comes on stage many people stood up as a respect for the singer and Sossan didn't feel like getting up during our shahanshahi soorood. Therefore, Sossan needs to work on her sense of patriatism by reading Shahnameh. Reading Shahnameh will increase sense of patriatism and nationalism. The same concept that shah was emerging to our Shahanshi army and all Iranians witnessed that the same nationalism in shahanshi army saved our beloved country from hands of lizard eater arabs once shah was not in power back in 1980.

I am sure once Sossan get enlighten, there would be a good job for her in our new establishment which is not that far. Plus she will be happier to be on side of her people than to on side of stinky mullahs.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I will let people be the judge of whether they want Islam or USA.

This is what Islam does:

Right part

This is what US does:

Left part


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Siavash Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree that Libya was a very clear signal. A signal to Mullahs: their days are numbered and better run away now. I was getting really cynical about Obama inaction. But just the Libyan action is enough to send fear in Mollah spine.

Post IR no more Ashura: instead Nowroz; Tirgan; Mehrgan; Azargan; Yalda and many more.


I don't think the post IR regime would hire SK. It is Nowroz and I do not want to go too far.

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

No thanks the pay here at Comedy Central is way better than Fox News ...... 

You keep crossing your fingers for U.S freedom package comes towards your way  ......  Iraq and Libya wars both started on  "Shabe Eyde " .... you can pray to your Gods  while  siting at your sofreh hell seens that next year " Shabe Eyde" US bombs your beloved country of Iran as well ...... Enjoy it as much as you can ... hey do not forget to gather all your IC friends and/or IDs to watch war live on the Fox news ...... no worry you won't get hurt ... Only innocence ordinary people in Iran and the American kids will die ...... just to have your shah-bacheh back on the throne .....

and, oh , one more thing Javeed Shah  


USA & Humna right??????!!!!. Beware Children of Iran, Beware

by Khebedin on


Watch this fox, she has never in her 200 yeras entire life said a word of truth.  Hs hunted may like you and I.



Obama is on whose side?. Remember the story we were thought

by Khebedin on

گفت با جوجه مرغکی هشیار
که زپهلوی من مرو به کنار
گربه را بین که دم علم کرده
گوش ها تیز وپشت خم کرده
چشم خود تا به هم زنی بردت
تاکله چرخ داده ای خوردت
جوجه گفتا که مادرم ترسوست
به خیالش که گربه هم لولوست
گربه حیوان خوش خط وخالیست
فکرآزارجوجه هرگزنیست
سه قدم دورترشد ازمادر
آمدش آنچه گفته بودبرسر
گربه ناگاه ازکمین برجست
گلوی جوجه را به دندان خست
برگرفتش به چنگ و ورفت چوباد
مرغ بیچاره ازپی اش افتاد
گربه از پیش ومرغ ازدنبال
ناله ها کرد زد بسی پروبال
لیک چون گربه جوجه را بربود
ناله ی مادرش ندارد سود


Obama speech, preparation for regime change in Iran

by Siavash300 on

Thank you Mr. Obama. Great speech which meant to lead regime change in Iran. You were very specific about names of our country men and women in Iran prisons. Stinky mullahs are fearful these days, especially they see what coalition forces are doing in Libeya. I am very much sure, Iran will be coalition force's next agenda. Soosan Khanoon needs to look for new job in our new establishment. This is friendly advice. Pay is much better.  


Guys, ex-sargord is talking about chauvenism!? LOL

by afyoun on

If you haven't noticed yet(not sure ever), the diaspora and opposition share the very same view towards Your posts here. Not to mention your alias! It really suits your egocentric intellect!


SO what

by amirkabear4u on

does it matter what he says? 

Poosteh Pesteh

Mr obama

by Poosteh Pesteh on

happy noroz to you too but iranian dosent like lolly pop so sorry


Time to pack up and search for a safe haven for the IRI...

by Marathon-Man on

The way that Obama's  speach is writtrn and being delivered gives a very strong indication that  the American politicians are running out of patience with the IRI and have started to tighten up the rope.

They've learnt a good lesson in Iraq and wouln't make the same mistake here and have better ideas now.

They're focusing on the frustrated young generation of Iran  who do not fear the IRI like before and  found belief in themselves.

The world is changing, and is changing fast, and so will  Iran... 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

President Obama did the right thing and said the right things. He wished us a happy new year. It sounds like you do not like NowRuz.

Why do you hate Iranian people so much?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Getting mad Soosan?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I salute Obama for doing the right thing. Better late than never. Soosan the days of your buddies terrorizing the world is over. No more of the fake "peace" aka "sit back and watch dictators murder innocents". The 60s is over and no a day too soon. Good bye Gaddafi. Soon to be joined by IR leaders in ***. They will go to ***. The warm place that God has prepared for them with Khomeini waiting.


I am so Proud

by ayatoilet1 on

This past week on Tuesday, when I recorded and aired my program on Rang-A-Rang TV, I devoted half the program to the situation in Japan, and then the other half to the persecution of Sufi Muslims in Iran. THe issue with Sufis had NOT been covered on any Iranian TV stations before; or even written about on the Iranian-blogosphere ...so it was sort of new in the media (although the persecution had been going on for some years). In any case, here we are 5 days later, and the persecution of Sufi's makes it into Obama's speech. I am so proud. Obviously the commentary got picked up and made it all the way up the flag pole.

The Issue of the Sufi persecution is intriguing, because it vivdly illustrates the true colors of the regime...that they are in it for power and theft only. If they were truly Islamic why would they attack a relatively harmless, non-political shia sect like the Sufis. How can they be Islamic and attack an Islamic sect?

Anyway, I think I made it easy for the translators - because my show is multi-lingual and a lot of the commentary was in English. Also, I think the cool music I played made life easier for the people who HAVE to listen in and  report on what is said in the Media.

I really think the Obama Adminstration has changed its colors. Where once the Obama adminstration was going to 'talk' its way forward with regimes like the IRI and Mubarak ...for refrom. Now they have fully decided, one way or another, that they will find a way to implement change. The West, symbolically shut off the idea that regimes can maintain power through killing the protestors.

I was so worried that Ghadafi had bought off Western Leaders, and that it was all going to fall apart. I was angry. I was livid. Now I need to apologize, because I accused Western Leaders of taking bribes from Ghadafi.

But, from the news this morning, it looks like the people of Libya have at least a fighting chance of winning against Ghadafi and his mercenaries; and now in seems Yemen could be next, with senior military leaders defecting to the side of the people. If Obama really pulls this all off, his legacy will be massive. There will be no limits to how far his star will rise.

I think there really is a vision of a democratic future in the Middle East, and the creation of a larger economic and political grouping like the European Union - like the Arab League. All this change might result in the unification of Arabs - for once. I am waiting to see what else happens regionally - like for example in Bahrain.

People tease me about doing the TV show. And, I know it's a silly TV program - but it is more than just playing music and make comments between songs. You see my midweek message got through all the way up the pole.

US support will be vital for the people of Iran to win back their freedom and establish democracy in Iran. we can not do it alone, the Pasdars have guns, and are incredibly brutal...the people are powerless in the face of their savagery. The regime in Iran, has made the need for outside help inevitable in Iranian's quest for freedom and democracy.

Its all good. Happy New Year everyone. I have a feeling it will be a great year - one that we will remember for the rest of our lives and go down in history as THE year where after 100 years of fighting, Iranians finally won their freedom and established a sustainable demccratic framework for Iran.


good speech

by Pahlevan on

I would have preferred "norooz pirooz" or "noroozetaan shaad" or "saale no ro shaadbaash migam" rather than "eid-e shoma mobarak" though ...

Norooz Pirooz everyone :)



by yolanda on

Great speech......I am glad he is very specific with political prisoners' names: Nasrin, Valian, Panahi........I wish he mentioned Majid Tavakoli!

 Iranian government cares more about preserving its own power than respecting the rights of its people.


It is great to hear him quoting Simin Behbahani's poem!


او باماس یا با اوناس


او باماس  یا با اوناسI don’t think he is with usاو یه حراف خوبیستAs usual makes a fussفکر امروز و فرداسBut just cares about USحرف او باد هواسIn that he is so famous


Talk is cheap

by MRX1 on

where is the beef?  may be we should ask his master soros for some help.


I'd believe these great words only if I see some actions:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

How about:

Freezing the billions plus dollar bank accounts of Khamenei's son & ahmadinezhad's extended family?

 Refusing ahmadinezhad and his side kick mr bean visas to visit NYC once every six month?

Most importantly, cutting the life line of the fascist regime by enforcing an embargo on their oil export?

Actions talk louder than words!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Don't worry  ........

 BO = body odor = Barry Obama = Bush Obama   all the same old shit. 


The youth in iran appreciate this message

by spatima on

I dont care about the pir-patals here whose race is about to go extinct in few years.

 but along many other of my friends, i have grown to appreciate obama's sincerity. the destiny of iran is at the hands of its youth and no one else. we dont need anything other than u.s support in SPIRIT. i think a good majority would not only reject a libya type of solution but would also get offended if the u.s tried to become "too" involved in the current democratization process in Iran.


we will change iran and teach the older generation how an actual democracy functions


 p.s i understand that not all pir-patals are as ignorant as they seem on this thread so my post was really addressed to those that are





In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


Obama, the Liberator, goes Greeen

by bushtheliberator on

I've been e-mailing the White House for a week, pleading for 100 cruise missles for Libya....bless Bambi's heart,he sent 120.Bambi's also given us a surge in Af/Pak, and military tribunals @Gitmo.Any Democrat that can piss off Louis Farrakhan,Michael Moore, and Joan Baez can't be all bad.Good speech,Mr. President.


Dear DM

by divaneh on

I think West is securing the control of the energy resources and following Iraq and Libya, it will be turning its attention to Iran. By securing the control, I don’t mean anything more than friendly and obedient governments running those countries. Iran's nuclear programme and its defiance is another reason to believe that it would follow the same faith as Libya. I think this message is to build trust between Iranian people and the US. I also think pro Israel lobbies will promote such action in the US and Europeans corridors of power. We also note that the war on Libya has been supported by Arabs and Muslims as West seems to be protecting a group of Muslims against the other and does not have the same religious dimensions as the Iraq war. All these make me now believe that war on Iran will be very likely unless something fundamental changes the equation. For example a revolution by the people of Iran.

Will be heading to the bed and will respond to any comment tomorrow.


Divaneh jan

by Doctor mohandes on

Would you please give me your logic as to why you think?

what does What is going on in Ghaddafiville have anything to do with what is going on in Iran???


GOOD WORDS... Little more tha words though

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on







Good Speech

by divaneh on

Whether there is action following it or not, the fact that he has made this positive speech is of value. I am against any military action on Iran but it now seems very possible that once they have finished with Libya they would turn on Iran, and this may be part of that preparation.


Some work needed on pronounciation!!

by Doctor mohandes on

Oh come on.

Do the Iranian people not know that already? Does anyone with a sane mind really think that any Realistic iranian inside iran takes heart hearing His words? This was akin to him rebroadcasting the news many know already! What is being done about it? Anything???!!


No steam rises from this mr. obama that i am seeing! to mola's life. he is very dear deary!



Good Speech, & talking to Iranians , instead of Terrorist IRI

by IranFirst on

Thank you Obama. Its great to see thath all US factions have finally reached the same conclusions that Iranians had reached long ago, No more talking to the un-elected terrorist IRI, instead US and other Western powers should work with Iranians and help people with the process of the Regime CHANGE. IRI is Not reformable (just like Islam) and it has to go , just like Gaddafi's rule


I am proud to call him (Obama) my president

by Bavafa on