Fashion in ancient Iran

Iranian Heritage Day at Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto Iranians Community Group's presentation, Saturday March 14th 2011:


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Did i see a Dinasour

by alx1711 on

Did i see a Dinasour skeleton in the background! i know we are old but not that old :)


ancient women in battle

by MM on

From The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies (CAIS), here is the second lady in full battle-gear


and other Persian women warriors




by ComraidsConcubine on


Immortal Guard

I really loved it!

by Immortal Guard on

That was GREAT!

Hopefully we see men's collection as well!

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

The second costume and the last one were the best. That vest is nice. All the rest felt kind of modified IR, what's with all the coverings? They're all so beautiful, mashallh, mashallah.