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Discussion on tv show in Canada


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Given the fact that...

by Parham on

... most comments here come from North America, I'm not really surprised that nobody really mentions the real deal, which is their murder of the Farsi language (and how they do it)!
It's not about the hair color, people...



by Benyamin on

Your thinking is bend over backward way of think 100 folds. Check with your psychiertist he is definately an Akhund!

your comments are almost 30 years old, you need alot of catching up to do.


bleached hair :P

by calais on

the guy with bleached hair is more girly and way better looking than girl with horrible unnatural nose job & mono brow... its time we introduced Iranian girl to laser hair removal.. and educated them about uses of makeups..the less makeup the better u look :)


Iran's New Leader

by kemalmajor on

You're surprised at some of the comments?

Well I don't want this to be Iran's new leader; children's' preschool teacher; the Iranian new grandparent style; the mayor; or the reincarnation of Cyrus the Great.

Any Iranian that want to open-up the flood-gates to this kind of thing in Iran needs a mental health checkup: This is what you want for Iran?

Like I said: The guy in the video looks like GooGoosh with a pubic hair problem; I don't think it's okay to socialize kids into thinking that this "style" is acceptable.


I am surprized at some of the comments in here!!!

by Benyamin on

I don`t know where you live but it does not matter how you lookj or what you wear or what your make up is! what matters is what you thionk and what you do in life.

I  "unlike" some of you in here am indeed very proud of them. They are talking about family, the age on concent(which I remind you it is 9 in Iran) and the values by which they have been brought up. Frankly I am confused by some comments here and some are just simply "syupid and idiotic" and actually shows LACK OF MATURITY  by the commentator!!!

These kids are much more mature than most people in Iran and apparently some of the commentartors right here!

Kids grow up and dress accordingly to theiur age. only a few "rock starts" never change their way of dress. Just ask yourself where are all of those "punks" when you get older.

On a positive note. I am just proud of these kids. Afarin bacheha!


Presentation skills?

by comments on

Their presentation skill is embrassing especially the person with the yellow hair.


Too sensitivity ?

by comments on

I watched the first few minutes, then read the comments.

What's wrong with you guys?  Because we lived in the Islamic Iran we only saw black hair color.  Would you please ask youself what this sensitivity is about?  Is it our bussiness to tell them what to wear or not to wear?  Did they insult our daughters or mothers?  Why don't you take care of you and yours?


عجب بکن بکنی‌ راه انداختن تو تورنتو!



لعنت به جد و آباد اون کسانی‌ که اینطور ملت رو دربدر کردند در گوشه و کنار دنیا و این بلا رو به جان جوانان ایران زمین  آوردند که مثل دلقک‌ها کلشون رو رنگ زرد کنند بیان جلوی تلویزیون و این مسخره بازی...


Dear Kemalmajor: We can agree to disagree

by Bavafa on

But your example only reaffirms my point as I hardly think dressing as you described it and showing up at work will result in such server punishment, including jail time and/or public humiliation where as in Iran under IRI, it is pretty much guaranteed.

It would also be noteworthy that mention dressing as such at the work place it would probably violate the work place rule, these folks are not doing that.



Ribbon on the Chombol

by kemalmajor on

Bavafa (Mehrdad-jan), I have to disagree.

You write: "Lets us not judge them by their outfit but by their civilized way of engaging with each other."

Here's the test: Dye your underarm hair blonde, put a piece of tape across your nose, and tie a pink ribbon around your 'chombol' and go to work. See what your employer's reaction is.

Then tell you employer not to "judge you based on your outfit."

My next point is that if this "style" and "mindset" gets popular in Iran - people like this will not defend the nation.

Are you comfortable with these three babysitting your child or being your child's preschool teacher?

I don't mind young people having more freedom, but that does not include throwing away every standard in society and running wild with drugs and narcissistic behavior.

There's no human right that says it's okay to look like GooGoosh with with a pubic hair problem.



by Parham on

It's not the whole diaspora it's only parts of North America.

Ari Siletz

Honest people!

by Ari Siletz on

Orders of magnitude more serious about communicating who they are and what they think than the "important people" Vahid Yaaminpour interviews on Dirooz, Emrooz, Farda. Maybe Yaaminpour and guests should mix some English with their Farsi.


Agha ya Khanome Kemalmajor:

by Bavafa on

Their outfit might be to your or my liking or choice but the typical outfit that is FORCED upon the Iranian people in Iran, is not to my liking either.

There is however a big difference between these three young and not so experience people and those of your admiration in Iran and that is that they can sit down and peaceful discuss things instead of using all necessary violence to force their view on others.

I wonder if you can appreciate the difference?!?!

Lets us not judge them by their outfit but by their civilized way of engaging with each other.



The AIDS is Strong

by kemalmajor on

The AIDS is strong with these 3! : )

If Iranian-Feminists had their way, this is what Iran would become. And the next time someone like Saddam tried to invade Iran, these three could fight them off with hairspray and lipstick.

Damagh-Amali; Mavadi; Tan-Foroush ... bah bah bah. Aberoo raft.

On a more positive note, it's good to see that Shirin Ebadi dyed her hair blonde and lost some weight.

... This video really sums up where the Iranian Diaspora is going.


Bavafa :)

by comments on

Don't worry about your age.  When they invite you to their show I bet your outfit and hairdo will be more colorful and unusual.  I guess saddle tan hair color with mahogany leather outfit! You don't have much choice about the face make up since they do that.



by Bavafa on

Another sign to prove I am getting old as I don not get such outfit, hairdo, etc.



BRILLIANT! 'LOVE it! So happy for these healthy youngsters,

by ComraidsConcubine on

 who are discussing what matters in their lives without the ghastly debilitating baggage of garbage of perceived cultural identity.


Just a point about what was raised: I'm sure that working as a child in CA is limited to certain hours and conditions of pay, well, in principle anyway. 

Well done kiddos and there is no point in wishing you luck with your future, as it is as surely assured as it can be.


Nice freak show

by ali_aaa on

I have always enjoyed freak shows, too bad I do not have time to watch this one.

Where do they find these people? Never seen them in Chelokababis around here.