Khatami: Angel of Peace

Khatami calls for national reconciliation
05/20/2011 - 16:15

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

The Renaissance Man strikes again, very nice. Dast marizad Sharab jan. And thanks for the whole myth Ramin khan. 

However there seems to be a dispute amongst the learned in here about Khatemi's line. 

Is it hard-line or liberal and limp? take a straw poll? cheers

khaleh mosheh

جناب شراب سرخ خیلی کار هنر مندانه و جالبی است

khaleh mosheh

از انجائی که از شخصت خاتمی به نظر میرسد  ایشان به کمکهای شمیای مثله ویاگرا در این مورد احتیاج هم دارند .


So Funny, Khatami looks like he was meant for the pic.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I love FREEDOM and want to see it for all.


Great work Redwine jan. 

by comments on

Great work Redwine jan. 


Az daste shoma ke inghadr sansor mikoni:)

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Good One Red Wine Jaan,


This was the last thing I expected to see on a Saturday Morning ;0)


Hee Hee ... 


Nice adaptation of Cupid and Psyche painting-Jacques Louis David

by ramintork on

The Cupid and Psyche myth fits nicely too, it is similar to Valih Faghih jealousy and the mission to send the love maker cupid ( Khatami) to make the system fall for a monster!

I guess if Khatami refuses to shoot his love arrows and doesn't bring the broken factions back eventually the house of Faghih would fall.

Here is the Cupid Psyche myth: 

Envious and jealous of the beauty of a mortal girl named Psyche, Venus asks her son Cupid to use his golden arrows while Psyche sleeps, so that when she awakens, Venus would place a vile creature for her to fall in love with. Cupid finally agrees to her commands after a long (and failed) debate.

As he flies to Psyche's room at night, he turns himself invisible so no one can see him fly in through her window. He takes pity on her, for she was born too beautiful for her own safety. As he slowly approaches, careful not to make a sound, he readies one of his golden arrows. He leans over Psyche while she is asleep and before he can scratch her shoulder with the arrow, she awakens, startling him, for she looks right into his eyes, despite his invisibility.

This causes him to scratch himself with his arrow, falling deeply in love with her. He cannot continue his mission, for every passing second he finds her more appealing.

He reports back to Venus shortly after and the news enrages her. Venus places a curse on Psyche that keeps her from meeting a suitable husband, or any husband at that. As she does this, it upsets Cupid greatly, and he decides as long as the curse stays on Psyche, he will no longer shoot arrows, which will cause the temple of Venus to fall.



ترسوترین سیاستمدار


آقای خاتمی ترسوترین  و بی عرضه ترین سیاستمدار در تاریخ معاصر ایران است. ایکاش یک ذره غیرت و دل جرات داشت و اینقدر در برابر ظلم و ستم سکوت نمی کرد. واقعا که حالم از رفتار و سکوت ایشان یهم می خورد. حیف اون همه انرژی که صرف این آدم بی عرضه شد

Azadeh Azad

I love this

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, Red Wine jan.



Ari Siletz

حالا باز بگین جمهوری اسلامی اصلاح پذیر نیست!

Ari Siletz

 لاله افتخاری کجا، سایکی خانوم  کجا.


میکل آنژ بره غاز بچرونه


شراب جان مخلصت را از خنده روده بر نمودی. این کارت حرف ندارد.

فرامرز جان

البته شما صاحب نظرید ولی به نظر بنده جریانش آنقدرها هم انحرافی نیست.


ای خاتمی ناقلا!



بعله آقا گفته بودن که این سید خندان جزو جریان انحرافیه! اینهم مدرکش!