Kurdish Line Dancing

Wedding in Orumiyeh, West Azarbaijan Province


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Kurdish dance is beautiful

by shahabshahab on

Kurdsh dance (men and women) all the time. We used to have a Kurdish neighbor, a couple with their son. Every time they came to our house to visit, they would end up dancing (the three of them) very beautiful Kurdish dance. They brought their own music too!

This is a culture where men and women mingle and sociaize. Their dance clothes  are usually very colorfull.


Bahram G

Beautiful Iranians

by Bahram G on

This is Iran with its diverse ethnic people. A bouquet with different flowers. Got to preserve these Iranian traditions. Great line dancing guys. And I love the ties on some of the guys. Bravo. Long live Iran with all its people with complete freedom and equality.

Bahram G

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Where can I find the picture of your cat?


pesar ba pesar ,dokhtar ba dokhtar

by zeebajune on

where are the women's in this dance, these are bunch of young man dancing together, we must break the habit of doing this by all dancing together...believe me it is Moore fun...

Much respect