Nomadic Teacher Mohammad Bahman-Beigi

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نبی بهرامی. جديدآنلاين: پیدا کردن خانۀ بهمن‌بیگی در شیراز کار چندان سختی نیست. اردی‌بهشت است. چنارها نونوار شده‌اند و خیابان قصردشت به اوج شکوه خود رسیده‌است. وارد یک کوچۀ فرعی می‌شوم. دری سپیدرنگ با دیواری آجری که بین یاس‌ها گم شده. خدمتکاری جوان با لهجۀ قشقایی به استقبالم می‌آید و سلام می‌دهد. خانۀ بهمن‌بیگی، همان‌ طوری که تصور کرده بودم، پر است از وسایل و لوازمی که یادآور کوچ است و ایل. قالی‌های دست‌باف سرتاسر اتاق پذیرایی پهن است. روکش فرش‌ها و مبل‌ها هماهنگ است و دیوار پر از قاب عکس‌هایی‌ست ازایل و مردانی با کلاه و لباس عشایر که لبخندشان ثابت مانده‌است>>>


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onlyinamrica, thank you so much

by ComraidsConcubine on

 That's an enormous help with something. Thank you!

And of course, in my haste, I forgot to say that this entire feature is just heartwarming.  



by onlyinamrica on

It is called "jew ghaalaa veisi".  Pronounce it as it is broken down. What is the story? It is just a male traditional cloth or robe that Ghashghaei and Bakhtiari men wear.



Thank you GS

by pedro on

Here is a man that cared for other. He was determined and had a goal and a vision. How many man or woman like him do you know? Action speaks louder than words. 

Some of us have expert opinion about almost anything and everything. So keep on typing away none stop, about every topic. Just remember to remove the pizza, Chinese and other takeout scraps from previous days and weeks, collected around your computer monitor, sometimes before the mice get to it.

I am Persia. I pray to Ahoura Mazda.


My Great Uncle!

by bahmani on

Thanks for posting this, not too many people know what a great man my Great Uncle Mohammad Bahmanbeigui was, and what a service he gave to the nomadic tribes of Iran.

His books on education are in the Library of Congress, and he also had one of the top boarding schools in Iran, that the top students from the tribes around Iran, could attend for free, so that they could pursue further education in the universities in Iran. 100% of his high school graduates got accepted and passed the brutally difficult Iranian (Concours) University exams on the first try.

what was excluded for obvious political reasons was that after the revolution because MB was so successful under the Shah, they took everything he had accomplished away from him, and had at one time even sentenced him to death, for what later turned out to be the false accusation of "forcing girls and boys to dance" which was in a sense absolutely true, because many tribes have the long honored tradition of men and women dancing together. These tribal traditions and retaining them was part of his overall curriculum, to preserve the rich traditions and heritage of the tribes of Iran.

Post revolutionary witch hunts of course, did not understand any of this and it took him years of living in hiding, to clear his name from the smear campaign against him.

In the end his sentence and accusation was lifted without an apology and he was allowed to "be retired". Even though he had many more years and ideas and energy to help Iran's tribes achieve their true potential as Iranians.

What was also not included in the piece was how intelligent and smart he was personally. He absorbed knowledge like a sponge and taught himself over 5 languages. Frequently whenever he would come to Tehran, he would stop off and visit staying at our home, just so he could practice his German with my mother.

He was a great great man.


همین چند وقت


همین چند وقت پیش فیلمی در همینجا در باره عشایر دیدم...باخودم فکر کردم که این بچه ها به کدام مدرسه میروند...حالا پاسخ به این پرسش را در این فیلم دیدم

خیلی ممنون



کاش ایران صد هزار همچون شما داشت بهمن خان




clothes question

by ComraidsConcubine on

 that beige "overcoat" (male) with the black lines and the "overdress" (male) with flowers and the dark cummerband  , what's the story please?