Ravanbakhsh Kakavand

Immigrant who broke wife's skull during 'meltdown' avoids jail

I suggest Mr Kakavand as "Iranian of the Day." He got a free ticket out of jail, as well. Many people would suggest that he be charged with attempted murder, but that would not apply in Australia, where assaults like this are allowable.

heraldsun.com.au: A FORMER refugee who broke his wife's skull during a "complete and utter mental meltdown" has narrowly avoided an immediate jail term. The South Australian Supreme Court today suspended Ravanbakhsh Kakavand's four-year sentence for one aggravated count of causing serious harm with intent to do so. Kakavand, 45, of Ascot Park, southwest of Adelaide, was visibly relieved by the decision but Justice Trish Kelly warned him not to waste his second chance. In December, Kakavand bashed his wife, Elnaz Adalat, with a 1m lump of wood on the side of River Rd, near Hahndorf. Witnesses and passersby intervened, but Ms Adalat still required 10 days in hospital due to her injuries >>>



The Question of Why ...

by NajafVisitor on

 Ms Adalat's insistence he sponsor her family's immigration, prompted a "complete and utter mental meltdown".

This is given - along with his alleged persecution by police in Iran - as the reason for his violent attack.

One does have to wonder if he wasn't under arrest in Iran for other crimes of violence - an ordinary person doesn't beat someone's head in.

The fact that he used a block of wood to hit her head - in theory - makes it a more serious crime, because that counts as use of a weapon. However, such crimes of violence are traditionally tolerated in Australia. It goes across the gender divide as well - recently an Indian woman who burnt her husband to death - the most terrible death one can inflict - walked free from court because she was 'confused' at the time of the offense, and he had allegedly committed adultery.



by shamsi on

OMG, who is he, who gave him a visa to travel overseas? These people need to stay in Iran and work with those  jerks.  Please next time try not to mention any nationality, it destroys your reputation.


No one really knows ...

by kemalmajor on

Who knows what led up to this fiasco?

I'm glad we're giving him a fair trial on Iranian.com ... without personal knowledge of the facts or evidence.

The people running to condemn this guy without knowledge of the facts are likely the same who automatically defended Shahla Jahed for killing Nasser Mohammad-Khani's wife.

Yippi ... who needs fascism with this kind of equality.



Coward Scum Bag ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

In the judge's statement it says : "Had those witnesses not had the presence of mind and physical capacity to restrain you, you might well have killed her,".  Pay attention to last sentence, it says "Physical Capacity", this means they were some strong Australian guys with guts and they stopped this motherf*&%er.  Which also means he's a f*&%ing coward who beats women but when faced with some capable men, he backs off. 

The moron judge should have given him the full 4 years + restraining order of 1000 meters from his wife + deportation upon completion of the full sentence. 

Who gives a shit if he was tortured by IRI, that doesn't change the fact that he's a psycho and a coward.

The wife, she's a poor victim just like any other domestic violence victim any where in the world, I feel sorry for her.  I'm sure she was standing by his side out of fear.

By the way, why should this scum bag be the "Iranian of the Day" ?!

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Niki Tehranchi

A story of 3 fools

by Niki Tehranchi on

The Judge for using her discretion to release this dangerous and unrepentant man into the public

The man for his complete refusal to exercise some self-control or seek help

The wife for sticking by him after he almost killed her!!!



by yolanda on

I was wondering if the guy, his wife, and prosecutor made a deal to let him off the hook!



by opinionpost on

He will Kill her next time, YOU FOOLLLLLLLLLL JUDGE!


Lets be serious

by Bavafa on

"I'd be curious to find out what she did to set the dude off"

Isn't this the classic defense of a rapist to claim she had dressed provocatively?

No absurd or unreasonable behavior should be an excuse for physical violence against your spouse or any other human being for that matter, unless it is in self defense I suppose.



And she's still with him?

by TheMrs on

I guess it's true when they say that water sinks its own level.


If you ask me.....

by ali_aaa on

Everyone gone crazy, the wife, the husband, and the judge and jury. they are all out of order.


I'd be curious to find out

by afshin on

I'd be curious to find out what she did to set the dude off.  Maybe that had something to do with him being exonerated.  There may have been mitigating circumstances.