Shahpour Pouyan: Full Metal Jacket

A solo exhibition in Dubai

Shahpour Pouyan presents five new major installation works of intricately decorated armour and antique-style military helmets produced by working closely with traditional armourers and metal-smiths. Worked from metal and chain, Pouyan's "Projectiles" are meticulously adorned with traditional calligraphy, inlaid in gold and silver, whilst the fins are emblazoned with figurative etchings of birds and flowers, all of which recall classical eastern ornament. Pouyan's use of helmets and chainmail, normally worn by soldiers or actors, gives his rockets an unsettling human-like appearance. These suspended monuments are strong symbols of dominance and power, yet at the same time are light, refined and have an air of luxury >>>

Shahpour Pouyan - Full Metal Jacket from ikono tv on Vimeo.


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Immortal Guard

Very interesting concept!

by Immortal Guard on

Very interesting concept!