Image: Military explosion damage

Unexplained explosions reported in Isfahan province

BBC: A satellite image has captured apparently extensive damage from an explosion at a military base near Tehran earlier this month. Some buildings at the Revolutionary Guards base seem to have been completely destroyed in the explosion. The 12 November blast killed 17 soldiers and has been widely blamed in Iran on foreign intelligence services. On Monday, another in a series of unexplained explosions was reported in central Isfahan province. They come at a time of heightened tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions >>>




by Peace on

Did He say IraK in 1:15??

hehe idiot! 


Incompetent to handle a nuclear reactor

by Leonis on

Iranians do not have the required discipline and competence to handle a nuclear facility.

Very soon, we will all witness the CATASTROPHE, which will affect not only Iranians, but the entire PG and surrounding countries.

This explosion is very loudly and clearly sounds the alarm. 


These Terrorist monkeys do

by Simorgh5555 on

These Terrorist monkeys do not have the capability to store conventional weapons without causinh havoc let alone a nuclear power plant. If this was the work of foreign intelligence services thrn the IR would have capitalised on it rather than keep it secret. Lets hope the IR Terror sumbags continue their stupidity by continuing to damage their own bases and weapons so we can avoid a war. To all Iranian soldiers serving in the armed forces please desert now, disobey orders and turn your guns against those in command. I hope all Iranian military personnel raise arms against this regime. Death to the Islamic Republic.


 Human shields protect the

by vildemose on

 Human shields protect the Isfahan nuclear facility during an earlier protest.

The British media reported today that the mysterious explosion that rocked Isfahan, Iran two days ago struck the uranium conversion facility near the city.





"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

iraj khan

There's a faction in

by iraj khan on

U.K.'s government that is itching for a fight with Iran,

But even they were surprised by the 'Shock and Awe' of the Iranians' action.

The message was: "Watch Out while you are on our soil".

I'm just saying,



Oops, I thought Ahmadi sad.....

by عموجان on

He was going to wipe off Israel of the world map but it look like it is going the other way.