UK to expel all Iranian diplomats

In response to embassy attack

BBC: The UK is to expel all Iranian diplomats following the storming of its embassy in Tehran, Foreign Secretary William Hague has announced. He said he had ordered the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London. Tuesday's attack by hundreds of protesters followed Britain's decision to impose further sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme. The sanctions led to Iran's parliament reducing diplomatic ties with the UK. Mr Hague said he was demanding the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London, with all its staff to leave the UK within 48 hours >>>


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This is a

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


good time to get rid of IRI but don't bother with the nuclear. It is the worst excuse to bring up. Go for a full regime change and be done with it. Nuclear is just what IRI wants to divert attention. Perfect excuse for them to hold to power.


Darius Kadivar

EU agrees new sanctions on Iran

by Darius Kadivar on

EU agrees new sanctions on Iran (BBC)



The EU agrees to new sanctions on 180 Iranian officials and companies in the wake of a report on Tehran's controversial nuclear programme, EU diplomats say. 

Tiger Lily

LOL! And when tell the IC savages to bloody well behave

by Tiger Lily on

in front of , now former, IRI embassies, all I get is cyber-kotak.

Like I keep saying, not a cigarette paper between IRI thugs and the local primitives.

P.S. battle between the Bullingdon Banksters and basijis. Just lovely.

Darius Kadivar

Iran likely to dominate EU talks today in Brussels

by Darius Kadivar on

 Iran likely to dominate EU talks (bbc)  

Discussion of new measures against Iran is expected to dominate a meeting of European foreign ministers on Thursday.

Ministers will consider responses to a report by the UN nuclear watchdog that said Iran had carried out tests related to "development of a nuclear device". 


The time is ripe

by Simorgh5555 on

This is the perfect opportunity for Iranians to hit the streets as they did in 2009. Iranians abroad should take their protest to consulates and embassies of the IR Terrorists. Iranians should fight the Basijis to death if they are attacked. If any security forces of the IR attack the Iranian people then thry lynch them or beat them to death. No protecting them. To all members of.the IR Security forces defect now or your blood is in your own hands. Obama must strike at all Revolotionary Guards and Basij posts without hesitation. Its time to send Khamenri and his goons to eet their Hell!


The biggest mistake IRI made

by Kooshan on

was to let hooligans attack the UK embassy. This one is going to be very different than US embassy take over in 79. Many factors are against IRI now compared to 1979:

1. Majority is against IRI policies

2. IRI mid an dtop level politicians are rich and fear for their assets

3. People are thinking more logically than acting on their sentiments now.

4. external pressure seems not uniting people against foreign threat.

5. Inflation will definitely testify people tolerance now.

6. News travels faster now and it is unstoppable.


Well done UK

by divaneh on

Now the rest of the Europe has to show some guts and kick the a..holes back to the country that they have ruined. This is one lesson that this nation never learnt.

- They killed Jenkis Khan envoys and we are still paying for it.

- During the reign of Shah Sultan Hossein, they buggered the Afghan envoy and the country almost exploded after the invasion by such small force.

- During the Ghajar, they killed the Russian envoy Griboyedov and some other Russians diplomatic staff and the country paid dearly.

Then we had the US embassy and now this. Which nation has been so foolish to repeat a mistake with such high price again and again?

Are Russians having a revenge?

Darius Kadivar

حمايت علی لاريجانی از حمله به سفارت بريتانيا در تهران RadioFarda

Darius Kadivar

G. Rahmanian

To Hell With Visas!

by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians have been suffering for more than three decades under the rule of the murderers and rapists of IR and some people are worried about getting visas!


UK's Central Bank Boycott Made Terrorist IRI Go Mad

by IranFirst on


Hossein Alizadeh (former IRI charge d’affaires at the Iranian embassy in Finland, who resigned in 2009), knows terrorist IRI very well. Read his comments on why IRI went mad after UK boycotted IRI's central Bank. 


Look for other countries to follow UK and boycott IRI's Central Bank (now that its known this makes IRI go mad). Also look for more activity by IRI lobbists (NIAC, CASMII,...) to resist (even more ), any serious sanctions (such as Central Bank Boycott)

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

All IR embassies in Europe must be closed! That plus sanctions on oil, gas and the Central Bank will bring down the murderous regime in Tehran in no time!

Down With IR!


Looks like the quality of Cyber-Groupie posting is falling

by AMIR1973 on

Perhaps another consequence of the financial sanctions against the IRI???


Continuing on the relevant note

by Abarmard on

Since some love to be relevant in all news here is the latest:

Mash Rajab window sign this morning: Rob e gojeh 80, tokhm morgh 20, visa englis 1000




by Abarmard on

The reality is that no one gets visa from British Embassy, they all get their visa through Mash Rajab Baghaal in Tajrish. This morning he was still in his shop, so what's all the fuss about?


HG: It's hard work for the

by vildemose on

HG: It's hard work for the cyber basiji bunch!!!lol 


"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson

hamsade ghadimi

vildemose, they were doing

by hamsade ghadimi on

vildemose, they were doing it before 2009 but stepped it up after the (s)election fiasco of 2009.  no surprise there.  some of these cyber basijis even get trained by casmii in hamayesh bozorg on how to confront iri's opposition in the media. 

the humorous side is that some of these basijis get so lazy and instead of passing off iri's talking points as their own, they just give a link and say "here's sepah's viewpoint." 


نقطه عطف دوران نکبت


It is extremely sad to see a bunch of thugs destroying the country,

and it is more sad not to see a credible opposition standing  up against them.



And the question is ,

Can you still call yourself a proud Iranian and boast about Sirous and Darius while watching these barbaric behaviours in Iran.

I guess not. 


You are so courageous by

by comments on

You are so courageous by conveying messages from inside Iran.  Be careful.  It’s so dangerous.  Can you please convey my message to them too?

"In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero of the Trojan War, the central character and the greatest warrior of Homer's. Plato named Achilles the handsomest of the heroes assembled against Troy. Later legends (beginning with a poem by Statius in the 1st century AD) state that Achilles was invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel. As he died because of a small wound on his heel, the term Achilles' heel has come to mean a person's principal weakness.As a result, please remember to tell them that he was not a Muslim brother either.  Please let them know if they don't work on their police skills, American police will take their jobs like Iraq and Afghanistan.  The transmittor is so funny.  Is that all about a power of analysis of an Iranian? 

"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

Doing business is not a dirty practice. Not at all. Where would the world be without people exchanging goods and services. But exploiting in the guise of business is indeed reprehensible. And what many countries, European and otherwise are doing so, since the IRI is under various sanctions. Most notably, the Russians and the Chinese are taking huge "business" advantages dealing with the IRI thugs and that's exactly the reason they oppose and circumvent any sanctions. Yes, business is vital. But exploitive business is evil. Like what the British Petroleum was paying Iran for every barrel of oil. What was it? A few pnnies?


According to Sepah thinking

by Abarmard on


Is it time for IRI agents to immigrate/become like rest of us?

by comments on

Please remember in the case of a war all IRI agents will take immigration through investment mainly to European countries if they have not done so.  They choose European countries because it's close to Iran and they could visit their family in Iran on long weekends.

Is England or other European countries going to object giving business visa to thousands of IRI agents?  I wish they do; otherwise, they will come to Canada and the US.  Then, we all fight against the new Iran government.  A loser country is always a loser, any way.  Isn't it?  US immigration recently shows more flexibility towards business visa applicants to compete with Canada.  I don't think that IRI agents need to apply for any types of visa to Canada since they all have their immigrations and big houses in upscale areas. 

They also have fireplace, Korsi and BellaFinaBed/Tempur-Pedic bed wherein they did not owe in their houses in Iran.  The good news is that they transfer their children from Islamic schools to private schools in Vancouver because they were different Muslims as they were.


"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments


  به گفته



به گفته فرماندهان سپاه و بسیج، یکی از دلایل تغییر ساختار بسیج بعد از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری ۱۳۸۸، تمرکز بیشتر این نیرو بر مقابله با مخالفان داخلی حکومت ایران بود، تغییری که در چهارچوب وقایع پس از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری ۱۳۸۸ قابل تحلیل بود.

از جمله مهمترین این وظایف، فعالیت در فضای مجازی (بر روی اینترنت) تعیین شده است. به این منظور بسیج صدها کلاس آموزش کامپیوتر و اینترنت را در سرتا سر کشور برای بسیجیان تشکیل داده و به آنها کمک کرده تا با ایجاد هزاران وبلاگ به فعالیت فرهنگی، تبلیغ دیدگاه های حکومت و مقابله با منتقدان جمهوری اسلامی بپردازند.

"بسیجیان عادی، همگی دارای درجه 'رزمنده' هستند. بسیجیان فعال، در ابتدا دارای درجه 'رزمجو' هستند ودر صورت ارتقای درجه، به ترتیب درجات 'دریادل' و 'مجاهد' را کسب می‌کنند"

به این ترتیب، چنین به نظر می رسد که مسئولان بسیج قصد دارند با ایجاد شبکه ای پیچیده از گروه های به هم مرت... >>>



"It is the chain of communicat­ion, not the means of production­, that determines a social process."

-- Robert Anton Wilson


Bahram G.

by Faramarz on

Europeans maintain presence in Iran not solely for the sake of business and money making, although that plays a part. And by the way, since when doing business and commerce has become a dirty word!

Europeans are also curious people unlike many Middle Easterners. If you go to some faraway places in the world, the only tourists that you would see are Europeans.

Yes, we have occasional Iranians that are adventurous and go to some faraway land and post the pictures here on this site, but that is an exception but not the rule. During the heydays of the late Shah most Iranian tourists did the standard Paris/London/Rome and the shopping. Nowadays, the highest tourism out of the IR is to Karbala and Najaf for a little bit of crying, Nazr and some Emam Hossain souvenirs.

Europeans are also very proud of their culture and they feel superior about it and would like to tell the world. And they should be. More than 90% art treasures of the world can be found in Italy and France.

Finally, if it wasn’t for the European embassies in Tehran many of my dear high school friends who finished their education in Iran would not have been able to get a visa and get out of that situation in one piece.

Having said all of the above, I believe that right now is the time to close all the embassies in Iran, kick IR out of Europe and elsewhere and finally confront this evil Regime with all the means that are available to the civilized world.


Excellent response. I still

by Simorgh5555 on

Excellent response. I still would have gone further and arrest them for the sake of it. Detain them, beat them and put them home on a cargo plane. The Home Secretary should be aware that the IR is not the representative of the Iranian people; they are illegal occupiers without a nation so therefore no diplomatic immunity or privileges should apply to them. Torture them and then let them cry about the Vienna Convention.


Very "Obash" like behavior from Islamic Republic

by Abarmard on

To these thugs.


Deos this mean

by MRX1 on

Aghazedeh's and mullah's can no longer obtain U.K visa? Does it mean they can not come to U.K and lecture people about non violence and civil society? does it mean they can not touch all the money they looted for  the past 30 some years and now stored in U.K and European banks? seriously what is the impact of this action?

And yes 48 hours is not enough for omat islam. jol palas jam kardan vaght mibareh!


Come on Mr. Hague, have a heart ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

Only 48 hrs to leave UK? How can these a**holes sell so many "Ja Namaz" on ebay in 48 hrs. You should know better than anyone (Being British and naturally very familiar with your favorite Tazi Cult, Eeezlam) that a Ja Namaz that was used in the land of infidel is Najes and should not be taken into the "Balad" of Eeezlam. LOL

Payandeh iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Bahram G

I don't have all the answers

by Bahram G on

I may not even have a part of the full answer that accounts for the lunatic actions of the IRI. If we indeed consider them irrational, then that explains their behavior. Yet, calling them simply irrational is a simplistic explanation. I believe the IRI is engaged in "circling the wagons," facing internal dissents and external enemies--real or perceived enemies.Another factor is the highly effective practice of DOSHMAN TARASHI, when you need to rally the people against a more dangerous enemy to blame and entice people to fall in line and support the system. The mullahs are masters of the DOHMAN TARASHI. They even unleash the hired mob against the sanctuary of their masters when it suits them and buys them time to keep on plundering Iran and destroying what's left of it.



by iamfine on

British backed IRI all along. They milked the cow for so many years and you seems not showing any sensitivity in that regard. Did you know British help to separate Bahrain from our motherland. British like to have it both ways, getting our oil and other natural resources and at the same time imposing sanctions on Iran.