Baba Karam: Born 2 Dance Studio

7th Semi-Annual "Awaken the Dancer Within" Gala

Born 2 Dance Studio is an international dance school located in Vienna, Virginia specializing in teaching dance styles from various corners of the globe >>>


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Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

 چه فعالیتی از این زیبا تر هست که حتی با دیدنش روح انسان تازه بشه و لب ها رو به لبخندی باز بکنه.


Maryam Hojjat

Great One!

by Maryam Hojjat on

GS, thanks for posting. 


Enjoyed it

by divaneh on

Agree with the Vildemose that the choreography is non existent, but still enjoyed it.

What can you do with these Iranian women? You let them free and they even take men's dance from them.


Horrible choreography.

by vildemose on

Horrible choreography.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Tiger Lily

Truly revolting

by Tiger Lily on

2500 years history, here it is:




Updated to ask: what weirdo has flagged this and on what ground? There is no profanity in my post nor any form of personal attack. 



by پندارنیک on

This video certainly will be banned in our lovely country for its green background. The producer should've known better...