Porsche officially stops doing business in Iran

Move follows exists by other auto firms

autoblog.com: Iran just became a bit less interesting for automotive enthusiasts with the announcement by Porsche that it will no longer do business there. This follows news that Hyundai will also stop selling or servicing its cars in Iran. But despite the ongoing international embargo against Iran, car shoppers there still have plenty manufacturers from which to choose. Fiat, Isuzu, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Suzuki, Toyota and Volvo are all still selling and/or servicing their models there >>>



There were no legal or

by Sajana on

There were no legal or ethical restrictions on Plouffe being paid to speak to the MTN subsidiary as a private citizen.



I am with user

by alx1711 on

I am with user profile.">MOOSIRvaPIAZ... this nuclaer talk deals are just charades. what they are showing is that they are trying hard to negotiate with Iran and the war is the last option. War is coming!

On the other hand, yes mullahs need Porche to make nucles..WTF!


Mr. Mousa67

by erooni on

I love  Porsche cars too, but I am surprised that you like German cars too since I knew of a Jewish doctor who refused to ride German cars because of Germany's  past.


about time....

by shushtari on

the bache akhoonds who are using the stolen blood money from our country have been buying 911s and showing off in tehran while kids are starving and selling gum on the streets

good riddance 

Kaveh Nouraee

Porsche pulled out

by Kaveh Nouraee on

because the U.S. is their largest market.

Hyundai pulled out, but oddly, Kia remains, despite being part of Hyundai.

Nissan and Toyota will have to pull out, considering their large presence in the U.S. with multiple manufacturing facilities, and design studios.

This needs to continue in order to help break the financial backs of these mrdering bastards. Any place they find a lifeline, kill it.


thank you mr thought. I'll now trade in my porche for a peykan

by mousa67 on

but i must admit that german vheicles are very good. one of them back in 1967 took me all the way from tel aviv to suez canal. then back to liberate jeruselum. then over to gulan heights. then back to tel aviv to attend my late uncle shmuel's (god bless his soul) fourth wedding to a nice shia lady. all that in 6 days. can your peykan beat that?


shooting yourself in the foot

by Thought on

"More than $17 million worth of Porsche vehicles were imported into Iran in the first five months of 2011, according to UANI"

Doesn't end there:

"Iran's own auto industry has grown to become one of its major revenue centers despite international sanctions, some of which have been in place since 1979. UANI began its Iran Watch List in 2010 after discovering that much of the industry's money was going to fund the Islamic Revolutionary Guard. "

So what does this sanction mean for Iranian regime? Here it is:

"UANI describes the Iranian auto industry as a huge support for the Iranian regime, because it is a massive source of revenue and because it helps the regime access foreign technologies that strengthen the military and security forces. After oil and gas, it is the nation's second most lucrative industry. "

Doesn't that mean that now Iranian currency is saved since more poeple will purchase from government support industry, largest in the Middle East?

Stupid is stupid does.


This is going to make PAASDARA very happy.

by عموجان on

They can add another item to their smiggling business. Islamic Republic will show those pig-eating infidels they can't keep them away form symbol of luxury in west .They did fight for Islam  


go to Iran watch website


Same people who advocated war with Iraq are running the show on sanctions on Iran. War is coming, be prepared!

Dr. Mohandes

Pride IS your ride!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Barra baba!

They can keep their Ghorazeh and esghati and those crappy limons they sell to iranians as porsche! We are manfacturing our own, we call it Khalisheh! Yeahh...That is right baby.

If that does not fly, we still got our "prides" and we wear it on our sleeves. Literally speaking. Please move out of the way and let the wind come or go to the back of the line and start hunking your horns you vesternerrrzzz...

Watch our Revolutionarry and Free-spirited porshce...khalishe...ROAR!! Muahahahahah.


No to Sanctions, Yes to Porsche 911

by Faramarz on

Sanctions hurt ordinary Porsche-driving Iranians!