Javad “Nasser” Aliabadi: Combat Pilot

Defects during Iran-Iraq war

I’LL FLY AWAY is a feature length documentary that chronicles how in 1983, ex-Iranian combat pilot Javad “Nasser” Aliabadi came to raise his family in San Diego after defecting his squadron during the Iran–Iraq war.

I'll Fly Away Pitch Tape from Kaveh Taherian on Vimeo.


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How we judge people

by Elaheh on

No one really knows why we make such a decision in life wihich will effect our loved one in such way that they still are paying for that!!!!(his family) Is easy to judge since we do not know all the detail yet( we have to wait for the feature film to come out). I think the director is trying to show how one child was effected by her father,s decision and how the other child has no Idea what was going on becuase he was born in a differnt envierment and sociaty ,!!but he(javad) managed to live with all his guilt and sadness at the same time he had to provid for his family and keep them to gether. I cried and cried to see how hard he tries to hide his own emotion for the good of his family. So may be is all about his Right or Wrong choces he had to make, but not about goverment !!!and how we like to project our own perception in to that. In any event I loved what Mr Kaveh Taherian had try to deliver. Congrad to u sir.

Kaveh V

Not so fast......

by Kaveh V on


For all of you internet heroes, the choice was obvious for many back in 1980. True Iranians were facing two enemies at the same time; one in the process of gaining control of the country, and the other one was rolling his tanks across the border. At that point, saving the mother land was a forgone conclusion, it was already occupied!

Now, the choice was either fight, or flee. Knowing well that if you stayed and fought the outside invaders, you will eventually give legitimacy to the inside enemy. This is exactly what happened, the absurd and barbaric Islamic republic draws every bit of its legitimacy from the 8 year war in which it sacrificed the IIAF/IIN/IIA professional cadre and countless naïve youth for the sole purpose of promoting itself and the Islamic occupation.



Lack of backbone…..

by Bavafa on

Not knowing all the circumstance of his situation it is hard to say;


Yet there were many of the Shah loyalist who were removed from service but they choose to put their family’s life on the line just for giving a chance to go and defend their mother land.


As the late Shah says in this clip, [paraphrasing here] many things that are forgivable but betraying one’s land is not one of them.


The word in English that is often used to describe such people is coward and I wonder how he can look into his kids eye and not be ashamed.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Weak Links

by Doorbin on

Guys like him don't fight for anyone or anything.

Joined the IIN to fly choppers for fun. Just listening to him makes me ill.

One of many weak links in a "pooshali" army that ultimately failed to act in defense of Iran against a very obvious 'enemy witihn.'

Things will be very different next time around.




If he was Basiji he be billionaire now, but he is Iranian.

by عموجان on

True heroes of Iran, glad to see his family are safe and growing.  

Iranian air force, they are the one who saved Iran, not Illiterate Basiji