ET Armies

Extraterrestrial Iranian Action Shooter PC Game

بازی ایرانی ارتش های (ET Armies) فرا زمینی توسط شرکت راسپینا در حال ساخت می باشد این بازی گرافیک زیبایی داره و ازلحاظ فنی هم می شه گفت د رده خوبی قرار داره موتور این بازی UDK تمام صحنه های این دمو به شکل Real timeمی باشد.



i wonder if this game poses

by alx1711 on

i wonder if this game poses for the namaz-e Zohr and Maghreb. Surley they must have included somthing..


Childish and Dubious

by Doorbin on

Staging this imaginary battle with the Americans in the middle of Takhte Jamshid is an amateurish ploy to get Iranians patriotic juices boiling. Nice try IRI.  

Instead the copycat shootem up piece begs a much more fundamental question: why don't we fight the Occupier Within first? They've shed much more Iranian blood in the last 33 years. We'll discount the other 1,400 or so years for now.  

Iranzamin is long overdue for a proper khaneh tekani, and we all know it. So lets go to work on the real enemies of this land.