Hamid & Saleh Moradi Sarvestani: Prisoners of the day

Dervish brothers

Majzooban-e Noor: Hamid Reza and Saleh Moradi Sarvestani are Nematollahi Gonabadi Order dervishes.

Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani headed Majzooban-e Noor, the website for the Order. Security forces arrested Hamid Reza Moradi on September 4, 2011, along with a group of other contributor to the website that documented the increasing persecution of the Gonabadi dervishes, during a raid on the group in the town of Kavar in Fars Province.

His brother, Saleh, was also arrested at his home in Shiraz on Septembr 7, 2011 when plainclothes security forces entered his home without a warrant.

The two men have been charged with "insulting the Supreme Leader," "creating public anxiety," "assembly and collusion against national security," "propagating falsehoods," and "membership in a deviant group." Hamid Reza Moradi faces the additional charge of "destroying public property."

The health of the two dervish brothers who have been in prison in Tehran and Shiraz for more than ten months has seriously deteriorated and their family's efforts to seek medical treatment for them have been futile.

Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani, who is detained inside Evin Prison's security ward, is currently facing a health crisis. He suffers from severe heart and kidney problems, and has been hospitalized in critical condition several times, but has not received proper treatment so far. Sarvestani has been transferred to hospital in handcuffs and footcuffs, but each time he has been returned to prison before completing his treatment course.

Saleh Moradi Sarvestani has been detained inside the Adel Abad Prison in Shiraz. He also suffers from serious health problems and his repeated requests for medical attention by a specialist or transfer to a medical facility have been refused. Saleh Moradi suffers from severe shoulder and arm pains, which he developed inside the Shiraz Intelligence Office's Detention Center, known as Number 100, caused by physical pressure during his interrogations.

Seven Gonabadi dervishes, including Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani, refused to attend their May 15 trial session at Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court under Judge Salavati, stating that they had been unable to study their cases and the evidence for their indictment, as well as the illness of two of the suspects, Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani and Mostafa Daneshjoo.


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

زنده باد جمهوری اسلامی ... زندانی سیاسی اعدام باید گردد!

Shazde Asdola Mirza


Serious questions are raised in the blog below

by CIM on


Discussion hijack mission accomplished!

by Reality-Bites on

The discussion has turned into a debate over the meaning of the word "Islamist" and Israel, as opposed to the whole point of this article, i.e. the fate of the Moradi Sarvestani brothers and other political prisoners/victims of the Islamic Republic repression (which apparently is not "true" Islam) in Iran.


. Need help with your resume? let me know.

by مآمور on

I can use any help! what kind of help can u offer me???

I wear an Omega watch


Souri khaanoom

by MM on

My mom used to say "maa mosalmaan hasteem - eslaami neesteem".  Islamism / Islamist is not a new word.  The Boroumand sisters also defined it in their 2002 article titled " terror, Islam and democracy" and talk about its origins.







by yolanda on

"According to Merriam Webster dictionary the word Islamism was first used in 1747 which means either it was not invented by Fred or Fred is lying about his age."


LOL! :O)))))

Love you all! Please continue with your family discussion!

I am listening!



by Souri on

So far we have found the meaning of the word "Islamist" thanks to the effort of all of you who have knocked on their dictionary.

I have been informed that this word , is not a pure invention.

But that was only a part of my objection. I can't go back and bring all my past comments here. So far you say:

IRI is Islamist (okay)

IRI is Rapist (okay)

Are all the Islamists the Rapists?

I think your answer is : Yes.

The whole debate is here. These people thesis is that Islam is a relgion of "violence, killing, terror and rape".

That is what I can't stand. As I said, I am not a fanatic Muslim, but I hate when I see other people (the pro Israeli people whether they are Jewish or Muslim) spreading this kind of propaganda.

Using the appropriate words about IRI, is okay. But generalizing it, in a very vicious way, is not okay.

So, i believe you won't mind if i continue to express my true feeling about the Israel government, here. Do you?



Islamist means being a

by vildemose on

Islamist means being a fundamentalist militant radical muslim like IRI, Al Quada, Salfie, etc.

Muslism does not imply being Islamist. My mother is muslim but I don't view her as an Islamist hell bent on imposing her ideology on others through oppression, killing, rape and murder.



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Mamor: systematic rape was set up by your Ayatshaytan khomeini

by Zendanian on

when he set the "policy" that all virgin Mujahid girls had to be raped before being executed, so they won't go to "heaven." Remeber that one?

How low can one get in forgetting your Ayat Shaytan Khomeini as the original initiator of rape in Islamic Republic's jails.

Then again with regime apologists in here, there's no limit in deciet, and treachery, is there?

It's time for all IR agents to look for another line of work. Need help with your resume? let me know.


Definition of Islamist in dictionaries

by divaneh on

 According to Merriam Webster dictionary the word Islamism was first used in 1747 which means either it was not invented by Fred or Fred is lying about his age. Here are definitions in two dictionaries. Feel free to search for more.

Collins Dictionary

Islamist (ˈɪzləmɪst) 

1.supporting or advocating Islamic fundamentalism
2.a supporter or advocate of Islamic fundamentalism


Merriam Webster

Is·lam·ism noun
\is-ˈlä-ˌmi-zəm, iz-, -ˈla-; ˈiz-lə-\
Definition of ISLAMISM
1: the faith, doctrine, or cause of Islam
2: a popular reform movement advocating the reordering of government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam
— Is·lam·ist \-mist\ noun


It can be seen from the above definitions that Islamist is the accurate description of IRI. Rapist is also a correct description of IRI. If you are in doubt then please visit the blog by RG.


Therefore Islamist Rapists is an accurate and valid description of IRI. I hope Fred ignores all these and will continue to use it. It is absurd to torture and kill people in the name of Islam and then ask people not to mention the Islam.

For your information Souri, those in the prisons are not Islamists. Most of them want the religion out of the government which means they are not Islamists. It is you who are giving the Muslim prisoners in Iran a bad name by associating them with the rapists.


Thank you AI and FN

by Souri on

Thanks for informing me about the origin of the word "Islamist" , so I will no more  give credit to Fred.

Now, is it possible to ask your friend not to use this title, in this special page, where most of the prisonners of the day , are Muslim?

I  have seen Fred using those words, many times in the past. I let it go, because, I rarely (if not never) visit his blogs. But reading these words under this page,  repeatedly, is really outrageous.

It shows a total disrespect and indeference to our political prisonners views and idiology.

As long as I see Fred repeating his words in this page, I can't help it but insult Israel. Sorry.

Good luck.

Friendly Notes

سوری خانم

Friendly Notes

اگر اشتباه نکنیم، موضوع به "فرد" ارتباط ندارد ،  واژه های اسلامیست ، انقلاب اسلامیستی ،  اسلامیست سیاسی را ، از مدت ها پیش محمد جلالی چیمه (م. سحر) در نوشته ها و اشعار خود بکار برده است . اینهم یک نمونه 


Artificial Intelligence

Dear Souri- "Islamist" Exist in our popular language and Culture

by Artificial Intelligence on

You state that the word "Islamist" is an invention by Fred. Do you really want to give the credit for the below to Fred? I just googled the word "Islamist" and look what I found below.


Ruters uses the Word Islamist

CNN uses the Word Islamist

Washington Post uses the Word Islamist

LA Times Uses the word Islamist

The Gurdian uses the word Islamist

Toronto Star Uses the Word Islamist

Ahram Online uses the Wword Islamist

Do you get my point?



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  • Egypt's Islamist parliament reconvenes, defying army

    Chicago Tribune - 6 hours ago CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt 's Islamist-led parliament reconvened on Tuesday after being summoned by new President Mohamed Mursi in an ...

    International: Obama invites Egypt's Islamist leader to USReuters India
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  • Egypt's Islamist-dominated parliament convenes in defiance of court ...

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  • Mali Islamists destroy tombs at famous Timbuktu mosque

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  • Egypt's Islamist future

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    International: Islamists deny involvement in Suez's 'morality' victimAhram Online
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  • Souri


    by Souri on

    You had asked a question, I have answered to it.

    Now you are asking me not to "hijack" this page, sorry dear, but I didn't do that. YOU, did it!

    This page has been created since 7 months ago and it never got that much attention from the pro-Israelis, since then until two days ago when I have faced Fred.

    Nobody invited  you (all the people of the  list in the AI's comment below) to come and defend your friend.

    Fred insulted Muslims, I insulted Israel. Nobody's hijacking anything!

    I just post a one phrase comment, and all of you jump on this page, something that you have never done, for seven months!

    Then you dare to say that I, am hijacking the blog?

    Roo  ke nist.



    by Souri on

    I don't have time to write an intensive comment, but I do read as much comments as I can, with my little time.

    Just a word to answer the last part of your comment :

    The word "Islamist" does not exist in the dictionary, this is a pure invention of Fred (and ilk)

    The word "Zionist" does.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Dear Souri

    by Artificial Intelligence on

    In response to your last comment below:


    How many "Jewish Pro- Israelis"? Are on this thread?

    I admitted that I was Jewish and You now know that Fred is. By the way, I am surprised that after all these years you did not know about Fred's background. 

    Also, Did I say anything to bash Islam below? 

    Responding to your last comment to me, I find it very surprising that you do not feel the IRI has damaged the reputation of Islam around the globe. Please see my #1 & #2 again. 

    You say that the IRI is not equal to Islam or Muslims. Your are 100% correct. The IRI is made up of Islamists who claim to represent Islam and in the name of Islam they have killed and abused Iranians.  We both know that the IRI is not a true representation of Islam. IRI's biggest victims are muslims. That is what we are telling you.  Yet somehow you say that Jewish Israelis are insulting Islam on this thread. Nothing can be further from the truth. Show us all the Jewish Israelis on this thread.

    Are the Israelis: Faramarz? Roozbeh? COP? Anahid? Shepesh? Masoud? Divaneh? Shazdeh? AmirParvis? Raoul? Fred?

    You say "The same way that the word "Israeli Rapists" caused a big shock to
    you and your friends, the same way the word "Islamist Rapists" does
    shcok the Muslims, and mostly the Iranian Muslims"

    You are wrong If you think we are in shocked because you attacked Israel.  Like I said, thank you for attacking Israel. It only proves our point. Its shocking because you are attacking Israel at the expense of the prisoners or you are attacking Fred at the expense of the Prisoners. Both are shocking in my opinion.  

    You say: "But saying "Islamsits Rapists" means that all the Islamists= Islamic =
    Muslims, are the rapists! Which is not only absurd but just an insult
    to the same people for whom we are gathering in this page!" 

    WRONG! If that was the case than by saying Zionist Rapist you would mean "Jewish Rapist".  We know that this is not true and that is not what you mean when you say "Zionist Rapist". The term "Islamist" has nothing to do with Islam. It is  a political movement just like Zionism. Islamist are a political movement that uses Islam and Muslims unfortunately. 











    by Reality-Bites on

    If your overriding concern in discussions on this website is about your perception of "Israeli supporters" and defending Islam against any slights, rather than the suffering of the Iranian people at the hands of the Islamic Republic, then by all means start your own discussions on those issues. Indeed, there are already countless articles/discussions bashing Israel on this website, some of whose participants only wish to talk about Israel and not the actions of the IR.

    In the mean time it would be truly magnanimous of you if you could resist hijacking discussions about the IR repression and diverting attention from the plight of those fighting tyranny in Iran, just to pursue your own agenda. This is merely a respectful request, which of course you can disregard.

    Oh and, whatever happens on any French(?) or any other site should have nothing to do with anything here, just as I'm sure people on French sites take no notice of how we conduct discussions here, and nor should they.


    'not in your life time' Entry:

    by Raoul1955 on

    "the most pervert people in this world in terms of sexuality are zinists!!'

    Are you referring to muslim imams as 'zinists?'


    not in our life time

    by مآمور on

    Absolutely absurd!! there is no such thing as systematic rape in Iranian prison system!!

    prove it with real people admitting to be raped or to have raped!! no internet links please!!

    the most pervert people in this world in terms of sexuality are zinists!!

    I wear an Omega watch



    by Shepesh on



    This absurd title should stop on this page!

    by Souri on

    We condemn the emrpisonment of our comptriots for expressing their opposite views. We condemn the emprisonment of the religious minorities and the children, in Iran.

    We don't need the support of the Jewish pro-Israelis to come here and bash the most practiced religion of our country, and suggestion of a military attack on Iran!



    Also Savak in Shah's regime did the same, did you know?

    by Souri on

    And they were not Islamists!

    I have two friends (with their 3 sisters) who have spent years in IRI jail and they sware that they haven't been raped.

    (One of the sisters has been executed though..............)

    But I knew two cases in Shah's regime (one girl and one boy) who have been raped. One lady also explained to me, how she has been also raped  by the savaki , in front of his jailed husband.

    I don't deny the rape of the prisoners by the IRI, I am sure it does exist. But this is not typical of the IRI and it hasn't been invented and practices only  by the "Islamists", a word purely invented by the pro-Israeli of this site.

    The  intelligent people, do not repeat this absurd word and this stupid title!

    Anahid Hojjati

    down with Islamist rapist government of IRI

    by Anahid Hojjati on

    i agree with commentators that israel government does not rape prisoners but iri does. couple commentators had extremly strong arguments regarding how officials of criminal iri rape political prisoners routinely and have done this for decades.



    by Souri on

    Because there are too many Jewish pro-Israelis invading this site, always looking for any and all occasions, for propaganda and attack on Islam and Iran.
    They attack first, then we counter attack.
    The adventurous government of Israel is the debate of the Day, in all other sites , too! Go to the French sites (that I know) and you will be surprised of the number of debate where the name of Israel comes! Unfortunately, in this site people are less politicized, so they are surprised when a discussion about Iran, ends around Israel.
    Go to the Erupean sites (French and German and Belgium especially) then you will see there's no reason to be surprised. In all the debates on Libya and Syria and Egypt.....etc since  last year, Israel is always present! Because she is in the middle of all those political movements!


    A question

    by Reality-Bites on

    How come every article about crimes and gross violations of human rights in committed by the Islamic Republic inside Iran ends up being about Israel on this website (an Iranian website, let's remember) these days?


    After seven months of this

    by MM on

    After seven months of this timely worthwhile attention to the real heros of the opposition to IRI, this blog finally gets some attention - FOR THE WRONG REASON.  I wish I knew how to channel all this rage toward freeing the imprisoned heros and toward hambastegi, as Mehrdad always says!!!

    Tabrik va tasliat. 



    by مآمور on

    if u r afraid to put out your own pic and real name!! u may be well qualified for being bogus!! in this case, u should not attack real people !! by the way my avatar is real, I just dont know if my mission is accomplished yet!!

    I wear an Omega watch


    Dear Souri

    by divaneh on

    I think you did not get my point either that injustices exist everywhere and I cannot see why you only care for those in Israeli prisons. If it is because of Fred then please note that this page is not devoted to Fred.

    I am not here to defend Fred and I am against his solution of an attack on Iran, naval inspection or logistical help to armed groups in Iran who as you clearly stated are the separatist groups. He is however not distracting from the problem of political prisoners in Iran. We may don't like his solution but it is a relevant comment. You on the other hand completely distract from the subject by bringing other nations into this.

    Also, whilst you equate Islamist and Muslim to mean the same thing, I do see a difference between the two. An Islamist is a person that uses the Islam for political purposes. A Muslim is a person that believes in the religion of Islam. Islamist Rapist is a correct definition of IRI and cannot be extended to general Muslim population.

    Finally I don't think anybody would object if you wrote two blogs a day and demanded the prosecution of Israeli Rapists and outlined your evidence and reasoning in support of that.


    "زندانیان" عزیز...


    من از طرفداری و حمایت شما برای زندانیان شجاع ایرانی‌ همیشه قدردان بوده‌ام و از تلاش و ایمیلتون مطلع هستم.

    این نکته که بعضیها هیچگونه وقتی‌ برای این مبارز‌های ایرانی‌ که زندگی‌شان را وقف آزادی برای تمام ایرانیها کردن، هیچ وقت یا حوصله ندارند، چندین بار مطرح شده ولی‌ خوب معذرت می‌خوام، ببخشید..."مثل یاسین به گوش خر خندان" بوده و هیچ اثری نداشته.

    تنه چیزی رو که میش نتیجه گرفت، دورو بودن حرفشان و عملشان.


    با سپاس از تمام تلاش و قدم شما در این مورد.


    'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



    جناب "باوفا"


    جناب "باوفا" خان بسیار گرامی
    همانگونه که شاید معرف حضور شما نیز باشد، و به یاد آورید، این حقیر نیز پس از آغاز این ستون در این سایت، تقریبا به طور روزمره سعی میکردم که سهم بسیار ناچیز خویش را، با تهیه نامه ی مناسب برای "زندانی روز"، انجام دهم.
    و کوششی در راه فرستادن نامه های اعتراضی به مقامات رسمی در ایران از طریق ایمیل، و ...
    متاسفانه همان گونه که شما نیز مشاهده کرده اید، در اینجا ما با هموطنانی روبرو هستیم که حتا خواندن اخبار حبس و زندان در ایران برایشان غیر-قابل " تحمل" میباشد. ولی در تبلیغ و ترویج تحریم و بدتر از ان برای مردم ایران "تحمل" بسیار داردند.
    از این "رزمندگان" نازک نارنجی که بگذریم، این حقیر واقعا نمیتوانم محاسبه کنم، که از میان افرادی که به طور روزمره اخبار زندانیان در ایران را میخوانند، چند نفر حتا این "زحمت" یک دقیقه ی را به خود میدهند تا یک ایمیل ناقابل در دفاع از ایشان برای مقامات رسمی در ایران بفرستند.
    متاسفانه آنقدر جماعت زندانیان سیاسی در ایران گسترده است، و کارزارهای فعال برای آزادی آنان زیاد و وقت گیر، که پس از مدتی مساله الویت و فوریت کارزارها، و چگونگی بهترین استفاده از وقت محدود در ۲۴ ساعت  پیش میاید.
    حالا علاوه بر تمامی این محدودیت ها، این ستون تبدیل شده به پلاتفرمی روزمره در استفاده ی ابزار گرایانه از زندانیان سیاسی در ایران.
    استفاده ی ابزارگرایانه در خدمت سیاستهای که اکثریت قریب به اتفاق زندانیان سیاسی در ایران با آنها مخالفت دارند.
    و نکته آخر اینکه، هر چند با "سیمرغ" اختلافات بسیار دارم، نکته ی که ایشان بدان اشاره میکند واقعا درست و صحیح میباشد.
    این سایت تنها سایت ی میباشد که خواننده در آن واحد هم شاهد پرچم جمهوری جهنمی اسلامی است و هم شاهد قربانیان آن، به صورت روزمره.
    به دوران و "فرهنگ" پست-مدرن خوش آمدید. تبریک و تسلیت.