Said Moghaneli: Prisoner of the day

"Propagating against the state through writing poetry"

JARAS and Yeni Gamoh: An Iranian journalist and poet from Tabriz in Azerbaijan Province of Iran, who started his six-month prison term on June 26, has been moved to Tabriz Prison's Methadone Ward. Moghaneli informed his family of the transfer during a telephone call. Transfer of political prisoners to the Methadone Ward is a means of putting extra pressure on them.

Said Moghaneli was first arrested on June 8, 2011, and spent 110 days in "temporary detention" inside Tabriz Prison. He was released on $50,000 bail on September 25, 2011. Moghaneli was put on trial on charges of "propagating against the state through writing poetry in opposition of the regime and publishing it in his personal blogs," "interviewing with foreign media," "cooperating with the United States through participation in a journalism course in the Republic of Azerbaijan," and "earning illegitimate funds." He was found guilty of the first two charges and acquitted of "cooperating with the US," and was sentenced to six months in prison. The court stated itself unqualified to rule over the charge of "earning illegitimate funds" and referred this case to the General Courts. On December 19, 2011, an appeals court in East Azerbaijan Province upheld his sentence.

Said Moghaneli was Editor-in-Chief of Yashmagh and Yarpagh publications and Editor-in-Chief of the banned monthly literary publication Dilmaj. He was also a frequent contributor to other Azerbaijan magazines and newspapers such as Azari, and Aftab-e-Azerbaijan.


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Ants in the Pants of Islamic Murderers.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

These pathetic, laughable attempts on this and other internet sites, of diverting world attention from news of Torture, Rape, Murder and theft by the Islamist regime leadership and their hired goons in Iran,  is indeed to be welcomed, as a clear sign of panic about the approach of the day of reckoning for the islamist mass murderers and rapists in Iran! 

We saw the same pathetic reaction a couple of weeks ago after the symbolic "trial" of the entire Islamist republic leadership for their crime of mass murder of tens of thousands of Iranian political prisoners in 1980's.

These Islamic fascists and their mercenaries  can run, but they can not hide. They'll be brought to justice one by one, without exception.....  


First Amendment


by First Amendment on



by Raoul1955 on

Could you post links to reputable sites and articles that you have been referring to, in all your posts?



تجاوزگران جنسی اسراییلی


ما که تا حالا این رو هیچ جایی نشنیدیم.

سوری خانم اقلا "رفرنس" بدید یه جا، بریم بخونیم ، روشن شیم.


Israeli Rapists

by Souri on

And God knows what the Israeli Rapist are doing to the prisoners in Israel !


Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

As in the past 34 years, the Messianic Islamist Rapists will continue violating the most basic rights of Iranians to the last moment.

Regime change is the only way to end this gross violation of human rights in addition to documented crimes against humanity.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine is a must. So is logistical help to the Iranian people who are ready and willing to do the heavy lifting in overthrowing the nuke acquiring, warmongering Messianic Islamist Rapists.


درود بر تمام زندانیان سیاسی


Iranians of all walks of life taking a stand for their freedom and just rights.  They are to be commanded and supported by all freedom loving folks.


  Iranians need to stand united in their support for these brave souls, support their goals and aspiration for a  free independent and prospers Iran. 


Foreign nations which thru their apartheid policy practice the same insanity and unjust detentions cannot be a good example for the future of Iran and need not to apply. 



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory