Runna: Iran's new automobile

New production line inaugurated

Press TV: Another domestic automobile mass produced in Iran. The first automobile with a national brand having all rights including export and altering the design of the product was Samand, which was produced in 2003 and now the production line for the second domestic car, Runna, is inaugurated. CEO of Irankhodro Company, the Iranian company that has manufactured Runna says that the car has been designed and manufactured by Iranian engineers and experts >>>


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by yolanda on

Iran's motor vehicle production ranks #12 in world. Iran made 1.6 million cars in 2011. Runna will be exported to Turkey!


Does it run? Naaaaaaaaa!

by MM on



Runa has been delayed a couple of years

by choghok on

If you look online you will find a couple of years old clips about this car, but then after its presentation it was not allowed on the roads because its breaking system was not according to iranian standards, now after some years delay they have the car ready again.

iraj khan

Glad to see

by iraj khan on

Iranian scientists, engineers, workers and designers

producing this new car.

They are offering an alternative while creating jobs for the people:

"Iran’s automotive industry is one of the most active industries of the country. Iran ranks fifth in car manufacturing in Asia and 650 thousand people are directly or indirectly employed in automobile industry. The growth in Iran’s automobile industry comes despite sanctions imposed by the West over the country’s nuclear program."

Iranian resourcefulness at work, thanks for posting here.


Do Not Believe IT.

by Azarbanoo on

It Assembled in IRAN and given IRANI Name.