Iranians-Israelis Against War

03/25/2012 - 12:03



by jmyt17 on

You are right, we love every-one


Next Time please used FREE IN FLAG NOT THIS ONE>

Thank you.


Good Job!

by Rebecca on

We Iranians love everyone. Unlike the illegal thugs who are ruling our country, we have no fight with anyone. We love peace, freedom and happiness-things mollahs hate. Hoping for victory and peace.



maziar 58

thank you

by maziar 58 on

Red wine jaan

who needs war ?

f... #$ the mollahs.

hope for a united middle east with Tehran & Tel aviv as their capitals.



Viva Israel

by divaneh on

Well done Red Wine jaan. I very much liked both designs.

As Roozbeh said, let Islamists howl like wild dogs that they are. I think after the collapse of the Syrian regime, the Israelis should also help Syrians to establish a democracy and in return the Syrians stop putting a claim to the Israeli lands in the Golan Heights.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Another one ...


Thank you guys for your support .


Very nice, red wine

by MM on

On my iPhone, for a brief second, the flags appeared as biplanes coming at me in a heart formation. It may be the wine-effect too! Red one, that is.

You made DK happy, by having the lion instead of two bananas and a cucumber in the middle of the Iranian flag. 


Fantastic Red Wine

by RostamZ on

Now let the IRI animals tear themselve up from anger. This thing really burns them up.


 Well done red wine.

by vildemose on

 Well done red wine. Chesham reformerha koor.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

شازده شراب سرخ عزیز: جدّا که گل کاشتی

Shazde Asdola Mirza

بنده پر تقصیر رو هم سر شوق آوردی، که یک فروند بلاگ حماسی، فرهنگی‌، سیاسی ... در مورد روابط مشروع و نا مشروع این دو جنس جلب (ایرون و اسرائیل) طبع کنم.


از زوزه کشیدن سگ گفتی حرفی از نشخوار کردن روباه نزدی


I wear an Omega watch



by Roozbeh_Gilani on


خیلی‌ جلز و ولز نکن مزدور ساواک اسلامی، شیرت خشک میشه:)


Macy's USA Inc. : The Love & Hate Story!

by Demo on


The Love of the star, The Love of the J's & Z's.

The Hatred of the 'truth', The Hatred of the 'exposed' hidden agendas.

And that is what US of A corporations are all about!


Loved it. Great work Red wine.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

کیف کردم. بذار فلان جای مزدوران بی‌ وطن ساواک اسلامی بیشتر بسوزه! بدبخت‌ها دو سه روزه از عصبانیت دارن مثل سگ زوزه می‌کشن :)

سرنگون باد رژیم  منفور و فاسد اسلامی، درود بر دموکراسی‌ و آزادی. زنده باد ایران.



Hidden message

by پندارنیک on

There're more "Jewish friend"y flags, than iroonis............iroonis are mostly compressed to the left................Our lion is still armed with a sword........No irooni flag has obscured the star of David, yet at least one of theirs seems to be approaching our lion from the rear...and the overall shape is a reminder of a scandalous cardiac issue..........I'm not sure that it'll work.........but let's give it a try..........


Dear R. Wine, this is very brilliant of you!

by fanoos on

I particularly like the fact that you chose the great flag of Shir and Khorshid! May we all see the day these two great flags of Iran and Israel rise above and around the Shahyad square and all four corners of Iran. It would be nice to make lapel pin flags of your artful design and wear them on our jackets everyday.
Thank you.


Shahs of the Sunset Flag

by Demo on

as the Iranians flag? Was that heated love also there during "Ghajar' dynesty or was it the exclusive of 'Pahlavis?' Just getting curiouser & curiouser Sir!