Queens of Sunrise

Parody of "Shahs of Sunset"

The first episode of Queens on Sunrise, looking into the mind of the creator of the show and his thought process in choosing and eliminating those who auditioned. Written, directed, and edited by Arash Tebbi. If you would like to get involved in bringing the Shahs of Sunset to an end, email me with your ideas: ruggerproductions.com


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This is a reality show

by usermma on

Dear Shamsi, I don't know if you live in US or not. Most of the Iranians who live in West Coast falling under this category. I don't say all Iranians are the same. I live in Maryland and I met Iranians who have no mercy for any kind of human being, even more disgusting and ridicules. Young Iranian girls getting married with grandpas to come to US then sleep around to find their dream husband, people get amnesty under Bahaei’s faith and do whatever it takes to make money, ripping off other Iranians, drug addictions, tax frauds, abusing credit system or whatever you can think of. The most concern is someone being able to show this to the people and being criticized will help the society to reconstruct itself. We as Iranians just learned to cover negatives, fabricate the truth and lie as much as we can. I have seen the first episode and really like it. At least it uncovers the reality, being educated is not the only thing that could distinguish us from each other. Recently I had a conversation with one of my friends who holds PhD in law and lives in US for 40 years, he was mad at one of our friends and cursed at him that I never heard anything like that from any (Rannandeh Kamyon). It won’t bother me if some Iranian comes and shows inadequate manner because he/she is not going to represent me. The only thing make Iranians very proud of is having history of Iranian empire and some poets but we don’t look at ourselves and let others judge us. Just be a good Iranian and enjoy your life


Shahs of Sunset

by shamsi on

The show was demeaning, disgusting, and full of obscene gentures. No Iranian, would act, talk and behave like this bunch of new money, uneducated losers.