Sattar Beheshti: "More Honor in Death"

Interview before his death


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May you rest in peace Sattar jaan

by Rebecca on

Dear Sattar,

You are always in our hearts and minds. We will always remember you and all those who died for freedom and democracy for Iran. More than 3500 years ago, Asho Zartosht  made a prayer for a better ruler for all of us. His prayer is true even today:

May good rulers, and not evil rulers, rule over us
with actions of good understanding and serenity.
Giving health and happiness in life is the best for a man
who works for the living world in order to increase its splendor.

(Gathas 13.50



Unspeakable crimes against

by firstdayofmylife on

Unspeakable crimes against humanity is  being perpetrated on a daily basis by the islamic republic of horror and the world does not care.


"Sattar Beheshti hailed from a low-income family in Robat Karim, an impoverished town 15 miles from Tehran. Maybe that's why he was targeted for arrest, torture, and ultimately death. Iranian authorities probably thought news of the atrocity would never get out, given his underprivileged background.


His sister describes their life. "My mother is ill. She has recurrent memory lapses. It was Sattar who took care of her and provided medication. Now she is all alone. She can't last without Sattar for long."


Sattar Beheshti was arrested by the Iranian cyber police two weeks ago. But he had engaged in no online fraud, hacked into no bank accounts, committed no similar crime. He was merely a blogger who dared to criticize the country's ruling system.

"A witness who saw Sattar's body at the Kahrizak coroner's office described it as bloody. It looked like blood had gushed out of his nose and head, he said; his kneecaps and feet were bloody, too. An autopsy had apparently been performed as well, offering another explanation for the presence of so much blood. While no independent evidence is available to verify this account, the coroner's office today provided a report confirming that Sattar died in police custody and that his body was bruised in five places, including his foot, hand, back and one of his thighs.

Accompanied by security agents, Sattar's family transported the corpse from the coroner's office to the mortuary, where it was washed and shrouded according to Shia burial rituals. At that time, the body cover was partially unzipped for his brother in law to identify the body.

Security agents lurked around the cemetery as he was laid to rest, videotaping everyone. Suspicious of anyone who pulled out a phone, they would step in to make sure no one was reporting to a media outlet or taking pictures.


They didn't let his family see his body. Only when they had laid him in the grave did they let them see his face.


I could hear his mother screaming through the phone, "I received him from God and now I am handing him back. I am honored to say that Sattar Beheshti was my son."""

His entire family is being subjected to tight security measures. Authorities have ripped off all the condolence banners and signs around his home, and his sister's house is under surveillance. They have confiscated his relatives' cell phones and threatened to arrest them if they give media interviews.


Sattar's courage and sincerity can be seen in this sentence that he wrote: "I cannot be silent and refrain from criticizing the government. It would make me ill, to not write and not speak."


Few knew of Sattar Beheshti before his death. He had no claim to fame. He was a pure revolutionary. He was a human being who fought for his society and his people with his pen.


His family has one request and that is to keep alive the name and defend the innocence of Sattar Beheshti.

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وظيفه انسانی و تاريخی خود


مردم ايران و مردم جهان که نگران جان و حيثيت انسان هستيد!

ستار بهشتی زندانی سياسی – عقيدتی را در تاريخ ۱۰ آبان ۱٣۹۱ به بند ٣۵۰
زندان اوين آوردند. از لحظه های ورود هر کس او را ديد دانست که وی از يک
جهنم روی زمين بيرون آمده است. ما وظيفه انسانی و تاريخی خود می دانيم که در اين حصار
و بند فرصت را ! برای بازنگری حقيقت از دست ندهيم، با هر هزينه ای که ممکن
است برايمان داشته باشد. خاموش ماندن ما فقط صحه گذاشتن بر رفتارهای ضد
بشری عليه مردم آزاديخواه و به حرف آمده نيست، بلکه امضا کردن گواهی
رفتارهای ضد انسانی باز هم بيشتر بر ما و فراموش کردن انسان بودن خودمان

امضاء: فريبرز رئيس دانا، عبدالفتاح سلطاني، سعيد متين پور، فريدون
صيدی راد، سعيد جلالی فر، سروش ثابت، ياشار دارالشفاء، وحيد علی قلی پور،
داور حسيني، وجدان، رضا شهابي، بهنام ابراهيم زاده، رضا انصاری راد، اسداله
اسدي، غلامرضا خسروي، علی معززي، کامران ايازي، اميد خوارزميان. //


توحش وحوش


تنها راه رهایی ایران و ایرانی از توحش وحوش تلاش بی امان برای سرنگونی کلیت حاکمیت نکبت مسلمین "اصلاح طلب" و غیره است و لاغیر