The Skin That Burns

Victims of chemical warfare

The Skin That Burns explores questions surrounding the controversial issue of chemical warfare, families struggling with disability and illness, and the determination to live, despite it all. Shot in Tehran, Karaj, Ahvaz, and Abadan, this film follows Ahmad as he receives his medical treatment, works at the Tehran Peace Museum, and carries out his duties with his family. The film also features verite footage of Ahmad with his wife and two sons, interviews with veterans at the Tehran Peace Museum, and Ahmad’s physician, as well as archival footage of the war >>>


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Dear Brave Soldiers, You have vanquished Iran's enemies

by MaryamJoon on

It appears that the indifferent and dishonorable will permanently be stricken from the pages of Iran's future.  

God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers 

Their claims are to be disregarded.  

God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers

Their fables resigned to children's books: 

God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers 

Their sad violin music will fall on deaf ears.

God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers 

Yadam Beh-Khair

Baha'is participation in the war

by Yadam Beh-Khair on

My second cousin, was drafted to the military and was sent to the fronts. He asked his commander that he not carry a gun and be given other duties because of his religious beliefs. He was given the duty of collecting the corpses and driving them back away from the fronts. One day with a heavy load of corpses his ambulance gets a flat tire, while waiting for another ambulance to arrive they were spotted by the enemy and barrage of shells came their way. When the second ambulance arrives they had two more corpses to load, my cousin and his comrade..


this is a good reminder to

by alx1711 on

this is a good reminder to those who shake a-rabs hands. look at what this blood thirsty race did to us. it will never end!

I really want to watch this movie when its out.


May god bless the souls of those who stood up & defended Iran against the THUGS and those who supported them.


God bless the people that defended Iran's borders

by Demo on

and may GOD also save us from the awfully toxics harms of the treacherous so called Iranians who are even willing to sell their Macy's USA, Inc. brands underwears to find their places among some known namely Iranians traitors crowds!



by Latina on

The harm done has also left so many with scars so deep and perhaps even debilitating that can not be seen.  No physicians  can heal such damage.

They seem to function normally but taking a good look into their lives one can see the damage done by the wars.

Some are lucky to find someone that will love them despite it and through the horrors they recall. 

Others have no one.



These poor souls suffered more than Mona

by MaryamJoon on

And they actually did something to help the country.   


No 1st Amendment not "all of us" ... that's a simplification

by MaryamJoon on

As someone aptly put it about our Bahai "compatriots" - there seem to be few expressions of sympathy or concern sounding in those quarters, and if true to your name, you will see that some fair questions disappear in the still of the night: Dialogue with Haifan-Baha'i Leaders -- People Have Questions.  

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

All of us.............every single of us, regardless of our political and ideological beliefs and differences is truly and deeply indebted to every fighter who is or has ever been defending our beloved homeland, totally regardless of his banner, uniform, and arm patch..........


I salute them. Use of

by Mashala on

I salute them.

Use of mass destruction weapons must stop.

Past and present violators must be brought to justice.


God bless the people that defended Iran's borders

by MaryamJoon on

The ultimate sacrifice for Iran against formidable odds.  

Rooheshoon Shad

اسکندر, رودم کشتی, رودت کشاد

وهار و ول و دیم یار خوش بی 

اوی یاران مه ول بی مه وهاران