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Photo essay: This is North Korea

by Dara Zoleyn
"North Korea is a magical, exotic, surprising, and a marginal destination to visit. And as a trip it's an unforgettable experience and adventure in the mystery, where the time has been stopped. This travel being framed by 2 guides is based on propaganda, and the choice of places to visit and photo making is restricted. The program contains the visit of: Pyongyang capital with its monuments, museums, and the metro, Mangyongdae birthplace of Kim-il-Sung, Pohyon temple, children's show, border between the 2 Korea, the international Friendship Hall, Myohyang, mountains, cities of Sinuiju, Kaesung, Hyangsan, ect."

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Video: North Korea
Jun 23, 2012
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Dead zone

by Paul_S_from_TAS on

Thanks for posting these photos. This must be the best they have to offer in Pyongyang, since a minder let you take these photos. But how depressing! The capital of the country looks like a ghost town. I can't imagine how dreary life is for those outside the capital.


This is not socialism.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

North korea has nothing to do with Socialism or Marxism of any sorts. N. Korea is an absolute dictatorshi, moarchist style, all but in name. Where the " communist prince" takes over when the "communost king" dies. 

Worker's paradise, my foot!


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by jmyt17 on

Poor, sad and lonely, but getting better compare to early 80 and 90’s, very kind warm and nice peopleJust looking for a freedom, kimuchi is a traditional home made piccolos in Korea peninsula and it is good with aMeat and rice. Call it YAKINIKUChinese takeing every-things they have.Thanks for sharing


Colditz Prison

by Faramarz on


Everything is grey, even the sky!

Back to the future for the Islamic Republic!



by yolanda on

The general impression is "dull" and no "fun"!

The food photos are pretty interesting! I saw kimchi there!

I thought noodles are the main dish there, but did not see any noodles in the photos!

Esfand Aashena

It's as if time has stopped since 1940s.

by Esfand Aashena on

At least you can get a good quiet night sleep! It's like a constant Sunday morning at 5 am in the middle of nowhere.

The people are attractive.  North Koreans look good!   

Everything is sacred



by Cost-of-Progress on

Yes, that is the first thing that struck me: the case of the missing trash. Refreshing in that sense.

It is also amazing how all these totaliterian states insist on the worship of their "leaders' by plastering their ugly faces all over the place - even on trains.

Reminds me of the anti-public of divine; our very own ancestral land , now occupied by the alliance of reesh-o pashm.

Question for the poster: Is Dara the western dude in the photos and what is his Iranian connection? 

Jahanshah Javid

Rare sight

by Jahanshah Javid on

Rare and fascinating view of the most isolated country in the world. Thank you very much for sharing.



by yolanda on

This is the 1st and the only photo essay on North Korea on IC! Thank you for sharing. You won't see this type of rare photos even on CNN! North Korea looks clean, barren and lifeless!

What a weird country that it has nuclear weapons, but no traffic lights! I saw at least 2 traffic cops directing traffic manually! It is probably due to the reason they don't have enough electricty and they don't have a lot of cars running on the streets anyway.

Another thing is that their "dear leader" and "supreme leader's portraits are everywhere. It reminds me of Khamenei and Khomeini's ubiquitous portraits in Iran.

In the entire photo essay, I only see 2 dudes with cell phone! It is so pathetic!

It is nice to know there is a casino in Pyongyang!

North Korea is the last bastion of Communist dynasty! Hopefully their people will be liberated soon!


It looks clean and quite

by mrlayl on

Nothing like Manhattan. What do they produce? What's the economy based on? Does N.K have any natural resources to export?


where are the cars

by MRX1 on

This must be an example of paradise our home grown commis have been advocating for 80 some years now. too bad no follows them...


Sad faces...

by P_T_B_A on

Not too many smiles.