BooBoo's Bohemia

Photo essay: Hanging out with the coolest in Prague

by Jahanshah Javid
I took a train from Budapest to Prague. Took only 7 hours or so. I met Buna "BooBoo" Alkhas -- the great author of Buna Nameh -- at the train station and went to his pad where he lives with six other people, from five different countries in at least three continents. Everyone had told me how great Prague -- the city -- is. And it is. It's certainly beautiful, but I did not find it extraordinary. What made Prague special to me were Buna and his Bohemian friends: warm, friendly, worldly...

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I love Prague

by ramintork on

I took an overnight train from Frankfurt to Prague once and took my wife and daughter. As it dawned we could see people fly fishing in an amazing scenary.

The maze of shops, the beer and the people and the architecture is great out there. We came back with a massive chandelier in a box that still hangs in my Cambridge House.


The last 3 options left for J. Javid

by i_support_khamenie on

Ok, I looked at the pictures in BUdapest and Czeck painstaikingly (due to large file sizes and slow speed).
Two phrases stuck in my mind and left be laughing and then thinking
Phrase 1:
"Javid, it seems you're always following a mirage"

Phrase 2:
"Life is short" under the statue in the park

Phrase I, I totally agree with
Phrase 2, I think is far from the truth.

It is quite apparent that if anything, life is getting really boring for Mr Javid and it seems like ages and not short at all.

It seems to be that Mr Javid wants to accomplish something grand or meaningful without having to endure the pain and sacrifice needed to get there. He wants things at his own leisure without any dictation from anybody but then expects something big.
Unfortunately, this is a classic way of kids who were raised up in a prosperous family. They somehow go through life thinking they are "entited" to things without wanting to put the effort into it. What makes it worse, is Mr Javid's somewhat liberal view on life.

I have three suggestions that would really get Mr Javid some push to be positive and find some meaning. Afterall, nothing sucks more than visiting friends in Czeck, then seeing them leaving first thing in the morning to go to work and you are left in the flat bored to death....and when you try to take shower, you realize the 6 other suckers used up all the hot water and you're left in cold water.

3 suggestions:

1. Need discipline: Join the US military, as a translator, and ask to be sent abroad. Go to Afghanistan, get to know the people, write your diaries, translate. Maybe, you'll find a hot Afghani girl, get married, have a baby and move on.

2. Call IRI Embassy, negotiate a surrender deal. You agree to be imprisoned in EVIN, but it must be with general population consisting of politcal figures and not robbers and murderers. Plus the food has to be decent, access to TV, books, pen and paper. You will have a blast here with all the intellectuals in there.
(You see you can't expect to be of Roxanna Saberi's fame and not suffer or do a stint in EVIN)

3. Go Globe Trekking. Except, make it really interesting. Your mission would be to be like "Mehran Moderi" in "man of a thousand faces". You will go to countries for 6 months until "shit starts stinking." Your job: any job. You forge documents and whatever is needed to get a position overseas, you bullshit your way through things and when it gets real nasty , YOU LEAVE, never to come back.
Eg. Go to Mecca, pretend you are a pious Wahhabi Sunni. Get a position helping clean the area around the Kaaba. Bull shit you way through then go for a dash.

Go to Morroco, pretend and forge papers that you are an AMerican physician....bullshit your way through until it gets hot!

GO to Seirre Lione, pretend you're a Vodoo Magician....bullshit your way through until you are chased out!

Then come back and right about all them experiences in a book and let the world smile again!!!



by Peykan on

Prosím, někdo říct, JJ, že nikdo nemá čas číst Podívejte se na více než 200 fotografií. Měl by si vybrali 20 nejlepších.

Samozřejmě, já vím. Je to jeho vlastní internetové stránky!

Budweiser Budvar, výborné pivo!


Buna looks healthy & happy! Perhaps confrontational sometimes?!

by Anonymouse on

JJJ I wish I could travel as easily as you.  At least the dohol sound sounds good from afar!

Did you taste this stuff?  They look appetizing, wonder what they are, look like potato patties or like a version of our kotlets or pirashkis. 

Everything is sacred.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

simply beautiful for now I checked page 12 and later other pages,sipping it one at a time just like enjoying the wine.



Ahoj! Nazdar! Prosim vas! Helej!

by Marjaneh on



"...Ještě jedno pivo..."



('No, bydlila jsem v Praze, ale bohužel neumím česky, rozumím jenom trošičku)



Život je pes ale ja jsem kočka
-copyright Marjaneh

Jahanshah Javid

Thanks Buna. I miss y'all.

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Buna. I miss y'all. I'll be back :)

Monda, I forgot to ask Buna if he has added new pages to his diary. I don't think he has. I did emphasize that he should publish Buna Nameh as a book.

Nazy Kaviani

Hi Buna!

by Nazy Kaviani on

It looks like you guys are having a blast! You are looking good and happy. I miss your blogs, Buna! Please write soon.


jj's travel album

by buna on

really nice photo's. i ever knew prague was so beautiful. but yu should have named the album "hanging out with the nerdiest of the nerd-nerds"


Fascinating lifestyle and city

by Monda on

Did you remember to ask him for more of his Buna-Nameh?