Comedy for Kids

Photo Essay: Maz Jobrani at Golestan School

by Nazy Kaviani
In September, I had a chance to meet with the talented Iranian comedian and actor, Maz Jobrani.  It was the second time I was seeing Maz up close, and I can tell you without a doubt now that he is a truly terrific guy! He had come to participate in Golestan School’s “From Farm To Table” fundraiser dinner for the school’s Colab (Heritage Language Collaborative) Project in Berkeley, California. Once our own precious secret in the Bay Area, Golestan Kids is slowly receiving widespread recognition for its unique culture immersion program, its loving environment and staff, and its kids, our community’s future leaders, many of whom are born to mixed marriages. As far as I’m concerned, Golestan School is the shining jewel sitting at the top of the cultural, artistic, and humanitarian treasure that I regard as our Iranian community in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Colab is the community service arm of Golestan that helps other communities create similar programs, provides support to bilingual families of all backgrounds, and works with other language immersion schools to develop best practices. Please visit Golestan's website at:; Maz Jobrani's website:;  and if you live in this area, consider supporting Golestan by attending their November 6 fundraiser concert featuring Monika Jalili at Yoshi's San Francisco. (Photos mjnk002 and mjnk003 by Nazli Sadeghilar)

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Dear Hafez for Beginners

by Sid Sarshar on

You are absolutely correct, comments are important.  Given the facts you and Nazi have mentioned on this thread, all I am saying is this WAS a successful essay due to the number of folks reading about it.  This is the reality of our community at the moment.  Our job is to continue to build on the positives and carry this thankless task of community activism and team building until it takes bigger roots, most likely in the next generation of Iranians.  Meanwhile, an occasional sai of disappointment is healthy.

Payam Mim

He is awesome

by Payam Mim on


Thanks Nazy jan for this wonderful photo essay. It was wonderful like other photo essays.
Maz is amazing guy. I love his comedy show,but I like his movies too. I
wish he goes back to cinema again. I never forget his perfect acting
with Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman in Interpreter.  

Esfand Aashena

I think the comments are less because it was posted Friday night

by Esfand Aashena on

Had the photo essay been posted during weekday more people would have commented. 

Everything is sacred

Hafez for Beginners

Comments are important

by Hafez for Beginners on



Sid: I agree that getting over 3,000 hits is very important. But with due respect,  comments with goals of  "encouragement" and "gratitude" and most importantly  "healthy discussions" are also important. I totally understand Nazy's disappointment.

As Iranians, we rarely comment on the positive, take it forgranted even. However, we go nuts about commenting on superficial, sensationalist stuff (playboy article of recent at, or political fights.  But when something positive is done, that's neither superficial, nor contentious -  it kind of hushes everyone up - and 3,000: 10 x the number of viewers on the average post on this site - just watch silently. Almost as if we can only react to the negative: to fights and to sensation. That's not terribly healthy, and certainly, makes me sad. Nazy jan: didn't mean to over extend my contribution here - but felt this was a key issue to point out. That if we like something, words of encouragement and promoting a healthy discussion - are then key to the growth of a healthy community. Thanks  again, for the great and much appreciated job.


Don't need comments to be successful

by Sid Sarshar on

Dear Nazy,

This article has gotten over 3,000 hits.  I consider that a great success.  Thank you for a very informative article.

Hafez for Beginners

Nazy jan

by Hafez for Beginners on



Nazy jan - Don't sound disappointed and persevere.

I agree - that if you have "Playboy" or "Marg bar .... (fill in the blanks as you choose) in the title... the post gets more "commentary."And your point is great about the fact that instead of the bickering, folks should be paying attention to the reality of their diaspora life, and do something constructive, here ... where they live! 

Bickering and Sensationalism: - the two territories that get a lot of "comments", do so, as we can sadly be kind of "lazy" as a people - and these territories do not involve any time, research, or creativity on people's parts. So, they get tons of comments. It baffles me that such a deep culture, has so much "laziness" go hand-in-hand with it.)

But don't despair: Hafez has taught me, that even when the numbers of "Yar"  dwindle, being true to his own heart is itself a profound gift, and that same single true heart is  one that he learns to gain sufficient sustenance from. Sometimes, even more than sufficient! Keep up the great work and thanks for the Maz Jobrani and the recent Ross Mirkarimi posts. Educational, creative and constructive pieces. Ghorbanat, Afsaneh

Anahid Hojjati

What an excellent photo essay, Nazy jan

by Anahid Hojjati on

I learned about Golestan school and its Colab which as you explained is the community service arm of Golestan that helps other communities create similar programs. I also read about recent activities and life of Maz Jobrani. Very nice. We are lucky to have this school, and artists who care about Iranains in Diaspora.

Esfand Aashena

Nazy jaan I liked this photo essay the best!

by Esfand Aashena on

Because I like Maz the best!  I wonder if Maz has read my belog about our good old days when we were buddy buddies and what is Maz's user ID on, he must have one! 

Did you ask him about Funny in Farsi?  I thought he was going to play in it but haven't heard more about it.  When is Persian Jersey Shore going to be shown and on which network? 

Everything is sacred

Alahazrat Hajagha

Great report for great cause

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

I love Maz Jobrani, he is good and funny man. I loved this photo essay. Great job Mrs. Kaviani. Your work truly appreciated.

Nazy Kaviani

Two thumbs down for philanthropy and education!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you dear Hafez for Beginners and Farshad Jon for your kind comments.

Thank you for taking notice of a worthy cause and an honorable man.

We all know that if this were a feature about a woman with skimpy clothes, or about blood and crime, or even about NIAC, it would get a lot more attention on this site. It appears that many site commentators would rather talk about things other than education and philanthropy.

Hopefully someday things will change and our fellow diasporic Iranians would realize that they are here now--they have been here for more than three decades, and most likely, they aren't going to go back to Iran again. And if this is to be our community and these kids our future, we must care about them and invest in them.

Sorry for sounding a bit disappointed.

Hafez for Beginners

Maz / UC Berkeley

by Hafez for Beginners on

Thanks! Maz Jobrani is himself a UC Berkeley graduate. Good, Educated, Funny. Winning combination. (I loved the yellow flower he's holding in so many of the shots, as much as the adorable kids.) I personally teach a Persian for Kids class in Washington,  and watching these ventures grow is heartwarming!



by farshadjon on

Great report about the Golestan School.

I had not seen much from Maz jobrani recently! BTW, I really like your city!Thank you, Nazy khanum! Great as usual!Regards, Farshad