Coming to life

Multicultural richness in an Iranian American webcomic

by Dara Naraghi
Having grown up on a steady diet of Tintin and Asterix & Obelix comic books during my formative years in Iran, I was thrilled when I discovered a whole new world of comics upon moving to the US. So I don’t think it came as much of a surprise to my family and friends when I eventually transitioned from reading comics to creating them. While most people associate the genre with just superheroes, the truth is the medium of comics is capable of conveying any type of story, as fellow Iranian Marjane Satrapi has demonstrated beautifully with her multiple award-winning Persepolis graphic novels. So when I set out to write a series of vignettes about everyday life (and slightly beyond), I strove to capture the multicultural richness that’s often missing from American comics. With the help of 11 talented artists from across the US, as well as Romania and Brazil, my webcomic Lifelike came to life. Thanks to the folks at IDW Publishing, it has now been collected in a 112 page, full color, hardcover graphic novel. But it’s also still available for your reading pleasure online, for free. More information about the stories, a link to the webcomic, as well as how to order the book are available on my website at



by bahmani on

I know how hard it is to create a comic, best of luck and congrats and a job well done!

persian westender

The genre is a way to go...

by persian westender on

The genre is a way to go... however the style of the cartoons and comics are very different.some of them looks like watercolouring and also too personal. May be I'm out of the thread.


Thank you

by Dara_N on

First of all, thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to hear from other fans of the comic book medium. To Anonymous848 who asked about the continuation of the story featuring Omid, you can read the entirety of it here:  //

And to Cartoon Lover, who asked about reviews on Amazon: the book just came out 2 weeks ago, so it's still fairly early. I'm hoping folks will write reviews of it for Amazon, good or bad. But if you'd like to check out some non-Amazon reviews, there are links to a few at the bottom of the Lifelike info page I put on my site here: //

as well as this detailed review: //

As for more minimalist artists, I have to admit it's hard to find ones who do comic book art (i.e. sequential art). However, Marvin Mann, who drew two of the longer stories in the book, has a very European/minimalist style that I love.


Dara Naraghi
Writer/Publisher - Ferret Press


Thanks to Marjane Satrapi's

by cartoon lover (not verified) on

Thanks to Marjane Satrapi's successful graphic novels, this genre is becoming more popular amongst Iranians. I liked your book's graphic styles and the fact that different cartoonist contributed to it. For example, in Shahnameh cartoons, I believe there is only one cartoonist, and if someone does not like his style, no matter how much one enjoys Shahnameh, one may not want to read it. Yours reminds me of Harvey Pekar's style, who uses many different cartoonist for his stories.

In any case, I wanted to see some reviews, but could not find any on amazon. I also wished there were more minimalist style of drawing in your book.


This "new"

by Bob H (not verified) on

Is it just me, or is this "new" (several months old) format for less appealing, less engaging & less inviting?

Anyone else here miss the old

I used to be so addicted. Now I just don't care very much!


Be careful with words . . .

by Javadagha (not verified) on

Be careful with words . . . given the political environment of today, please do not add salt to the wond.

In other words, do not become another Ey-ranian who does not give a hoot about Iran.

Javid Iran.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Excellent work! My children introduced me to comics. I had to learn to read them and follow the storyline all over the place through the bubbles! I became a comics addict myself, appreciating the art, as well as the fiction. I loved your work. I'll be looking for more of it! Good going.


I liked the story of Omid

by Anonymous848 (not verified) on

I liked the story of Omid ..but it seems you stopped it in the middle?