Crossing boundaries


by Hengameh Fouladvand
Hengameh Fouladvand is an artist/scholar and the Executive Director of Center For Iranian Modern Arts, a not-for-profit organization in New York geared to promote Iranian American contemporary arts. Fouladvand is also a member of the Editorial Board of Tavoos bilingual quarterly. Fouladvand has earned her reputation as an inventive artist whose paintings are based on multi-cultural experiences and memories that cross the boundary between representation and abstraction. Using her teachings in urban design and sociology she started her New York series of work dealing with the marks left behind on the psyche, of experiences that can only be expressed with a visual language>>>

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درد پوش تماس ِشب
Apr 29, 2012
رد پای خودی
Feb 21, 2012
رنگ زنگ درخشش کهکشان
Nov 26, 2011
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Need help to find a painting!

by R.S (not verified) on

Hello i am trying to track down a painting that i saw on tv a while ago, it was a prety big painting, an angel that was shoot with bow and arrow, i cant quite remember the scene butt it was wery blue'is, the painting is in Iran Tehran, butt i have not found out what the name of the painting is, i am desperate!!Thanx form Norway!


Thank you.

by Feshangi on

These are wonderful paintings. I specially enjoyed looking at those with lots of bright colors.



Nazy Kaviani

Haunting and powerful

by Nazy Kaviani on

I loved those curves and those color mixes. Modern and warm, these works are a visual feast. I was really drawn to numbers 11 through 15 (there are no legends and no names here), and somehow related to what the artist had described in her art as "the marks left behind on the psyche, of experiences that can only be expressed with a visual language." I think I understood Hengameh Khanoom's "visual language." Haunting and powerful.

Thank you for sharing.