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Photo essay: Two weeks in Iran

by benbagheri
These pictures are a selected set from my December 2007 visit to Iran. Although it was quite cold for most of my 2-week stay, an overnight rain shower, followed by 4 inches of snow managed to clear the polluted air for a few days! People went about their daily business and the biggest topic of discussion was the rampant inflation and the ever-increasing price of food and basic needs as well as the difficulties with getting enough gasoline!

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salaam bahman...

by mash on

Ebby migoft ke to rafte boodi be Iran. Omidvaram ke be to khosh gozasht va be ghole maaroof jaye ma khali. vali ba een akshaye bahalet man daram hal mikonam. merci khayli mamnoon.  Be omide didare shoma dar sizdah bedar.  va be hame oon kasani ke az in aksha khoshetoon nemiad CHESHMETOON KOOR.


Nice Job!

by Samaneh (not verified) on

Dear Ben!
Thank you for sharing these photos,,they are so beautiful.


To: Mr. Rezakhani

by Ben bagheri (not verified) on

Dear Khodadad,
Good catch. It was indeed TIME!


Nice pictures

by Anonymous on

Thank you Ben!

WE enjoyed the pictures.

Khodadad Rezakhani


by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Your "Newsweek with Iranian related cover" in picture 3 is Time! Nice pics!



by FP (not verified) on

Like some big cities in the third world the zoom out look great, mountains, snow scenery. But the close up reveal, chaos,pollution, and loitering or hard labour for basic survival.
for the photos

Rosie T.

Thank you.

by Rosie T. on

I like them very much.


Thank you Ben! Your

by soroush (not verified) on

Thank you Ben!

Your pictures are much more interesting than many articles and the follow-on comments posted on this site. And, don't worry about the critical remarks. There are always some nagging voices no matter what. Just ignore them!



by Naazokbin (not verified) on

Dear Ben,
We liked the pictures of the food. Oh, and the old guy in the tea house holding all those tea cups(estekan) in one hand.

Your response was very nice and polite.


To Ben Bagheri...........

by Anonymous22222222222 (not verified) on

I like the pictures you took........Thank you..
And those who have problems with it. Simple solution.


Again Thanks Ben.


Correction & clarification!

by Ben Bagheri (not verified) on

1) These pictures are by Ben Bagheri (me) not Ben Madadi!
2) I'm not Jewish, but even if I were, that would be okay, too! I'm not sure what being Jewish or not has to do with anything here?!!
3) I agree that other provinces and cities in Iran offer great views to photograph! But since I ddn't go outside Tehran, you only see pictures of Tehran in this set!
And finally, those of you who have a problem with the things I photograph, there is a very simple solution for that! Why don't you go take your own photographs and we'll all enjoy your point of view!


Why always Tehran?

by Daryush on

I love to learn more about Kurdestan. Or even Sistan va Baluchestan. Would be nice for Iranians to educate the rest about the unseen and unknown part. Tehran is nothing especial. And if you wish to picture Tehran, why did you choose such images? Come on, you can do better than that.



by Prince Kafka (not verified) on

how come no one takes pictures of down town Tabriz or Kermanshah and other beautiful cities? We are sick of seeing these depressing pictures of skyscrapers from the filty Tehran.

Need a fresh air..........


To Nader

by No Shit (not verified) on

LOOOL, no shit!


well done!

by omid (not verified) on

I had acup of nice persian tea and looked at your pictures what a treat! whoever you are thank you!

Ben Madadi

A tiny errror!

by Ben Madadi on

Whoever took, or sent, these pictures did a good job. Thanks for sharing them with us, but it wasn't me. Maybe JJ could fix it :)



by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

i know you probably thought to yourself, these are some nice shots. but seriously, do us all a favor and just stop taking pictures.



by Nader Vanaki (not verified) on

This is a priceless collection of photos. Fruit basket, Mercedes Benz license plate, and the garbage dumpster all make for an exciting journey into the heart of Tehran-never before seen and captured by your camera.