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Photo essay: Chador and other forms of hejab

by Sid Sarshar

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Iranian men might like your pictures in those naked dress for f

by Anonymousdsgry (not verified) on

why do you talk on iranian mens or others behalf. you talk for yourself. your stereotyping is false.
keep your opinion yours not anybody else's.


Dariush's idea of nakedness

by A.nonymous (not verified) on women NOT covering their head and neck and legs. That's what nudity is in the eyes of Akhoonds! :-(


Comparing Opposites

by hco22 on

Okay wait! you are comparing two totally different things here. you are comparing woman running around naked to woman running around covered head-to-toe, not showing their hair to their feet. you can't possibly think that these two have something in common. there should be a middle for those. you dont run around naked or cover your self head-to-toe, but you wear your clothes reasonably. like wear a shirt and pants but why have hair if you're supposed to cover it. no one should be foreced to wear what they don't want to, thats not how God wanted it to be.


Dark? Light?

by Dariush (not verified) on

Let's face it! You women in the light are begging for someone to marry you! The women in the dark have men begging to marry them! You don't believe me look at the single women on Read the profiles! 99.99% of men say they are looking for friendship, but women say dating and serious relation. Have you ever ask why? I give you a tip. Iranian men might like your pictures in those naked dress for fun, but when it comes to marriage they will not marry someone who dresses like that. So before you get yourself too much light consider my advice!
I agree that it shouldn't be forced and I think women in Iran are dressing fine not naked and there is no need for harassment. As long as they are not running around naked they shouldn't be harassed and the same goes to men.



by hco22 on

This really makes me mad. not only do the woman have no say in what they wear but it just has to be black. I mean, don't they know that black attracts sunlight. If they're gunna be unfair and sexist they could at least make it not as hot. I don't see any men having to wear all of that clothing. We're in the 21st century, Iran should catch up on the society like the rest of the world!

Azarin Sadegh

Last missing picture

by Azarin Sadegh on

Please see this last picture in this serie: //

Yes! there's some hope!



Stop the nonsense

by Me! (not verified) on

Since when have Iranians become a homogenous group of people that people like Mojgan write “Iranian people do not see their identity as Muslim or Islamic”. Who has made people like you the spokesperson for the Iranian public. This is also through about the opposite ultra-religious group that claim the vast majority of Iranians see their identity through their religious beliefs. Stop these ugly and false generalizations.

Iran, like most other societies, is a heterogeneous nation with many different layers. Iranians have many different beliefs and point of views about religion and nationality. Many believe in Islam, and some of those consider it a very important part of their identity. Perhaps more important than their nationality. Some, including me, do not consider religion as part of a person’s identity. However, it would be wrong and unfair for me or any other person to force my point of view to others or make generalizations. Who am I (or any other person for that matter) to tell our countrymen and women what “IRANIAN IDENTITY” is.

This is the typical anti-Islam and disgustingly racist ultra-nationalism that we see in many of Iranians that live in North America, esp. southern California. The same people that call themselves Persians and their country Persia. They are allowed to see their Iranian identity is any way they want, but the problem is they want everyone to see it their way. Exactly the same way the current government wants every Iranian to see things their way. I think most Iranians are capable of finding a healthy balance between their nationality and their religious beliefs that makes them satisfied, even if does not make you and I happy.

I personally do not like Hijab. No one in their right mind would defend mandatory Hijab. But we should respect the women who have decided to use it. It’s their choice and putting a piece of cloth on your head is not going to keep you in the dark! The same way that having a chador is not going to make you a saint. It’s all about what’s in your head and heart not what your wear or not wear. There is no point and no benefit to being offensive to other people’s personal values and views …



nostalgia about chador?

by IRANdokht on

There is nothing nostalgic about chador and mandatory hejab!

If men like chador so much then they should wear it themselves! Also: it's none of anyone's business who wears make up and who colors their hair either. You want to control somebody, take control of your own so you don't use your "excitement" as an excuse to throw a piece of cloth over the head of the women around you!

if a woman chooses to wear hejab (not forced by blind traditions and family pressures) then she should, if she doesn't choose to then she should not be forced. Chador is called the black shroud (kafaneh siah) because it kills the spirit that it covers.



Thank you

by Goli (not verified) on

I wanted to say not only are your pictures great, it was brilliant how you topped it off with the drink at the end looking at your proofs it was a strong artistic statement as well as a beautiful aesthetic. The people below my comment all seem pissed at religion and maybe they are also constipated. As for your piece I really liked it


I keep reading on many sites

by CanadianIranian (not verified) on

I keep reading on many sites how so many of our Iranian brothers and sisters keeping making the connection between Iran and Islam or saying that one is linked to the other and what not.

I think that those who think that grew up in the West with parents who feel ashamed of being Iranian and thus have no idea of Iranian history and culture.

Iran was a nation long before Islam became the majority religion in the country. Its funny how people can seperate religion when they talk about other countries but when they talk about Iran they think its linked, yes the government is based on Islamic ideas but that being said if you look at Iranian/Persian culture pre 1979 you will notice that even those who were not religous still did the same things and I will gave some examples,

Kahtagire - or going to ask the father for his daughters hand. And if you dont know this already other groups in Iran such as Christians, Jews, have the same customes blended with the religous aspects of it.

FOOD - I have many Iranian Christian friends and they have never had pork or very rarley will eat it not because its the religion but because 99% of Iranian food has no pork in it.

Wearing a Vail or Chador, - My family is Muslim but those who I know who live in the West and wear some sort of headcovering are Christian because they also have this idea of covering your hair it might be old school but they still do it


Before you make these claims go to Iran and visit see for yourself, my own experience Iranian families will much rather have their daughter be educated then the boy because boys can always gain labour employment or trade type jobs, but they want their daughters to have a degree and teach, be a doctor, lawywer, engineer something like that.

ALL MY AUNTS AND FEMAILE COUSINS HAVE JOBS AND WORK, in the West or outside of Iran not many of my aunts or cousins who are female work they find a rich guy and live off him (gold diggers)

I think that if you have never been to Iran in your life or beleive what you see on FOX news then please dont talk about Iran go see it first hand and then make comments about it.

Yes Iran has many problems, but what country dosent, everyplace has its own issues and problems.

I am just sick of Iranian people being so stupid and making us seem so bad to others, I know many people who are Iranian and can not communicate in Farsi and yet somehow they are all experts in Iranian history, politics, culture, and anything else related to Iran.


I second mojgan...Islam is a

by Mitra Shahooti (not verified) on

I second mojgan...Islam is a RELIGION...NOT a can CHOOSE to be a moslem or not, you can NOT choose your nationality ( I don't mean getting a citizenship from a foreign country, I am talking of your inner SOUL )... being an Iranian I CHOOSE the word PERSIAN to identify with as LONG as the name PERSIAN gulf exists...many countries will benefit from us being named IRANIANS instead of being identified to foreigners as Iranians instead of Persians, we will be seperated from the name of the "Persian gulf" and the Persian history and language all's even happening as we talk today...sad but true....there is a whole section dedicated to ancient persia in the louvre but on the map it says the Persian/Arabian Gulf!!!!!!


if you new just a tinny bit about iran..

by Anonymous99999999 (not verified) on

if you new just a tinny bit about iran, you wouldn't so readily seperate iranians from Islam. for many iranians, let's just say, 50%, so that some of u dreamers don't go crazy, for 50% of ur "persian", islam means life/love/truth/religion/everything. and hey, iranian is not as same as persian, okay? get some education...iranians are from all kinds of ethnics groups which one of them happens to be your favorite "persian". I am azari, my other kurdish brothers are also iranian, and some arabs are iranian, and Lor, Balooch, you name it. we are all united because of iran and islam. how can i explain to you that you might understand some little thing about iran. and you were just making fun of many iranian women but questioning their choice of dress, "chador" or what ever. I love all iranian women, whether they wear chador, dress, or ever naked. i don't care, they are all iranian.


Mojgan ,this site is infested by "dubai type" so called iranis

by samsam1111 on

They have to make money and who else has the most "green backs"?

The occupation khalifate regime & it,s commercial mafia outside Iran...Iranian has no choice but to paint their view.clean and,s all about ads and can,t blame them.the best we real Iranians can do is to write about logic & face the massive ignorance here.hopefully without filter which is in abundance.


To The Majesty Mojgan!!!

by A Rebel (not verified) on

Salaam Alaikom Your Honor Mojgan!
Does an Iranian/Persian need your premission to be a muslim & to decide with whom he/she wants to meet??? Your comments are quite absurd!!
Who are you to talk either for Iranian/Persian or for Muslim/Islamic people???
For your info. the word/title Muslim originated from Prophet Abraham who used that word/title to offer his & his followers full submission to the will of GOD.
If you do not believe in GOD that is your will but please do dictate to others what they need to be identified with by marking them this or that. does not need to obey your rules either!!
Sorry for any disturbance Your Royal Queen!!


Roosari + Chador are Beautiful

by chadori (not verified) on

The revolution and forced roosari may have put a bad taste in the mouth of many Iranians over hejab. But I, for one, remember my grandmother's golgoli chador with great fondness. I think that, especially in the dahat, the many styles of roosari and chador add a lot of character to our culture. Chador and roosari are as much a part of Iranian culture as the sari is a part of Indian culture. They were here long before the coming of Islam to Iran (zardoshti women in Yazd have their own red-flowered style of chador).


Stops Islamic propaganda

by Mojgan (not verified) on

I like your site and often look at it. Just to say that recently I noticed that some muslim internet site is advertising a site called "" on your site !!
I find it very strange that Iranians would want to meet Muslims instead of other IRANIAN/PERSIANS !!
Iranian people do not see their identity as Muslim or Islamic.
People of Iran are called Iranians or Persians. Iranian Identity IS NOT IN THE BACK OF ISLAM.
Islam for Iranians is an imported religion........
Stop this site advertising on

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