Dehkadeh Choobin

Photo essay: "Wooden Village" near Neyshabour

by shahireh sharif

Dehkadeh Choobin (Wooden Village) in Neyshabour, northeast Iran, is a collection of buildings made mostly out of wood. The village also has agricultural fields. This past summer I visited the place and enjoyed my time here; it had a calm atmosphere. The photos are mostly from the wooden mosque, which is said to be the only mosque designed to survive earthquakes.

دهکدهٔ‌ چوبين‌ نام یکی از دیدنی ‌ها و تفرجگاهای شمال شرقی نیشابور (خراسان) است که به ‌وسیله مهندس مجتهدی ساخته شده. این مکان شامل موزه‌، كتابخانه، رستوران، نانوایی، آلاچيق، مسجد وزمینهای کشاورزی و دامپروری می باشد. از ويژگی‌ منحصر به فرد بناهای این دهکده‌ استفاده‌ كامل ازچوب در ساخت آنها است. مسجد این دهکده‌ معروف به مسجد چوبی است که اولين‌ مسجد مقاوم‌ در برابر زلزله در دنیا نیزهست. مناره های این مسجد به گونه ای به سقف اتصال‌ دارند كه‌ در داخل‌ مسجد ستونی وجود ندارد و وزن آنها ابتدا به‌ ديواره‌ ها و از آنجا به‌ زمين‌ منتقل‌ مي‌شود. -- مجله الکترونیکی سایت جرقه

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shahireh sharif


by shahireh sharif on

Apparently not; according to Jaraghe, the wood used in this village is treated to resist the potential damage of termite.


I assume that

by Ant (not verified) on

they have a huge termite problem?!!

Ahmed from Bahrain

Wooden Village

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I love these gutsy buildings. Makes me want to pray in such a building. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and simple architecture with us.

I would love to saddle up my kooleh pusht one day and roam the land of my ancestors.Perhaps one day before the years takes way my zest for life!! ha ha.

I visited Iran in 1969 and then some eight and four years ago, only briefly. What a change of people. In 1969 they were so accommodating and kind but in my last two visits they were aggressive and everyman for his own.

Still one-on-one Iranians are naturally good people. Still, I see the same goodness in every human being.

Perhaps one day we will see a free Iran whwere everyone loves and respects everyone else not because of their religion but because they are a human being.


Ahmed from Bahrain


Nice, but.....

by desertlion (not verified) on

The design seems to be nice but isn't it made the same way as most western homes? especially in the south of US where there is no basement and all the structure is build on a slab.