Generation Javad

Photo essay: Today's Iranian singers

by KA


Re underground music

by Arj on

Thanks dear MG, and I followed the link below, but ended up at the recipe for Abgousht Nazri (probably courtesy of the IRGC intelligence bros!) as the web page has been shut down by the IRI Judiciary!

However, the protest music would not catch on on IC due to the absence of video components and visuals in general! And it's not unique to IC, for in general, majority of what passes as music in mainstream world market nowadays has less to due with actual music and more with visuals! Eversince the advent of Music Video Channels such as MTV, quality of popular music around the world has taken a nose dive in favour of extravagant video clips (as per the song 'Video Killed The Radio Star')! Most videos follow a basic commercial visual fromat; sex (at soft core porn level), limited yet provocative homosexuality, "tasteful" violence, misogyny, cartoonish feminism (e.g. a girl kicking a guy in the nuts!), fast cars, guns and explosions... 

Chocolate Puma


by Chocolate Puma on

....and Ahmadinejad says there are no gays in Iran!!! I guess he meant they all moved to LA

Not only they all go to the same "Hooshee" to wax their eyebrows, they all buy their music from the same "Baghaali" because they all sound the same.

God Bless!

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Arj jaan thank you so much for your comments. Kept seeign these clowns almost for two days in a row took a toll, and yet I couldn't totally figure it out. You ever enlightening observations always helps. Thanks for O-Hum, listening to it right now.

This whole underground protest music in Iran is never really appreciated as it ought to be here at IC, at some point maybe a blog on underground or protest music in Iran?

In return, please accept this song by Arya Aram Nejad, a talented pianist and lyricist.


برای لمس آزادی


بزار خاکستری باشم
بکش آتش به تقدیرم
منو سانسور نکن اینبار
میخوام رو صحنه بمیرم

بپوش پوتینتو دیره
بزن عقلم سر جاشه
برادر پای من گیره
بکش دستاتو رو ماشه

برای لمس آزادی
تنم بد جور میخواره
تمام فکر و ذکر من
فقط یک گلوله کم داره

تو از چشمهای خوش رنگ
زنان شهر بیزاری
بزن خالی شه این عقده
بزن، بزن،آری  تو حق داری

بهشت پاداش دستاته
کاری کن تو توی شاشی
بزن که پیش سجاده ت
دوباره رو سفید باشی

بزار تسبیح و  تو  جیبت
تو پشتت گرم باتونه
بزن که خواهرم تنهاست
بزن پرونده مختومه

برای لمس آزادی
تنم بد جور میخواره
تمام فکر و ذکر من
فقط یک گلوله کم داره

تو از چشمهای خوش رنگ
زنان شهر بیزاری
بزن خالی شه این عقده
بزن، بزن،آری  تو حق داری


Anahid Hojjati

Simorgh, also true test of democracy is, I can call them

by Anahid Hojjati on

cheesy if I want and you might find them ok. This is a matter of taste.


Looks that match talents!

by Arj on

These clowns don't stand for anything but their 15 minutes of fame! Their only advantage is that they could come up with the thousands of dollars that cost to put out an album. They absolutely have nothing to offer but banaltiy and an alternative to real arts and music of proterst! That is why the IRI has not only had no problem with them, but plays their videos 24/7 on its own music network, Mohajer TV! And to those who think otherwise, I suggest watching their videos to see how untalented they are (except a random, odd one here and there)! As it's evident on their album covers, they don't write their lyrics or music, their voices are electronically enhanced and their viedos are the halal version of the L.A. rejects (the main difference being girls' headscarves)!

All the while, the real talented youth (who are not few BTW) are shut down and supressed by the Islamic Guidance ministry or even persecuted! There are hundreds of bands (rock or pop, Indie style) who write their own lyrics and music (and heck, some even make their own instruments) that never get a permit from the Ershad to put out an album or throw a concert and would either have to rot in underground world or leave the country if they're lucky enough! A good example is the band 'Ohum' -- whose music was a fusion of Rock and traditional Persian based on lyrics from Hafez poetry -- who were not granted permits for concerts or albums for two decades and eventually had to leave!


Esfand Aashena

They are fighting the "establishment" or looking to make a buck.

by Esfand Aashena on

They are like when Rap started in America or the current hip hop.  Have you seen how they wear a pant 10 size larger and their boxer shorts hanging?!  Or the tatoos all over?

By "establishment" I mean everything Islamic Republic or Monarchy.  There was a recent article about the generation who went to school in the early days of revolution, these are the ones!

Now that they are "free" to make CDs they're doing it their way to make sure no one likes it except themselves!  I used to, and still do, make fun of these guys like any other person who has commented here.  But then I realized this is how this generation wants to bolt!

There are many their age who are not as freaky looking as these guys but then again this is not how they make their living or how they intend to.  Many of these are trying to make a buck as people in Iran are mostly "failed businessmen".  You jump from one job to another and one retail store to another and no business makes enough money to do anything else.

Besides the way people buy CDs in Iran is that they copy ALL the songs in this photo essay on a CD that has several hundred songs and then sell it on the streets!  You don't even know who sings the songs!  It is just repetitious of the same rave!  The way they look is the only way to get "recognized"! 

Everything is sacred



by Parham on

not "freshhold."


The true test of democracy

by Simorgh5555 on

In a post-IR Iran can you walk down the street and see these pesar javads without calling them names such as 'cheap', 'low class', 'gay' or 'gherti'? If you cannot then your freshhold of tolerance is very low. As ridiculous as these guys look can you refrain from criticizing them in public or do you believe people of this sort should berounded up given a haircut and dress more masculine? That is what the IR is doing.


Hair dresser

by Daadaash on

I think they all had fights with their hair dressers and the hair dressers won! LOL!


Yes, he is Iraj's son

by Souri on

And I am an ardent fun of him.

Thanks for posting those songs.

Should mention also, the poets like Rouzbeh Bemani and Afshin Yadollahi who work in parallel with him , which make all his songs so attractive.



Singer: Ehsan Khajehamiri

by comments on

It's not too late to listen to him.  He is great and singing in Iran!  Is he Iraj's son?




I hope their music isn't as bad as their posters!

by عموجان on

i am diying to hear No 14's music, Oh may be not.  

iraj khan

A facinating collection of faces

by iraj khan on

glowing with naivete,

a collection of inexperienced, unsophisticated

faces dreaming of days to come.

But it's not them who are to blame for how they look. It's the fault of the photographer/poster maker(s) who have done a bad photoshop job on some of the faces, hence, the unusual looks on some faces.

A facinating collection nevertheless.



ugly pageant?

by statira on

Khodemooneema, ajab ghiafehaye genasi daranda. Yeki az yeki zeshtar.

The one with unibrow is the winner of the pageant.

Compare to these cavemen, Ahmadinejad is Brad Pitt!


I don't wish to be cruel but ...

by reader1 on

... they all look like spoof comedy characters from the 60s TV shows.

Anahid Hojjati

did we argue?

by Anahid Hojjati on

sometimes i remember the comment exchanges but not whom it was that i was exchanging with. but seriously, this was great comment and i have to also admit that i did not check each and every picture but almost all of those that i saw, were bad. thanks to ka for sharing. 

Oon Yaroo

Anahid Khanoom, Thanks! Are we friends now!?

by Oon Yaroo on

Thanks again!

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

Am truly fascinated by the regional styles of typography.Thank you very much KA for putting these together.Highly interesting.

Anahid Hojjati

great comment Oon Yaro

by Anahid Hojjati on

it is not that these guys are bad looking, thery just look cheap, chessy and low class and your comment explains it all. i liked it better when they imitated american 50s and 60s music and style. our singers in 70s also had more style. your comment captures it all.



by ariane on

Torture for eyes and ears! The unibrow seals the day for me!:))

Oon Yaroo

From Vigen & Sinatra to Javad & Lady GaGa....*!

by Oon Yaroo on

Of Javad's, Jafar's , & Jelffs,...degeneration of musicians around the world*!

Accepting the premise that the 3rd world countries (specially Iran) non-traditional popular music content, its performers' styles and appearances have been an imitation of their Western counterparts usually lagged by several years in the past, it should not be any surprise for this generation of Javads either!

If you listen carefully to Vigen and Delkash pop music of the 50's and 60's you will see and hear a lot of American Jazz and pop music instruments and styles of their American counterparts such as Rosemary Clooney, Peggy Lee, Sinatra, and others... Also, American singers of that era dressed up nice in Tie and Suit and dresses, so did the Iranian imitators... In other words, they had CLASS!

Fast forward to the 60's and early 70's R&R and you will see a lot of Iranian artists imitating and mimicking their American counterparts (remember the song California Dreaming by Mama's & Papa's) that was also sang either by Farhad or Freydoon Foroughi...!?

The style imitation of Iranians continued throughout the 70's with the ugly bell-bottom pants and bright wide-collared shirts and jackets with long hairs and beards gave us Javad Yasari and Abbas Ghaderi (Generation Javad -2)...again imitated from the American musicians of the 1970's...

The Iranian An-Gholab of the 1979 might have slowed things down a bit but it added new elements of noh'e khooni, syneh zani, and zanjeer zani to the mix!

The Generation Javad -1 during the 80's and 90's mostly wore suits designed and sold in the old Baba Homayoun street clothing stores and these artists had to abide by the strict rules of not revealing chest hairs, body flesh, men like bulges, etc. but the content of their music only consisted of Imam Hossain jafangs & nonsense that had naturally declined the sound of music to just ear-deafening white noise...

Now, we are with Generation Javad who has inherited a bit of Vigen, a bit of Freydoon Forughi, a bit of Javad Yasari, a bit of Hossein Ghombolian noh'e Khoon, a bit of Gholam zanjeer zan, and constantly bombarded by azoons from local Masjeds all mixed up in this mishmash of crappy music and crappy style...! Of course, the American counterparts are not any better either... Lady GaGa, and the rest...!

From Vigen & Sinatra to Javad & Lady GaGa....! Now, that's sad!

*Disclaimer - I have absolutely no education in music or style or anything related to the topic! This is just based on historical perspectives!

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

I'm not sure if this post is up to simply ridicule these guys. That's just awful if that is the case. Very "aghab oftadeh" and  the very reason we're so behind on the world stage - as "masskhareh kardan" is our answer to everything - and being too lazy to actually do something,  a national trait. 

Kudos to any artist out there. The one striking thing for me is the lack of women. For a country who's national epic has over 50 Female heroines (Shahnameh) compared to none being present in the Greek epics (Odyssey and Illyad) - for such a country, to then not have any women, it's terribly sad.  (Dick Davis of Ohio State University and the translator of Ferdowsi eloquently points this out) 

Nevertheless, Kudos to anyone who is actually getting up and creating something.



by Parham on

اون حامدتو دارم!

Anonymous Bugger

#7 looks like Imam hussein

by Anonymous Bugger on


Soosan Khanoom

Reza Sadegi # 22

by Soosan Khanoom on

Has a great voice,  I  am actually a fan of his music although I should say some of his songs makesme extremely sad but still not as much as Dariush ...

Reza has been paralyzed since infancy. Somehow I thought he has been suffering from Spina bifida but his wikipedia page suggests something else. In any case and despite his handicap's situation he has manged to create beautiful music and give the world the gift of his voice.  He is truly talented. 

Here I share with you a song of his ....

Naro - sadeghi

A very close friend of mine changed her mind and reconsidered her divorce after her husband called her and left this song of Reza on her voice mail .... This song has powerful lyrics and brings one to tears ...  extremely beautiful ....  




What a strange collection !

by Rea on

As a woman, I can only say: what a waste! ;o)


A truely bizzare set of photographs.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

supposedly of "young Iranian singers". Seem to me more of a pathetic attempt at portraying Iranian youth as a bunch of clowns. But those of us who still go and visit our beloved country know that these characters are hardly representative of "Iranian Youth".

Here the photograph of a true representative of Iran's youth, it's "Sharaf" and "Gheyrat".


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


نسل نیم بند




خواستم بنویسم " بیچاره جواد..." ولی به یاد ایام جوونی‌ نسل خودم
افتادم، که گویی خودمان چه دسته گلی‌ بودیم و چه گلی‌ هم کاشتیم........من
بودم، شما بودی، و بابای جواد.........عکسش باهاس یه جایی‌ باشه، همه جا رو
بگردی پیداش میکنی‌........

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Generation Eff - Generation Javad - Generation Ugly

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

It seems to be "unnatural selection" at its worst in Iran under IRI. Whoever has any good genes in them is leaving the country, and the poor helpless Iran is left to a bunch of ugly effy javads.