Ghasr-e Khorshid

Nader Shah's unfinished monument

by shahireh sharif
Ghasr-e Khorshid in Kalat Naderi, currently used as a museum of anthropology, is said to be an adaptation of Teymour’s resting place in Samarghand (Sazeman-e miras-e Farhangi Khorasan).

The building which was left unfinished after Nader’s death is renovated; although traces of worn out images and recently carved writings on the inner walls of the building are indicative of a different fate. The exterior of this beautiful and somewhat overlooked monument is made of pinkish brown stones. Although distinctive, there is nothing overstated here. Every surface and every shade is strategically chosen to produce the end product in complete harmony with the surroundings. Maybe Ghasr-e Khorshid was meant to be a reminder of Nader’s art of combat formation.

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my lovely hometown

by shazux (not verified) on

thanks for nice photos from my home town. while a few inside iran know about such places how we can expect the foreigners know them? the history and love story behind of this palace is much more beautiful than what it is even...
Loving my home town


wow thanx for this. It's a

by V.L (not verified) on

wow thanx for this. It's a shame how there is so much about our culture and history we still do not know about.

p.s. i always enjoy reading your pieces and viewing your photos, thank you for your hard work :)

shahireh sharif

in khorasan

by shahireh sharif on



by bagheAnar on

Never knew about it either. Where is it located, near what major city, town, etc... ?


Great pix and info

by sara f (not verified) on

Great pix and info.
Never knew about Ghasr-e Khorshid!


Lovely photos. Wished I

by e (not verified) on

Lovely photos. Wished I were there now.

Picture #13 : Unfortunately defacements are seen at almost every historical site in Iran..faghre-farhangi motassefaneh...

Pictue #14: No frame for the sign ? The museum "curator" needs a few lessons.