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by Abbas Rahbar Horizon

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Aug 21, 2010
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Great Pics....

by art lover (not verified) on

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programmer craig

Shwing boy!

by programmer craig on

I say SHWING!!!!!! What a hottie!

She's got great "girl next looks" looks for sure. The girl in #15 and #16 is sexier looking though, imo :)

Great photo essay, Horizon.



Admin who erases the comments

by Anonymous6 (not verified) on

Bias admin who erases the comments,

This is called freedom of speech:
Ying Yang art in main page of Iranian.com are trashy paintings.

Now go ahead and erase this comment again.


I am astonished

by Iva (not verified) on

Best picture series that I have seen on Iranian.com ... technics are spot on and subjects are wonderful.


To the lady in photo #1 & #2

by Shwing boy! (not verified) on

I say SHWING!!!!!! What a hottie!


Bravo! great pictures!

by Farhad Radmehrian (not verified) on

Bravo! great pictures!
خدا کنه تیم سانسورچی ها این کامنت رو پاک کنند!


Nice Photos!!

by Heydar (not verified) on

These photos were very sticking and gorgeous. It shows only a part of our own heritage and races from different parts of area in Iran. To me Iranian women have the most beautiful faces comparing to other races. I say that because I live in a community where there are lots of Iranian ladies around. I did not have the privilage to marry one and ended up with broken ties with my American wifes!!


thank you

by Momhol (not verified) on

This was pure lovely.


Pictures of the kids

by Anonymous - (not verified) on

I love all the pictures that are taken from the kids. They all look innocent and beautiful.

# 5 is interesting; the kid is very courageous standing next to Imam Khomeini …


Very enjoyable

by ramintork on

I really enjoyed the Portraits. Number 15 with the enigmatic beauty is particularly striking.


Private Pilot

Hot Damn!!!

by Private Pilot on

Gee Wee Bee!!!

Hot Damn!  The lady in the first two images is HOT, I mean REALLY HOT!!!!

Private Pilot


One of the best series I

by Behzad (not verified) on

One of the best series I have seen so far...no young male adults?!


Merci, aks-haa aali hastan

by Carrie (not verified) on

Merci, aks-haa aali hastan

Ali P.

Beautiful indeed !

by Ali P. on

Great work!


Beautiful Pictures!

by Shahriar on

Thank you!