Jewel on the hill

Photo essay

by Asmodeus


Thanks for the pictures. . .

by Anonymous on

I visited Masouleh in September. Your pictures captured the beauty that captured my heart. I have circled the globe and been to some amazing places, and I have to say I couldn't believe the natural beauty. Oh and the people were so sweet. It was Ramadan and the owner of the restaurant opened the place with newspapers on the window to feed the tourists. It is a place untouched.


One of a kind

by Majid on

Masouleh IS a jewel, regardless of negative comments, it's one of God's masterpieces.

I bet God felt great when "SHE" created Masouleh!


He is a "SHE"!!.............LOL


Lighten Up

by oprbxk1 on

The folks in these photos don't look any more misrable than the people walking around San Francisco on any given day. Gloomy weather brings that out in people. I think these are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on one the most beautiful and traditional village in Gilan provence. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

Regard,Mona :)





by Happy Unregistered Chicken (not verified) on

Sounds like the truly sad people are the ones leaving these "sad" comments. Perhaps you're coloring your observations with your own inner sorrow - it's a typical thing with the clinically depressed. I suggest you speak with a therapist.

(p.s., nice pictures)


Picture 019

by Anonymousatom (not verified) on

It resembles a small nuclear power plant. Energy hastei haghe mosalame mast.


After seeing these photos, I

by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

After seeing these photos, I make sure I never visit such an awful place.


Everyone looks sad in Iran.

by Anonymousl (not verified) on

Everyone looks sad in Iran. The younger guys usually look much older than their age because they have no job and thus no bright future ahead of them.


Karim Khaneh Zand & His Mother-in-law

by Anonymouse on

The photos were taken in rainy/cloudy days, which is great by the way.  Usually in these types of weather conditions people's faces are as you describe.  Other pictures of masouleh in sunny days have been posted here before with smiley faces :-)


nice photos

by Karim Khaneh Zand & His Mother-in-law (not verified) on

but sad people. Faces remind of you former Soviet Union in its worst days. This is supposed to be one of the better villages in Iran loaded with tourists, but look at the depression in the face of the people.

The British-Style Islam in its full force.....

As for the photography, you did an excellent job, great pictures.


Dear Asmodeus, Thanks for

by mm (not verified) on

Dear Asmodeus,
Thanks for sharing your pictures of Masouleh. I hope you had a nice time there. My parents grew up in Masouleh. Your pictures brought back a lot of childhood memories. I actually recognized some of the people in your pictures. If you are planning to go back to Masouleh next time, please post your email address