Journey to Bakhtiari country

Photo essay

by Mark en Marianne



by HOMER SABBAGH (not verified) on

well, with the info you mentioned , i belive your last name should be hobehaider.
I also lived in MIS for period of time ,and also attended shams davari school , funny thing that we used to be a beche mahel. any way if this is who i think it is please e mail @

homer sabbagh


Masjed Soleiman resident, 1971-74

by Hesam (not verified) on

I was in Masjed-Soleiman, Khuzestan when I was in primary school (Shamse-Daavari). I remember our housekeeper was Bakhtiari. Her son was 17-18. My father found him a job in "Tank-saazi" and his answer was: "baayad ba pedar-madaram moshaavereh konam!" He didn't take the job!
Now I always say "Baayad ba pedar madaram Moshaavereh konam" when I don't wanna do something :)
Masjed-Soleiman memories are the best memories I have. We lived in "Panj-Bangeleh" area.
Nice pictures guys and gals, brought back the memories. But how did you communicate with Bakhtiari tribes?! The "international" sign language? :)



by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

There! Just goes to show how cool Bakhtiari trousers look. By the way, I sometimes wear that male top with a miniskirt.
Thanks for the pictures



by Majid on

That was a beautiful clip from Lori music.



Beautiful People

by Ozhangk (not verified) on

As a person who grow up in MIS (masjed e Soliman) I must say that these pictures brought me beautiful memories of my boyhood. Thanks for sharing.


Here is some Lori music to go with the pictures

by ramintork on

Here is some Lori music to go with the pictures.



Who was this team, what was

by Carrie (not verified) on

Who was this team, what was their shtick? Not often kharejees are roaming around. Insight into the context and perspective would have been so much better as other questions in the comments indicate.


Which area?

by Wolak on

I love 12 and 39. It would be great if you have told us, In which part of Bakhtiari did you take your pictures?


Picture 37 floral design?!

by Anonymouse on

These are great pictures but what's up with picture 37? is she a tourist wearing local clothes or something?  I don't think I have ever seen a dress with floral designs strategically placed there.  Is that intentional?!  Is that to piss off mullahs?!


I love your picture #34

by Shahriar on


Darius Kadivar

Merian C.Cooper, GRASS, Bakhtiary's & King Kong ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Mark and Marianne Bravo !

Just wanted to bring to your Attention on Merian C.Cooper who was the first to film the Bakhtiary Migration in a wonderful milestone documentary called: GRASS: A nations Battle for Life I wrote about it for the Iranian a few years ago:


He went on to make a career in Hollywood later making ... KING KONG:


I highly recommend you to read a recent biography on Cooper entitled Living Dangerously which is an amazing story and a few chapters are about Coopers film Grass and his friendship with the Bakhtiary. Its available on

Living Dangerously : The Adventures of Merian C. Cooper, Creator of King Kong

Thanks for sharing your photos on this proud and Great Tribe.



My favourite is pic 20

by ramintork on

I have a lovely Bakhtiari at home and love her to bits!

Thanks for sharing these Photos Mark.


Different theories...

by Kamangir on

As a Bakhtiari myself I have never been touch with nomadic Bakhtiaris, other than through pictures and documentaries. My father side of the family belongs to 'Haft Lang' clan  being the 'Chahar Lang' the other main family. Years ago, I searched about the origins of the Bakhtiaris and there're different theories about their origin, some historians belive they moved to Persia from Syria, others claim that they are descendants of the Greek who moved to Persia after Alexander's conquest (It's said that the Persian always reminded the greeks that : Bakht shoma ra yari kard (destiny was on your side or helped you) (hence the word: Bakhtyaran)

Of course, then you have the main belief that they are one of the most pure Persians like the Lurs. Whatever their origin, their nomadic lifestyle is very unique.

Thanks very much for the beautiful pictures 





by Anonymous123 (not verified) on



Thank you. The purity and

by Anonymous848 (not verified) on

Thank you. The purity and uprightness of the Bakhtiaris is a reminder of the soul of ancient Persia.


Beautiful photos!

by gol-dust on

Thanks a lot! on my last trip i had planned to go there, but i was unable to. Where is this? Please be more specific, if you can, so i can go there in 2 years. How were the people? jon


Great photos. #34 was so

by H2O (not verified) on

Great photos. #34 was so cute! awwe!



by PStrat (not verified) on

Amazing photographs, landscape, mountains and colors!!! Merci Mark en Marianne!


My favorites

by Majid on

I love 36, 42 and 50, but the outfit in pic#7 looks like a "piano"!

What was this trip all about? mountain climbing or???

And also, who are the people in the pics? other than locals.

Thanks anyway.