Khanom e lisanseh

Photo essay: My daughter Mahdiyeh's graduation

by Jahanshah Javid

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gol kashti!!

by Bahareh (not verified) on

Volek gol kashti!!!Abadaniha haminan!
Khodet gol, dokhtaret gol, hamechi gol!!!! Dasteh madaresh ham dard nakoneh!!

Eii kolaheh abi az einakeh Rayban ham behtar besh miad.


Personally I cannot think of

by Morgan C (not verified) on

Personally I cannot think of a more joyous and proud occasion. Congratulations to both you and your daughter.



by Hamvatane Irani olasl (not verified) on

Mobaraka bashad enshaallah Mahdieh khanom.



by zirak on

An an Iranian, we are proud of you and your wonderful herritage.


You are from an "asseell family".

Mahdieh Javid

Thank You!

by Mahdieh Javid on

Thank you very much everybody for your kind words. It means a lot and i'm incredibly humbled. I'm probably going to come and read them again whenever i'm feeling down : )And you are right my dad is just THE GREATEST; no questions about it.



Congratulations to you and your daughter.

by Tahirih on


I wish the best for both of you. I loved # 35 , you can see the love in your face . your face says it all Mr Javid. Please do not call yourself stupid for your past . It takes a great man to admit that he was wrong.What you are doing at this point in your life is amazing and so nobel.

May God bless you and your cute daughter.




by siminkhanum on

Dear Jahanshah,

congratulations to you and Mahdieh khanum. Thanks for sharing this memorable day of yours and mahdieh with us. I wish the best in life for mahdieh and her proud parents.



Congrats...wish you all the

by sadegh on

Congrats...wish you all the best in the future...


Iranian girls rock!

by azam (not verified) on

Mahdieh jaan congratulations and you are proof of why I always say about the younger generation of Iranian females. They are intelligent, goal oriented and work hard to achieve their goals. You are a great example. Despite being away from your loved ones in Iran and being new to this country, you have made it and you are on your way to accomplishing your other dreams now.

PS. It is said that when a child is conceived mother universe dictates what his or her name should be and I wholeheartedly believe that that (My name means great and it is so perfect!).

Khodadad Rezakhani

Magnas est Magni

by Khodadad Rezakhani on

Mahdiyeh, you rock! Wow, this is really great to know that you are graduating with such honors, Magna cum Laude is really great (!). JJ, you also seem very happy and proud, as you should be. Keep the spirit up...



by Siamack on

Mahdieh: Beautiful, happy, intelligent, well adjusted... JJ you have to teach me how with my twins please. Write a book!
Siamack Salari


Afarin Mahdieh va Jahanshah!

by Nader on

Congratulations to you both for a job well done. I am sure it was not an easy task for either one of you, however, a great accomplishment.

What a feeling hey?

Dastet zire sare ma. I have a long way to go with my eight year old:-)


جهانشاه جان و مهدیه خانم مبارکتون باشه


جهانشاه جان و مهدیه خانم مبارکتون باشه! 

 جهانشاه شما در توضیحتون برای خانم RedWine  گفتید که به عنوان پدر خیلی غیبت داشتید! ولی جهانشاه جان توجه کن که بچه های ما ازمون فقط با حضور و تماس روزانه انرژی، ایده و به قول فرنگی ها (Inspiration) نمیگیرند! حضور ممتد و وقت گذاشتن خیلی مهمه! ولی اونچه برای فرزند شاید مهمتر هم باشه و بهش انسپیریشن بده، اینه که پدر یا مادر چیکاره هست و نقشش در این دنیا و زندگی مردم چیه؟ یعنی چه الگویی برای فرزند هستیم!

و از این جنبه اگر جهانشاه جاوید رو ارزیابی کنیم واقعا مهدیه چیزی که کم نیاورده از پدر داشتن، من اطمینان دارم که به شما افتخار هم میکنه! بدون شک فعالیت مهدیه در ژورنالیسم با موفقیت شما و افتخاری که او (و همه ما) به کار خستگی ناپذیر شما در پرورش و باروری سایت ایرانیان میکنیم، بی ربط نیست! ومیدونم شما هم در این سالهای اخیر سعی در تلافی غیبت های گذشته داشته اید!

بنابراین، این موفقیت رو به مهدیه خانم و پدر نمونه اش جهانشاه تبریک میگم!




by hamidbak on

Well done, mother, father, and the graduate. 

It has to be a great moment in life.


bah bah cheshm-e shoma roshan...

by sima on

Congratulations everybody. Hope life continues to be interesting! But first, a nice long vacation on the beach...


Congratulations to Mahdieh and her parents !

by Aviva on

On to the future to follow all your dreams.


I finally made it through

by n.zanincanadai on

I finally made it through the second picture and I even looked through Parham's link. What joy. Congradulations. I can tell her life hasn't been boring. Her choice of studies and the sparkle in her smile tells me she is going to be different. She's no ordinary child. JJ, that's something to watch out for!

Now about JJ's religious phase, it should never be referred to as stupid. JJ you deserve a slap for saying that about yourself. We are who we are because of our experiences. Had you not been religious and a revolutionary, you probably wouldn't be here with this web site. You would be one ordinary man. Your life or death would mean nothing to anyone (except your family). But now...

Perhaps today you deserve a nice kotak for being part of that movement. But on a personal and individual level, your previous phase isn't stupid. In fact, it makes you more intelligent than others because you went with your beliefs and CAME TO A CONCLUSION on your own and through your own experiences. The conclusion was that reason should guide your steps not spirituality.

I went through SEVERAL religious phases, with different religions. So count your lucky starts you were only mosalmoon. I never admit it because its embarassing but deep down, I know more about religion than the average chick. And I am who I am because of it. And I like myself.

Let's gather in a circle and pray that other religious people wake up too!



by Monda on

I can't wait to see mine in that big accomplished smile!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

جهانشاه جان، ممنون براي توضيحي كه دادي.ميدوني كه هوادارتم...خوش باشي.


Afarin Mahdiyeh Khanom

by farrad02 on

You have done it!



by Anonymouse on

Congratulations and good luck. Things get easier from now on!


Congrats from me too

by Parham on

I've been following Mahdiyeh's story for so long that I now feel as if my nephew had graduated! It's true that when you know how she came to be and what happened in her life, you always worry how things will turn out, but in her case I think she has been blessed by intelligence and a set of caring parents nevertheless and despite all; so she'll be more than fine.

So my congratulations to Mahdiyeh for the Bachelor's, I hope to see you achieve even more as I know you will, and my hat off to Jahanshah and Mahdiyeh's mother for not giving up on her, the way a lot of parents do in difficult situations.

Way to go!


Congrats and

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

Wish u all the best in future...

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thank you for all your very sweet and kind messages. For a mostly absent father, I've been very very lucky. Mahdiyeh is nothing short of wonderful.

RedWine asked why her name is Mahdiyeh. When she was born, I was in my stupid religious phase. Her mother wanted to name her Laili and I said no, it's too taghootee! But we shouldn't read too much into names. Just as I'm no Jahanshah, she's no Mahdiyeh either, religiously speaking. In fact I love how her name sounds.


U did well, she did superb

by Bejan Baran (not verified) on

Javid jaan,
My heartfelt congradulations to Ms Mahdieh Javid and her Mom & Dad, who over the years, raised a bouquet of flower with daanaaie faraavaan. As a Women's and Gender Studies magna cum laude Amercian University graduate, the Iranians are sarfraaz of her accomplishment.

Abbas Atrvash

Hope to See Her Wedding Pictures soon

by Abbas Atrvash on

Many congratulations to Jahan aziz and Mahdieh for the great achievement. And hope to see Mahdieh's wedding pictures soon.

Wish both, the dad and daughter best of luck.


Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

On Your Graduations Wishing you New Opportunities, and New Triumphs...Best of Luck 

Regards,Mona :)



by Sara D (not verified) on

Congratulations, sweet Mahdiyeh. What a wonderful accomplishment :) Wish you all the best in the next phase of your life.

JJ, thank you for sharing these pictures with us. Your daughter is a lovely and accomplished young woman and congratulations to you and Mahdiyeh's mom for raising such a wonderful daughter. I still remember your articles about her when she was still in Iran and how lovely to see that sweet little girl turn into a beautiful young lady.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

We Iranian-American fathers see our daughters dressed up for all sorts of occasions. Haloween, school play, prom.  But we're rarely so proud as when we finally see them in that cap and gown.



by ACR (not verified) on

Congratulation to Ms. Javid and your family, May you always have happy news!