Living off the sea

Photo essay: Fishing in Shahsavar

by Sid Sarshar

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Jun 26, 2012
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thanks greengage!

by sarshar45 on

thank you so much for the explanation greengage! i really appreciate it...

i have not had the opportunity to travel so much around iran and although some of these things may be well known to some, i did not know about this particular area and the ways they earn their livings.


Fishing the Caspian.

by greengage (not verified) on

Sarshar45 these photos are of men fishing in the province of Mazandaran at Tonekabon previously known as Shahsavar between Chalus and Ramsar.The men build those wooden huts covered with plastic, stay in them for the fishing months then move to their other occupations,tea picking etc,the fish are taken to the local bazaars,hotels and Teheran bazaars.It has been a way of life for ages.


Little child in London.

by Francesco Sinibaldi (not verified) on

There's the
light of
a delicate child
in the country,
near a grand
piano; I wait for
the side of
a weeping, and
I love you,
my care, while
the plain disappears...

Francesco Sinibaldi


these hardworking people

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

Let us not forgett that over many years it was forbiden to them to work and earn their life. Now they ffel who is the real owner of their country: they themselves. Also this dimension which the pics offer has made me twice as happy. Thank You. Greeting


beautiful, but would love to see some explanation and comments

by sarshar45 on

these photos are very beautiful, but i have to say for those that post photo essays i would love to see some brief explanations or a short essay about what we are seeing, where it is, and some brief descriptions to enhance the experience.

thank you so much for sharing! it is a wonderful way to see iran for those of us who have not had the chance to travel all over the country and see the different areas.





by NeghNeghoo (not verified) on

مرسی، عکس های بسیار زیبایی هستند


worth a 1000 words

by Aziz (not verified) on

Nice photos, reminder of NoRooz's sabzi polo and Mahi.

Are these pictures current or from an old file?
why are these people still so poor. ? Are the Shomal fisheries economically viable to support these people? Is this a part-time job? The boats with no outboards? The fisherman with wet clothes without boots? The poorest of Mexico's fishermen look better of than these poor guys.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very much enjoyed these beautiful pictures. You've captured the soul of these hardworking people.