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by Kamaledin Farahani



by Anonymous on

I have looked at some of your what you call “ART" they are garbage. I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with your “ART” even if there is a serious shortage of toilet paper. They look like scribbles of some drunken sociopath who hates and disrespects women and Iranians. You claimed the Canadian officials asked you to “donate” your art work,,,, they must have been drunk too…. Donate them to where?? Mental hospitals???

As for your command of English I must say, if you have lived in some “Tavilleh” for 11 years you would have at least learned the donkey’s language…but after living 11 years in Canada your English writing is not even comparable with a 6 year old kindergartener’s.
However from a few comments that I saw you left here and there I noticed that you are over-using the word “F…” ,,, some education you have eared here in Toronto, I wonder who were your teachers maybe a group of prostitutes you hang with??

If you hate Canada and Toronto why don’t you go back to the little dehat where you came from and leave us alone? Oh,, sorry if you go there who is going to support you with welfare money??

PS, loved all the comments posted for you especially Tantan's reply



H.H(Haji Helper)

by tantan on

Dear Haji, I am actually glad that I read your comment about Toronto, if it was not for your sensational portrayal of Canada (by the way some people think it is one of the best countries in the world, in terms of “Quality of Life”), I would have never, ever in a million years thought that one day I would actually search for your name, Hajiagha. I went over some of those things you call "art" and since I am no artist myself, I can't judge you in that department but I do have some other suggestions for you.1. You should seriously consider going to an ESL class. I searched the web for you and there are some classes here in Toronto, specifically designed for newcomers and guess what dude? THEY ARE FREE. Just make sure you tell them you are a newcomer. (DO NOT MENTION THE 11 YEARS). This is the address: YMCA, 1315 Finch Avenue West, Room 503, 416 635-9622 2. Please go to your closest pharmacy or convenient store and buy a lotion, Vaseline preferably. If you don't know what to say or how to ask for one, just repeat this statement:"HELLO, LOTION FOR SENSETIVE SKIN YOU HAVE PLEASE?" then go home, lock the doors, shut the blinds , light some candles and just spend some quality time with your penis. I think you both deserve it. Good luck buddy.


haji..go home...

by wazik on

This is another reply to "haji agha". Please do not desecrate the Iranian-Canadian name by presenting yourself, your comments, and your so called "art" using the freedom of expression given to you by the western civilisation and its technology. The average human being is simply appalled by your diseased existence. I recommend you take the money provided to you by your masters and seek immediate professional help! Or you can take some of the funds available to you via the welfare system of Canada and obtain an airline ticket and leave....but never complain why people do not present your primitive and vulgar "brain droppings".... We all know what you are by the name you have chosen...



by kamal on

cab you please link my name to my blog? //

BTW, thanks so much and congrads for the new design!


Hajiagha you need help!

by mertsi1340 on

These comments are meant for Hajiagha:

I have noticed from your comments on various articles, whether related to Canada or not, you always express your dissatisfaction with Canada and Canadians and have a very low view of them while you have very high regards for you own "artwork". You basically do not miss an opportunity to throw insults at them.

I am not an "artist" as you obviously are, but based on your work shown on (JJ must have his head examined for displaying them), I can't honestly blame galleries for not displaying your works. They are offensive, degrading, simply not true and very vulgar. Personally I think you are suffering from some kind of a condition related to the way you see and regard women. You seem to be very frustrated sexually. In short I think you are in need of medical attention.

I do not want to be too harsh on you but don't you think your problems lie somewhere else and Canada or Canadians are not your problems? You have lived in Canada for 11 years and your written English is simply terrible. (I am not claiming my own command of the English language is great but I have not lived in a country where English is spoken for the past 20 years.)

Now for somebody who insults everybody (from Canada and Canadians to Iranian women..) and expects to be understood and tolerated let's see how you take my comments, simply as constructive critism, as they are intended, or as an insult.

So calm down a bit, go and get some professional help and I am sure things will start looking up for you.


fu....k Toronto and love for your art

by hajiagha on

I like your photography as artist Thank you so much buy fu...k to the Toronto and Canada a racist country over 11 years I live in Canada and I never had any chance to display my art works in art gallery or sale or publish my art works also as cartoonist, stupid Canadian government like mafia ...every things go here for white blue eyes; like in Iran go for Mullahs , Iranian government spending more money on art and artist as Canadian, last times a art gallery belong to government...asking me to donate my art works to them which I did....stupid Canada just name big name and empty from inside